Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tolerance and Jen (a paradox?)

A couple of things happened to me today which started me thinking.

First of all Telstra (see post on Telecommunications companies and where they can stick their jobs) overcharged me $35 on my phone bill so I had to go down to the Telstra Shop and get them to fix it. After waiting in line for 15 minutes I was starting to get a little 'antsy in my pantsy' because I am not the most patient person in the world and was also having to endure being kicked by the screaming toddler behind me. Trying to be tolerant I ignored it the first two times (because who I am to judge others parenting skills right?) but the third time as they say was the charm and this time it actually hurt. Restraining the urge to kick the child back I turned around to the mother and mustered up my filthiest look (which must have said it all) and she said "did he do something to ya?". Quite calmly of course (albeit through gritted teeth)I replied he kicked me..for the THIRD time". She scowled at her child and didn't say anything to me so I turned back around and tried to ignore the throbbing in my calf. Her other child was swinging around on the sales reps chair despite her constant reprimands which consisted of her yelling "Byron! Don't make me come over're cruisin' for it".

So while I was waiting I started thinking. I don't have any right to make judgements on this woman, it's probably hard looking after two kids, what would I know? I don't know what kind of day she has had...Telstra probably over-charged her too!

The second thing that happened to me was when I was driving home about half an hour ago and a car driven by a p-plater (it might have been a really old ford laser) was in the round-a-bout so I gave way to it and then nearly started out but then it came flying round again. I was ABOUT to get narky about it. Until I remembered best friend and I used to do EXACTLY the same thing when we were in high school. We used to think it was hilarious making people wait while we went round and round..and round. So I smiled and remembered that instead.

Most people who know me know that I am not the worlds most tolerant or patient person at the best of times. The 'bogan' woman in the Telstra shop annoyed me to no end simply because I would have dealt with the situation differently. Thats where my problem is. Difference. Everybody does things differently. Calling tacos 'tarkos' or 'tackos' is not right or wrong..(although of course it is 'tarcos'), the old NSW vs Victoria debate on castle being pronounced as 'cassel' or 'carsel'..well we all know who is right there (NSW) but again just a difference.

I suppose the most important thing today is that I was pretty tolerant (for me anyway) and that I did smile at those stupid bloody p-platers making me wait for a whole...TWO MINUTES while they drove around and around...and AROUND (hey I said I was PRETTY tolerant).

I won't be posting for a couple of weeks as I am off to Thailand tomorrow so I hope this one tides any readers I have over until then.

- Jen

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So......... what happnd nxt? How wus Thailnd? How were Uni rslts?