Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wii Wii's

Today while diligently completing our Christmas shopping the man and I found a Nintendo Wii display set up at Highpoint. For those who don't know, the Wii is Nintendo's next generation console and will be competing with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and when it's released, Sony's Playstation 3.

The man has had a Wii on preorder for awhile now and I can't say I've been too excited about it before but after playing the Wii. I'm just as excited or MORE excited than he is! We had a go of tennis and although the man shamelessly slaughtered me at it, it was amazing! It has been a long time since I've actually had real FUN playing a console. The Wii controller (or wiimote) has some kind of motion sensing doobalacky* in it so when we played tennis we used the wiimote as if it was a tennis racquet! I even managed to have a go at a lob!

Not long now as the Wii comes out December 7th (I know I should be ashamed at taking the day off work - but I'm NOT!)

- Jen

* Is TOO a real word

That kind of afternoon

It's been that kind of afternoon, where you have no plans (or nothing urgent) so you end up sleeping on the couch. If I had my eyes open I'd be watching cricket - and then I'd be bored.

Apparently its growing in popularity as the man is currently engaging in exactly the same activity, although sadly he tends to spend more of his time actually watching the cricket.

To be fair I am pretty tired. Yesterday I worked as an election official, ticking off names, guarding the ballot boxes (I do too have the right build to be a guard!), and keeping the crowd in line as queue controller. Except there was NO crowds. We had people lined up once all day. Apparently they have changed the location of the polling booth from last time so no one knew where to go. The Glenbervie booths were apparently inundated with thousands of people. So I had nothing to do all day. Even better, when polls closed it only took us 2 hours to count!
I was tired though. Started at 7:30 and got home a bit after 8:30pm. Then this morning we bit the bullet and started and got through a lot of our Christmas shopping which is really good.

Anyway, I'd best be off, as obviously I have nothing to post, and I should probably get outside for some fresh air.

- Jen

Friday, November 24, 2006

Once more with feeling

Don't let the silence get you down,
Though you've been sittin' here for hours,
Hoping a voice could soon be found
That speaks much louder that this music.

If you're a little off colour and,
Out for the count, Don't let it get you down.

Don't let the talking keep you up,
If they're your friends they share your vision,
And as the phone ring breaks the silence they figure out that you don't want to answer.

If you're a little off colour and
Tired of the sounds
Don't let it get you down.

Don't let the people make you think
That just because you're young you're useless
You know it's not naive to think that you can change the things around
And that no man is an island.

For I'd rather be a pebble than
An ocean vast and dry
Alone they make no sounds

- 'Get cape, wear cape, fly'.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hook turns, no, not THAT Hook

Originally uploaded by trojen_hoarse.
Tonight (or this morning technically) I dropped the man and a friend off in the city. This would be about the third time I've driven 'IN the city', not just on the outskirts (i.e. as far as the royal melbourne hospital where the man works). The other three times I've obviously never had to turn right. This happens after dropping off the man and I'm left to learn these new hook turn thingos. The way the man described it, I wait until the light turns orange, then I go. Sounds pretty easy? Things were good until the light had turned red and then I started questioning the vision of the car in front of me. The light is RED...RED!!! Not to mention the police right there.

When I got home from my adventure I hopped onto vicroads website which politely informed me that when executing a hook turn you wait until the light of the street you are turning into goes GREEN.

Makes SO much more sense now. So much SAFER too!!

Ah well, another thing learnt. I'm glad the man is out on the town!!

- Jen

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hot Chocolate Weather

Well in my case, a hot milo. I was craving one all day at work (and I could have had one...the tin is sitting right on my desk) but I thought, nope, I'm going to savour this milo - when I'm home in my trackies parked on the couch. So I am. Ahhhh.

All day at work I was watching the rain drizzle down, followed by the sun, followed by hail, sun, rain, sun, rain, hail - all in the space of a half hour mind you.

Well, two tests tomorrow so I'd better go finishing catching up on forums and blogs so I can study... (oh yeah I KNOW how much sense that made).

- Jen

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Numero Uno (at least according to Google)

Today I googled 'jentopia'. I was pleasantly surprised to see that 'jentopia' has hit number one, and number two in rank.

Woo for me!

Take that...jentopia cats!

Lethargic adj : deficient in alertness or activity

The definition of lethargic according to Google. I've been in a bit of a funk this past week and have struggled to come up with something to post about. Its not like nothing has been happening, we went back to Albury, went to the Berrigan Cup etc but nothing that motivated to get on here and tell the world about it. I also didn't run for more than a week and that didn't help matters! But I'm back on the running, back to work (no more call centre!) and am looking at the last month of study for a good while. If I go back and do more study (I'm thinking about doing a masters in taxation at some stage) it won't be next year. Next year should hopefully be study free. I need a break!!

Well not much to write about, better go get some study done so I feel like I've wasted the day away.

- Jen