Saturday, July 30, 2005

And one, and two..and lift!

Since moving out of home I have put on no weight whatsoever. I went out weighing 55kgs and came back in weighing the same. Which is pretty good, most people when they move out of home put on a ton of weight (from what I've seen). To a degree I've kept up some form of exercise whether it's situps, walking to uni, riding to uni or even the occasional run. In fact last summer, I had a stomach to be proud of...

However, even though I haven't put on any weight, I don't have my nice stomach anymore. No abs..well not visible ones. So I've decided to do something about it. Right now my stomach resembles me having eaten some kind of soft, squishy ball (which I haven't). This "something about it", is the gym! (also pronounced "ghyme"..rhymes with..sign, or rhyme)
So turtle-lips and I have been to the gym twice this week (and I also went once on my own).
I have been using the rowing machine quite a little bit, the exercise bike a tad (not as much fun as rowing) and have also been doing weights (under turtle's supervision). Yesterday I also did 200 sit-ups (which I am feeling today). I feel less pudgy around the stomach already (I suppose this is mostly psychological).

I do feel better already though! "Hee-ya!"

I plan to go tonight after work as well!(the ghyme that is)

Last night I went over to R's house (R is the girlfriend of one of the man's best friends (B) ) for a girl's night in. It was really a lot of fun! I was a bit apprehensive about the night (me being a bit shy still I guess). But it really was fun, we didn't do anything special just ate dinner that R cooked (which was yummy) ,had some vino and a girly chat. Looking forward to doing it again sometime! It's always nice to have friends who are girls.

It's about time I did some study (today I'm finishing a case study on importing gas barbeques from Australia to Argentina....thrilling is the only word that sarcastically describes it accurately).

If anyone out there has some good ab exercises (please don't say sit-ups) I'd love to hear them.
Will let you know how the "abs of steel" campaign goes in future posts ..


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What I am utterly terrified of

Tonight I decided was a good time to wash my car. Being cold and lazy I decided to use the drive through car wash at the petrol station.

Financial cost of car wash: $6.50
Mental and Emotional cost of car wash: 5 minutes of utter terror.

I have realised just how frightened I am of car washers. Forget vacumn cleaners (yes vacumn cleaners)..I am deathly afraid of car washers (the automatic kind, not the people).

Sitting there having all these loud brushes coming towards me, that feeling you get as if your car is moving even when it's not..the thoughts I was having about the windscreen breaking and getting brushed to death...were not fun.

And that was only the first time I went through! when it sprayed soap suds on my car and then stopped! So I had to get them to restart it...and go through again! Oh the terror!.

And..after ALL that. It didn't even clean my car..didn't even clean off the "wash me" that turtle-lips wrote in the dirt on my roof.

Moral of the story: Paying $5 to do it myself at "Grime Stoppers" wouldn't have been such a bad idea.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hazy Shade of Pessimism

I write this while sitting at work clock watching (only 1 hour and 34 mins to go) and trying to recover from last night. I'm still a bit hazy.
Last night I went with the best friends little brother j to Mt Beauty to visit said best friend and to participate in the drinking of many an alcoholic beverage and generally having a merry old time. The drinking consisted of about 8 of us (3 of which were sticking to soft drinks, being of a tender age) playing the drinking game kings cup. I actually had a lot of fun (I skulled a whole beer..because that is how tough I am) and we had some great rules going, like the standard "no pointing" rule, but also the rule that no player is allowed to say "you". Think about how many times you (there we go already) say "you" in normal conversation, now imagine you (doh!) can't point (got that?), now imagine you have had quite a bit to drink = lots of laughs.
We had to come back to get j to work on time, which we managed and then best friend and I hung out a little in the afternoon.

Now this best friend and I are just that, best friends..but we have somewhat of a turbulent relationship at the best of times. Basically I annoy her (whether I'm intending to or not), she gets narky and sometimes it's not a whole lot of fun. However since the man has been around, I have noticed a certain extra twinge of annoyance that comes across her face when his name is mentioned. Which tends to be a lot. I mean I'm EXCITED. So mention of his name often brings about pessimistic remarks which often leave me shaking my head in confusion.. It sort of sucks, I feel like I'm constantly biting my tongue from mentioning the man's name. At the same time though I sometimes feel jealous of her too. She is a snowboard instructor now so gets paid a ton of money to teach people to snowboard and has a lot of fun doing it, she has no massive car loan to pay off...etc etc. I suppose though the grass is definitely always greener...I'd rather have the man anyway (and it's always better when you can acknowledge that yes, the grass is always greener..but you are where you are, in my opinion anyway).

Sigh. Well you may as well all know now that the best friend is the same fiery insult thrower who thinks no-one could be bothered to read about me. And at the moment I have only one regular reader, that I know of. I haven't worked out a code name for him yet. His hair is black and spiky so I will now refer to him as turtle-lips. (Its bullet proof).
And that is ok, I can be assured that best friend will never read this, not that there is anything derogatory on here about her...but still it's nice being able to whine to something other than my head and turtle-lips.

Thats all for now,

stay tunededed

p.s. If you want a really sweet song, get Ryan Adams "Wonderwall". I just heard it on the radio and I've also heard it on The O.C.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Emotional Schermotional

So, after one remark from a certain someone today about how the BlackEyed Peas song "gone going" is apparently NOT a good song (don't worry it IS a good song, they were just wrong because they have no taste in music whatsoever)..anyway after this remark I started crying..for no apparent reason.
Don't you hate that? I mean, I felt a bit hurt by the way the remark was said, but normally I would have come back with one of my sure fire "you're a crap song" retaliatory comments.

I'm sure it's just a girl thing because I've only seen a guy cry over something that wasn't related to the death of a close relative once...(incidentally the same certain someone who claims "gone going" isn't a good song).

So for any girls out there..does this happen to you or is it just a "jen thing"? It hasn't happened for a very long time, and the weird thing is that I was crying my head off but talking and almost laughing as well...maybe I just had some kind of build up of tears...I don't know, but I sure got the certain someone back because they were very scared!

Anyway, the man finally found a house! Which is pretty exciting, but he hasn't actually been in it and the house has only been verified as a suitable place by me and R, the man's step mum.
So I hope he likes it, he is moving in not this weekend but the one after with his old housemate C which should be interesting!

Note..I have again started crying for no reason..probably because a certain someone came within a 5 metre radius of me. Not good! It's actually starting to weird me out. I feel like I can't move from where I am because I will start up again!

Well this post is very soggy, so I going to try to make a move now.
Finished formatting my computer so it's all nice and new and going to head home.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh dear, it's home sweet home!

Well I realised today that I have not updated my blog in quite awhile...11 days I believe. I apologise sincerely for lack of communication on my part, but of course no one reads this anyway..and as I have been made well aware one cares!
It has been a busy 11 days, and much has happened.

Uni results came out...3 distinctions and 2 credits, which I am (as I should be) more than happy with. I must have put in more work that I thought I did! (better more than less I suppose).

I have also completely made the transition from independant young woman to tied down slavestress...that is I have now moved back home. But I am actually enjoying it and so far so good.

I have not seen the man for two days now, and it is around the 3 days mark that I really start to miss him...talking on the phone just isn't the same as being there (der!) but until phones come out with in-built cuddle technology, long distance relationships will continue to be a botheration.

I don't have that much else to write about for now, lots has been happening but I am in a bit of a hurry to get home as I am cooking enchiladas, salad and apple crumble (none of which I have started cooking)

Till next time,


Monday, July 11, 2005

Who am I?

It has occurred to me, since obtaining this blog that I read an awful lot of other people's blogs just by looking on So it would seem reasonable to assume that other people besides my friends read mine.

So for all those people who don't know who I am or what makes me..well me. Here are some small facts to fill in a few of the blanks.

Who am I?

- I work at an internet cafe and LAN gaming shop in NSW Australia
- I am about to move back in with my parents as I only have six months left of uni and then hopefully move to melbourne to live with the man.
- The man lives in melbourne and is a crystallographer.. I don't really understand what he does!
- I like computer games, not as much as I used to but I'm enjoying Battlefield 2 at the moment.
- At uni I am nearly finished a Bachelor of Business/Information Technology (International Business Management)

So I don't know what that makes me! I suppose it makes me Jen.

money, money, money...MONEY!!

The title of this topic is from something the man said the other day. I was having a bit of a cry to him, and being the sensitive, caring boyfriend he is asked if I wanted him to sing me a I sniffled and said "ok" he comes out with "money, money, money...MONEY...". Well that just cracked me up. So I suppose it worked!

But seriously on the topic of money. Things have been pretty tight, but I haven't been doing a bad job budgeting. Exam Results are due out thursday (read I owe $206 in student fees), my car's rego and insurance is due Friday (read thanks dad!) and I have rent due (read DOH!)...not to mention yet another phone bill put on the back burner...and at some stage I hope to go to the snow for some snowboarding (read I may be broke but my priorities are in order).

So all this boils down to, I need to work!
Tonight I am doing another dusk till dawn (working from midnight till 7 am), then getting my car's roadworthy done tomorrow morning at 11 (read..NO SLEEP!), and if everything checks out okay with my car hopefully getting rego etc done early so I can see where I stand finance wise.

I'm pretty tired right now but hopefully playing some games tonight instead of surfing the net for 7 hours will keep me more awake. There should be some spare computers tonight with a little luck.

Well I have an idea for another post so will leave this one and get back later...

Ta Ta


Friday, July 08, 2005

London Still...

Well what happened tonight is pretty incredible...maybe incredible isn't the right word. Shocking, horrifying, and pretty damn scary are other maybe more appropriate words....all I know is I was for some inane reason watching "Everyone Loves Raymond" when a news report interrupted the show about 6 explosions in London. So now some 6 hours or so later 37+ people are dead and hundreds injured.
My thoughts are:

- I know people in London!...(I now know they are ok though)
- How can this happen? There is so much security nowadays..I just can't understand how SIX incidents can happen...
- If this can happen in London.....there isn't any reason the same thing won't happen in Melbourne or Sydney..

Thats about all my thoughts on this for now.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Moving up and moving out!

Well, I sure hope one of my housemates isn't reading this because I haven't had the chance to tell both of them yet (but here I am typing about it in my blog, go figure!) anyway, I'm moving back in with the parents hopefully in the next few weeks. Basically I hopefully only have 6 months at uni to go, I'm COLD in my house, and I got sick of $300 electricity bills! Mum seems pretty happy about me moving back in and Dad will get used to it! Just have to get into gear and start moving. How much stuff could I have accumulated in a year and a half right?...right?

I got back from Melbourne tonight..again. I always get the feeling when I'm in Melbourne that I can't wait to get back to Albury but when I get back...I HATE going home, and I miss the man..and that sucks.

I was having some funny feelings when I was in Melbourne, I mean I love the man and all.but I don't know I was just getting a bit bored. And I thought about it and then I realised that I REALLY love the man and if anything, it's probably just the "honeymoon period" that people talk about in relationships is over and we know each other really well now, so it's less exciting when you aren't finding out things about each other all the the man not eating bread because he "doesn't like the texture". So, if anything it's nice. I have someone I love to bits and I have someone I know thinks the world of me. But its not like the first six months where I was excited because "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND"...but it's still sweet :)

Now I have to go watch The O.C !!!!


EDIT: I just re-read this post and it sounds really bad! Like there are problems with the man..which there aren't!! We just getting more comfortable with each other. If you are reading this the man I Love You!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Quiz time

Well just in case you were interested here are some zany tit bits of information about me!


1. Not getting a job and being stuck in Albury forever
2. Heights
3. Heights


1. Maths..I suck at maths...see number 3.
2. Why some people force THEIR beliefs on people who come to your front door and force religion on you.
3. Question 10 of my finance assignment...still!


1. Another language like Japanese or German
2. A programming language properly
3. guitar properly

1. Go overseas
2. get a good job
3. get married

1. A lot of the time I really just like being by myself
2. I'm pretty afraid of certain heights, if I feel particularly unsafe or I can see through steps or something like that
3. I'm ambidextrous at a certain things like putting at golf, and snowboarding, doesnt matter what side I putt or snowboard on, but I'm right handed and can only kick a footy with my right foot

1. Hey
2. uh-huh
3. ok

1. London
2. France
3. America


1. jenu
2. jen
3. poosa

Piercings = 0
Tattoos = 0
Height = about 170cm or maybe a tad higher
Shoe size = 7
Hair color = brown
Siblings = 1 sister

movie you rented = hmm I have no idea maybe Saved?
movie you bought = I bought season 1 of the oc but thats a tv show...
song you listened to = babylon by david gray
song that was stuck in your head = power of love by huey lewis and the news
cd you bought = foo fighters in your honour
cd you listened to ='s are so 1990...ipod all the way. and babylon by david gray
person that's called you = hmm dad i think
tv show you've watched = the oc!
person you kissed = matt
person you were thinking of = matt

you have a crush on someone = nope
wish you could live somewhere else = yes. melbourne
you think about suicide = no
you believe in online dating= no
others find you attractive = i know one guy who does but I have no idea why
want more piercings = no
you drink = I've been known to on occasion
you do drugs = never
you smoke = nope
you like cleaning = Its a necessary evil but I don't enjoy it all the time
you like roller coasters = not particularly...refer to things that scare me
you write in cursive or print = both!

long distance relationships = for!
suicide = against!
killing people = ?? yeah for killing but I suppose if it was necessary
teenage smoking = against
doing drugs= against, but I don't have a problem with people experimenting if they know when to stop
driving drunk = against.
gay/lesbian relationships = I wouldn't say I was for it but I don't have a problem with it.
soap operas = everyone needs their vice..I mean technically the oc would be a soap opera really

food = mexican anything really
song = hmmm don't have a favourite really anymore but Everlong by the Foo Fighters I suppose
thing to do = drink coronas and relax with friends
thing to talk about = me! nah kidding. I don't really know, I'm happy to talk about what everyone else is
sports = aussie rules I guess
drinks = coronas hands down
clothes = jeans! and a shirt of some description
movies = donnie darko, shaun of the dead, I don't know!
singer = Dave Grohl, Jack Johnson and John Mayer I can't pick between them
holiday = hmm I like going to the snow but I like hanging out at Tawonga too

ever cried over a girl/boy = sure
ever lied to someone = yep but really who hasn't
ever been in a fist fight = of sorts....
ever been arrested = no
shampoo do you use = its in a green bottle its garnier something er rather
shoes do you wear = right now I'm wearing my pink shoes WHICH ARE COOL!, but just sneakers I guess
is your desktop background = right now its standard xp

of times I have been in love? = 1
of times I have had my heart broken? = 1
of boys I have kissed? = er I don't know! between 5-7? if I kept count that would be worrying!
of drugs taken illegally? = none
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = maybe 2
people I consider my enemies? = ah none really.
of scars on my body? = heaps I'm pretty accident prone!
of things in my past that I regret? = only one thing!