Saturday, September 22, 2007

We move like cagey tigers

You've heard of facebook, now meet - Catbook. Oh yes, the facebook application thats making me giggle. Uncontrollably. I wonder if it interacts with Dogbook? Probably not.

Also..I just realised I totally misunderstood some of the lyrics to 'love cats'. I always thought it was 'so one flea, one flea, one flea, one flea - pretty'. Yeah. No. It's 'We're so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty! Usually when I mishear lyrics the real ones make more sense. Like Mum's classic for the song 'I try' - somehow 'Though I try to hide it, its clear - I wear goggles when you are not near'* was never going to be right. I think my love cats lyrics make total sense.

- Jen

* Try, my world crumbles when you are not near

They call me Early Worm...Good morning how are you?

Went out for dinner last night and my stomach was feeling rowdy when we got home so I stayed up and had some water and didn't end up in bed until 12. Content in the knowledge I'd worked extremely hard in the gym and at work all week and I could have a well deserved sleep in. 7am the man gets up and disturbs me in the process..well I decided to sleep diagonally. Then the shower started and I groaned and realised I couldn't go back to sleep. Then I realised that 7am is a sleep in for me anyway so I got up. The man went to work and I went mad dusting, that how you spell..vacumning? It's vacumn right? Oh god. I have no idea. So anyway. I cleaned. Did all our washing - even the annoying HAND washing I put off and put off until I have no nice clothes. Even THAT.

Completely ready for the day by 9am!! On a SATURDAY!

Then we went to the movies, went to harass more travel agents and bought the new fooies album (its so-so right now). Didn't get home and eat lunch until almost 4.

Also, damn the 'pies! Good on them for not giving up and I'm stoked at how close it was. But shattered about how close it was as well. Who would have seriously thought they would have come so close to getting in the GF! At least at the bbq next week I will be able to talk instead of being chewing my lips nervously.

- Jen
p.s. I'm not a real worm but I am interested in things :-)

New phone

new phone
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Nokia 6120. It's awesome.

Perfect size, not too big, not too small (so I don't have that constant 'oh my god I think I've lost my phone' feeling). 2MB camera so hopefully now I can do some snaps when I see people doing stupid stuff or those awesome sunrises over the city on the way home from the gym. Yeah I know its only 2MB but my last phone was .5MB and the photos on that were..ok. So this should be good.

Haven't put songs etc on it yet. Came with a free 256MB card too, and its perfect timing as my old phone was having..issues and the plan was about to run out. And its costing me only an extra $8 a month for data for two months while I work out if I'll even use it enough to warrant paying more.

We'll see.

- Jen

Song of the month - September 2007

Kaiser Chiefs - 'Everything is average nowadays'.

Yeah, song of the month. Its a new thing. Don't say we're old and tired here at jentopia. Heck no.

So anyway. Kaiser Chiefs - great song. Of course, had I thought of 'song of the month' I probably would have awarded 'Everything is average nowadays' SOTM* a long time ago. Yes. Some abbreviation right there.

But anyway. That song gets me going to the gym, at the gym, on the way home from the gym, on the train on the way to work while I smirk at the people falling asleep and feel smug in the knowledge I've been up from 5am and oh my god my legs hurt and I wish I could sit down. Worst thing about being fit is that no-one will offer you a seat. Old ladies, crutches and unhealthier women beat jelly legs everytime.

The song wins on its upbeat-ness and also the line that I love singing and hard as it is to 'rewind' well on an ipod shuffle I repeat all the time:

"All I need is a ball and a wall
Or a sledge and a hill in heavy weather
All I need is a ball and a wall
A sledge and a hill in heavy weather"

Be a good person^ and download it from itunes.

- Jen

* I've checked, its not an abbreviation for anything dirty. I found Satellite Communications On The Move (what happened to the 'C' I wonder?) and Site of The Month.
^ Be a guilty sucker like me.

p.s. Will I remember SOTM for October?? We'll see.


Saw Superbad this morning. Yes, movies on a Saturday morning. I know. Don't worry last night I went to a 30th birthday party for a friend of mine. I have friends who are 30. Anyway, the movie. Went in expecting it to be literally Superbad. It's by the guys who did Knocked Up which I (and I'm apparently the only person in the world) hated. Really didn't like it. But I actually quite liked Superbad. Had some funny bits in it and I found it a sweet movie. Like aww sweet. Which anyone else who sees the movie will probably find weird I guess. Could be working at the lanmine, has given me some kind of feeling of affection for hopelessly geeky teenage boys. That last sentence is going to be taken the wrong way for SURE. I mean..I identified with the characters.I wonder now if the reason I didn't like Knocked Up was that the swearing in it was so annoying because I'm sure people my age don't swear that much!! But teenage boys do so I found it less..offensive.

- Jen

Saturday, September 15, 2007

13.15 (93) to 10.14 (74).

And THAT is why I don't like watching football.

Extra time?? EXTRA TIME?? Lucky I don't have any nails otherwise I'd be really dirty because I certainly wouldn't have any now.

Go 'pies though!

How good is Dale Thomas!!!

- Jen

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bored of breakfast

So this morning I stared blankly into our pantry and probably for the first time in my life considered skipping breakfast.

Might not sound shocking to people who don't know me well but I LOVE breakfast. Easily my favourite meal of the day and this morning- I could have taken it or left it. We're in training at work all this week though(8.45 - 4:51pm) everyday and not being able to just go and eat if I needed to meant I had to eat SOMETHING.

I had porridge as usual. But I wasn't happy about it! Didn't go to the gym or anything though so I wasnt ravenous as usual. So I'm well and truly over porridge. I've run out of cereals I haven't done to death like Uncle Toby's Fibre Plus, Oat Flakes, Sultana Bran...I'm just stuck!

I have banana on toast for lunch at the moment so I'm not keen on toast for brekkie and plain fruit won't fuel me up enough!

What does everyone else eat for brekkie?

- Jen


The connex ad in today's mx showing Shane Wakelin traveling via connex to matches.

Apparently its true though..

He must be leaving pretty early to make sure he gets there on time!

Actually SOMEHOW today my train was 5 minutes quicker. Normally I swipe through the security door at anywhere between 8:15 and 8:20 if I catch the 7:53 express to Flinders via city loop. Today I swiped in at 8:10!! I was shocked.

Damn! This post was supposed to be bagging connex!!


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Eye of the tiger?

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Went to pump this morning, finally worked out why squats weren't hurting me anymore. Not enough weight and not going low enough. Now there's a deep burn which was great.

One of the tracks was a remix of "eye of the tiger "and our instructor had me twitching with laughter. Full on laughter would have been painful I think, given the weight. First of all its eye of the tiger which is always such a cliche when I hear it at the gym, second he asked if anyone had any cats and I pictured (see right). Also last week when the man and I were buying weights there were these TINY little weights maybe a few grams and I had an image of the cats weightlifting using those. Didn't help when the man started pretending to be a cat weightlifting and added a small meow instead of a grunt at the end of each rep. Much giggling ensued.

Yes we are stupid.

THEN, at the end of the track when I'd finished getting over the image of our kittenats boxing and weightlifting - the song finishes with a vehement MEOW!

It was too much!

- Jen

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Coming down I'm coming round, this time I think I'm waking up

Today we went and saw Rell off at the airport. I didn't cry. Think I'm improving at saying goodbyes seeing we've just finished the olympics of farewells.

We got home and started planning out our trip. I know. Pick yourself up off the floor. We figured a couple of kidneys would get us a ticket easy. Maybe even a ticket back. We actually have enough saved to get us there, just not to eat or sleep..or actually do anything. The internet, for once proved useless as our trip is to far into the future to work out tickets. So we went down to Highpoint and spoke to an awesome guy at the student travel place. Yes I know I'm not a student, but the man is and hopefully we'll get a hot deal. Like some free tickets hot. So far we're thinking, fly Melbourne to San Francisco, then to New York, over to London. Then travel around Italy and France using London as our base, also going to Ireland to see Baz! Then going to Egypt because I just love donkeys.

Joking about the donkeys. Camels are awesome though. Then going back to Australia via Thailand for a week, do some diving, scootering and Thai beer shopping.

Sounds like the start of a plan I reckon, this time next year hopefully.
Finally feel like it might ACTUALLY happen. Good news is we've made some more decisions on the wedding. In light of the overseas trip we've decided to elope.
Ha. No just kidding, we've really decided that the menu for the wedding is rice. Just rice. With an option of soy sauce because we want it to be pretty elegant.

Oh you WISH I was kidding about that.

- Jen

And you play your card, but its kinda cute.

Had a moment today when I looked at the man and basically said how revolting and feral he is. It's okay. It's sometimes very true.

In this instance he was showing* me the pus that was leaking out the side of his ingrown toenail. Then he farted. Loudly.

Married life will be great though.

- Jen

* waving his pus laden foot around

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What if I say I'm not like the others?

Interview today. Was happy with my confidence levels, there was much smiling and even some laughing, nice smiley handshakes. As for the actual questions - I was a bit iffy. To be fair, I couldn't have done ANY more preparation that would have done any good. If anything I'm just lacking experience. Hopefully, they'll be nice and give me a chance. One of those catch 22 things, need experience to get the job, but need the job to get experience.

See how it goes. As a famous certain someone says 'as long as you did your best then there's nothing more anyone can ask'.
You know, I'm not sure that applies to the work I do. I get the feeling they want more than 100%, which would irritate the man to no end because YOU CAN'T GIVE MORE THAN 100%! Hmmm.
- Jen

Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's not paradise but I'm home again.

I have to start by saying thanks to the man because someone has to. He's worked day and night for the past few months sorting out the shambles that was our body corporate. When we moved in we were told we'd be paying between $1600 - $1800. This turned into about $2600 and our CHARMING body corporate couldn't tell us why. So we sacked them. Then we had so many problems getting another body corporate that in the last month or so I've been hinting maybe we should just sell and get out of this mess.

But the man has persevered and managed to organise a new body corporate and they've taken us on board. Big relief!! the man won't know what to do with himself after work from now on!

It's spring so its warming up and we haven't had the heater on all week. The curtains are open, letting light into the place and its beautiful in here now. It was so gloomy in winter! We're on the second level so with the glass windows and sliding doors I can look outside at the nice leafy peppercorn tree and the blue sky. Actually now its sunset and thats nice too. The man's cooking a roast for dinner. All is well in the world.

Now if only stampy and the herd of elephants upstairs would rack off it WOULD be paradise.

- Jen

It's easy when you don't try going on first impressions

I've been slightly nauseous and have had the runs for about six days now. Thats when I found out I have an interview for a job I really want. The only thing is, its..'only natural' to be nervous for an interview, but for this job - I have to exude confidence. So hopefully I'm getting all the nervousness out now. In my head I'm looking smart and brimming with 'youthful enthusiasm'...but I'm shaking slightly as I write that. The interview isn't until Wednesday but I'm pretty sure I've lost any weight I managed to put on in the past year.

It's either nervousness or food poisoning. The thing that is also bugging me is that I've done a lot of research..probably more than I need to and I still have two nights to what to do? Blog, I'm friends'd out on facebook...we're out of tv shows and I already ate too much chocolate. Debating about trying to go for a run...its pretty nice outside. Might do that after I finish blogging.

It's just unfortunate that I KNOW I can do the job I'm just not that great at interviews. I'll probably be okay unless they throw some kind of 'scenario' style thing at me. Phew...big breaths.

But anyway...wish me luck.

- Jen