Saturday, September 22, 2007

They call me Early Worm...Good morning how are you?

Went out for dinner last night and my stomach was feeling rowdy when we got home so I stayed up and had some water and didn't end up in bed until 12. Content in the knowledge I'd worked extremely hard in the gym and at work all week and I could have a well deserved sleep in. 7am the man gets up and disturbs me in the process..well I decided to sleep diagonally. Then the shower started and I groaned and realised I couldn't go back to sleep. Then I realised that 7am is a sleep in for me anyway so I got up. The man went to work and I went mad dusting, that how you spell..vacumning? It's vacumn right? Oh god. I have no idea. So anyway. I cleaned. Did all our washing - even the annoying HAND washing I put off and put off until I have no nice clothes. Even THAT.

Completely ready for the day by 9am!! On a SATURDAY!

Then we went to the movies, went to harass more travel agents and bought the new fooies album (its so-so right now). Didn't get home and eat lunch until almost 4.

Also, damn the 'pies! Good on them for not giving up and I'm stoked at how close it was. But shattered about how close it was as well. Who would have seriously thought they would have come so close to getting in the GF! At least at the bbq next week I will be able to talk instead of being chewing my lips nervously.

- Jen
p.s. I'm not a real worm but I am interested in things :-)


Anonymous said...

Ready by 9am? On A Saturday? You sicken me. Anyway I think it's Vacuum (weird word) where did you get the "n" from? I guess its a bit like "advacado" or "ongion."

The Man said...

Vacuum... Dumbass

Ren said...

Do you play the drums?

Props for hugely cool music reference!