Saturday, September 22, 2007


Saw Superbad this morning. Yes, movies on a Saturday morning. I know. Don't worry last night I went to a 30th birthday party for a friend of mine. I have friends who are 30. Anyway, the movie. Went in expecting it to be literally Superbad. It's by the guys who did Knocked Up which I (and I'm apparently the only person in the world) hated. Really didn't like it. But I actually quite liked Superbad. Had some funny bits in it and I found it a sweet movie. Like aww sweet. Which anyone else who sees the movie will probably find weird I guess. Could be working at the lanmine, has given me some kind of feeling of affection for hopelessly geeky teenage boys. That last sentence is going to be taken the wrong way for SURE. I mean..I identified with the characters.I wonder now if the reason I didn't like Knocked Up was that the swearing in it was so annoying because I'm sure people my age don't swear that much!! But teenage boys do so I found it less..offensive.

- Jen

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