Saturday, September 22, 2007

Song of the month - September 2007

Kaiser Chiefs - 'Everything is average nowadays'.

Yeah, song of the month. Its a new thing. Don't say we're old and tired here at jentopia. Heck no.

So anyway. Kaiser Chiefs - great song. Of course, had I thought of 'song of the month' I probably would have awarded 'Everything is average nowadays' SOTM* a long time ago. Yes. Some abbreviation right there.

But anyway. That song gets me going to the gym, at the gym, on the way home from the gym, on the train on the way to work while I smirk at the people falling asleep and feel smug in the knowledge I've been up from 5am and oh my god my legs hurt and I wish I could sit down. Worst thing about being fit is that no-one will offer you a seat. Old ladies, crutches and unhealthier women beat jelly legs everytime.

The song wins on its upbeat-ness and also the line that I love singing and hard as it is to 'rewind' well on an ipod shuffle I repeat all the time:

"All I need is a ball and a wall
Or a sledge and a hill in heavy weather
All I need is a ball and a wall
A sledge and a hill in heavy weather"

Be a good person^ and download it from itunes.

- Jen

* I've checked, its not an abbreviation for anything dirty. I found Satellite Communications On The Move (what happened to the 'C' I wonder?) and Site of The Month.
^ Be a guilty sucker like me.

p.s. Will I remember SOTM for October?? We'll see.

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Tony said...

Hey Jen,

Let Remember The Milk remember it for you. I'd be lost without that web site.

And looking at your musical taste, next time you're at the PC and want something to listen to check out BBC 6 (6 Music) at I reckon you'd like it.