Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why uncoordinated people shouldn't be allowed in gyms

This morning I went to one of the many 'calorie burning' programs at the gym I joined. I was obviously out of my mind when I ventured into the class and I clearly did not read the class description. Body-Step...I just totally blocked out the step thing. I pictured me - getting fit. Not me...stepping. Lots of stepping. You wouldn't believe the different kinds of stepping there is. Silly me thought it was your basic two step. Thats up-step, and down-step.

Not side to side, twisting, kicking, jumping and hopping on your head step. Ok the last one was a lie. Although there was a whole hour of stepping, it could have been in there somewhere.

It didn't really do a lot for me cardio wise, I probably do better in the gym. A lot of the other people there looked knackered so maybe I'm not as unfit as I thought. The pushups at the end got me though.

Still it was actually fun and although initially I was ready to walk, once I realised no-one cares, and everyone got a bit lost and made it up too - I enjoyed myself a little. The instructor said at the end I did well (she did drop a 'for your first time in there though') and I think I'll make it a regular sunday morning thing. Gee because if I don't go every week...there's going to be so many new stepping moves I'll be totally lost.

- Jen

Doctor 'The Man'

'The man' found out on Friday he's been accepted to do a PhD at Melbourne Uni. Yay for 'the man'!!

Of course he pointed out that he'll then be a 'doctor' and have even more degrees than me. I can't see myself doing a PhD in Taxation anytime soon.

- Jen

A feeling of thoughtful sadness.

What is Melancholy?

Now, with nothing to occupy my time and my mind...I am of course looking for things to do.

Things that don't cost too much money. That's why I tried to stay away from Highpoint this weekend. Any dream of going overseas anytime soon gets quashed everytime we visit that place. We come home with 'things we "need" that we don't really need'.

Saturday was no exception when we picked up our nice wooden filing cabinet (3 drawers...hard to find), a food processor, an iron and an ironing board. I finally gave up any hope of finding my iron* (practically brand new and still in box) that disappeared somewhere between my parents house and moving to Melbourne.

We needed a food processor because unlike the electric mixer we already have, it doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to...well processing things (dates, as I discovered the other day).

Saturday afternoon we spent a not unpleasant time ..filing. Oh yes...for us highly organised souls it was heaven. Not quite but it was fun/weird going through my old payslips from Coles. In one particular fortnight I earned $400. Woo!

What I got up to this morning I'll write about in another post. But this afternoon...I was pretty miserable. The usual back and forth of "what do you want to do" "I dunno, what do you wanna do" "I dunno", got irritating surprisingly fast. It was then that I had to point out to the man that while I'm not an overly social being, I do need some kind of outside social interaction. S-O-O-N

So this afternoon instead of sitting down in front of the tv and watching yet another episode of 'that 70's show' (4 seasons on dvd!) we went to Coles, bought some popcorn and lollies, picked out a movie we own that we haven't yet watched (...yes its true we do own dvd's we haven't watched yet) - it was the princess bride if you're interested, pulled out the fold out sofa and watched that. It was nice but as the man so kindly pointed out - not exactly social interaction with outside people. Unless you count the cashier at Coles.

Luckily one of our neighbours came by (not 'Thumper' or 'dodgy renter') and we chatted to him for awhile and we're going out for pizza after our body corporate meeting on Tuesday. I'm also starting work in the city tomorrow and I'm sure friday night drinks will do a lot to satisfy any socialising I need to be doing. Hopefully.

- Jen
* Don't ask how I survived six months without an iron. I didn't. Dry cleaning work clothes and not ironing anything else is a real time saver. Not really cost effective though.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Why you shouldn't make plans

If you make plans things will go wrong. Or awry is a better word. Things like, oh running in the Melbourne Marathon.

I ran into docklands a couple of weeks ago and walked back out through the city and since then I've been having knee issues. I've tried resting it for more than a week, just no running and yesterday went for a little teeny weeny jog (jog I repeat) around the block..and it felt worse.

So today I went and signed up to a gym. Not one of those little $7 a year gyms you get in Albury either. No-no. Try $48 a month - yes ...a MONTH. Ouch. But it has all the classes, looks like a great gym, aquatic centre (pools, sauna, spa etc), personal trainer blah blah blah.

Its one of those awful direct debit things too. Anyway I'll try that for a month and then maybe re-introduce running outside once a week then. Grrrr.

Bit unsure about these classes. I think I'm more worried about the fact that maybe I'm really actually terribly unfit or something. But they will probably be good motivation.

Wish me luck!

- Jen

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jentopia on TV!

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- Not really. It's jentopia on the wii. Nintendo recently released a browser (opera) for the wii, so we now have the internet on our tv!

- Jen

Friday, January 19, 2007

Crossing things off lists

I like making lists. Sometimes it stresses me out (at uni: "Oh god I have so much to do by next week"), sometimes it makes me less stressed to see things broken down 'step-by-step'.

Something that has been on my list for a long time has been rolling over my super. Luckily I only have three funds that I needed to put into my current fund. But its still, one of those things you put off. It wasn't that hard.

Happy Dad?

I also rang our new body corporate (we fired our old one) and had a little chat to the guy who is running it. He seems pretty nice and straight up and down.

What else? Oh yes, I even made it to the post office! I'm good at writing letters..just not sending them.

- Jen.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Knob spotting

So we were out to dinner tonight at Lemon Soul (Puckle St, Moonee Ponds) and who do we see at the table next to us? Brendan Fevola (aka the knob).

Word of advice Brendan:

+ get a haircut
+ shave
+ don't wear purple, purple is for chicks.

- Jen

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The new bananas

Is asparagus the new banana? I noticed they're $5 a bunch in my local fruit & vegie shop today!! Of course this could be good old supply and demand. I know I'm not demanding that much asparagus.

- Jen

Monday, January 15, 2007

Nelly (not the rapper)

I had the unfortunate luck to standing next to the phone tonight (while the man was on the toilet no less) when his not at all evil step mother robyn rang with the sad news that they'd had to get one of their cats Nelly put down today. It wasn't unfortunate that I answered the phone, only that the man was indisposed and so I had to be the one to tell him. I tell you waiting for that toilet to flush was hard. I think I took it worse than him. I am a girl though!

- Jen

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tired and bored also..well more tired than bored

Pinched this from Ren,

1) What side of the heart do you draw first? Bottom left to top
2) Can you dive without plugging your nose? No, not really
3) What color is your razor? 'tis pink
4) What is your blood-type?A+
5) Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? Probably the man
6) What does the underwear you’re wearing right now look like? They have snoopy on them
7) How do you feel about carrots? Big fan. good steamed or just eaten raw (unpeeled too!)
8) How many chairs at the dining room table?..none! - we don't have one yet
9) Which is the best Spice girl? I have no clue but whatever happened to Sporty Spice?
10) Do you know what time it is?It's after 7pm and we're supposed to be going out soon!
11) Do you know all the words to the Fresh Prince Theme Song? Ha, yes I think so.
12) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator? I often think it wouldn't be that long as someone knew I was there..actually there wouldn't be food, or a toilet. Um, I guess I'd spend my time FREAKING OUT!
13) What’s your favorite kind of gum? Probably just extra (the blue one though..spearmint it awful!)
16) Do you know how to use some words correctly, but not know the meaning? I seem to have more of a problem of pronouncing the words incorrectly
17) Do you like to sleep? Sure do.
18) Who are two people that know EVERYTHING about you? Probably the man and jase
19) Do you know the song When it was Me?.no!
20) Do you want a bright yellow ‘06 Mustang? Not particularly.
21) What’s something you’ve always wanted? I don't know!! Wow. I have no idea. Right now I'd like to go overseas but its not something I've always wanted! I also want a bike.
22) What’s your favorite color Pixi Stick? I have no idea what that is.
23) Ever done something scandalous with whipped cream? Nope
24) Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake? Ocean!
25) Do you wear a lot of black? Yeah but not because I'm what is it..a goth or anything. I just seem to have acquired a lot of black.
26) Describe your hair? Shoulder length, brown, recently trimmed.
27) Do you have Entomophobia? (fear of insects) No, not a big spider fan though.
28) Are you an adult? Not really!
29) Where is/are your best friend(s)? One's in Albury, one's in canberra
30) Do you have a tan? I'm not totally pale but not as brown as I usually am in summer. It seems to be harder to tan under fluorescent lights.
31) Are you an internet addict? Yeah just a little bit. I can quit anytime...ANYTIME I WANT!
32) Do you enjoy spending time with your mother? I suppose so, she's pretty funny.
33.) Are you a sugar freak? I wouldn't say so.
34) Do you like orange juice? I don't dislike it.
35) What sign are you? Aries
36) Where do you wish you were right now? 15 minutes back in time straightening my hair because now I'm running L-A-T-E!

- Jen

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


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Does this cat look insecure? No?


1989 - 2007

That's how long I've been studying for. If you count primary school, high school, four years at uni and this year. Without a gap.

As of tomorrow (hopefully) I will have finished the grad program when I sit my last test(Capital Gains Tax - International Aspects). We worked out the other day that we've done around 60 of these tests this year. Some were easy...some not so easy. One I felt physically ill after - uniform capital allowances was a bit rushed for time. They're not like uni exams at all, I think the longest we've had is a bit more than 2 hours for a written test. Most are on computer and go from 30-40 minutes with 10 - 20 questions. The 40 minutes with 20 questions are not so good if there are calculations involved. I've been lucky in that I've only failed two, but fringe benefits tax? I mean really. What benefit is a fringe? Best friend still laughs about the time I had a fringe and a wasp got stuck in it. Tax or hair -they're good for nothing!

So anyway no more study for awhile, I might do a masters of taxation next year but some time off sounds great. $10 says in a month I'll be posting on here about how bored I am and how I'm worried about climate change (because by then I'll need something to stress about).

The man and I are thinking about taking a little trip somewhere soon either to Canberra or maybe just Lakes Entrance or somewhere like that. Suggestions?

- Jen

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hooley dooley!

Was not what I actually said out loud when I first saw this. It was more like the expanded version of a common internet abbreviation.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Now and then

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There was an article in the Herald Sun today about 'cotton wool kids'. How parents these days don't let their kids go anywhere alone, don't let them ride billycarts and those new trampolines with the protective wall around them so you can't fall off, party games where every kid wins a prize, how kids don't lose at anything anymore. I also read an article recently in The Age about sweets (lollies) and how some of them have just disappeared.

I got thinking and if I had kids...I'm not sure I'd let them do half the stuff we did. I thought for a moment maybe my parents were really relaxed. Until I remembered that it probably wasn't that they let us do the things we did, rather they didn't actually know about it.

Things like using the stormwater drains as a quick way to get around..unless of course it was raining because I'd heard a "story" about a boy at school who was in one and it rained and this massive tidal wave of water came bearing down on him as he was innocently strolling along in the drain. Amazingly he survived and with not a scratch on him. It was always fun to run outside at Nan's when it had been pouring down and seeing how turbulent the water in the drain next to her house was when it did actually fill with water.

Wow back in the days when it actually rained.

There was the extraordinarily long bike rides, the sitting by the railway line waiting for a train to come along, the horrendous amount of lollies eaten like fags, sherbet bombs, redskins, milkos, musk sticks, fizzoes (not a fan), wizz fizz, fruit tingles (also not a fan), vice versas, mates, chocolate frogs (the big chunky ones not skinny little freddos), jersey caramels, spearmint leaves, strawberries and cream..the list goes on...oh! and sherbies and milkshakes!

Actually I'm pretty sure you can still get all of those except the 'vice versas'. They were an Allen's lolly some were white chocolate on the outside and milk on the inside...and vice..versa. Growing up having relatives working at the Allen's (now Nestle) factory in Broadford was pretty good.

I didn't do much billycarting as a kid only once down a hill near a friends place as billy carts were pretty much an antique even then. Rollerblading was huge though! I remember right before best friends 10th birthday I got my rollerblades and we spent all night rollerblading around the outside (and through) her house; because of course EVERYONE at the party had rollerblades. We got a trampoline (sorry 'tramp' for Christmas one year. I don't remember falling off that particular one but I remember my sister falling off one at someone's birthday party.

Might I add besides crashing into the letterbox on rollerblades and breaking her wrist the worst injury she probably sustained in her childhood was due to an incident involving her head, the car boot, and the boot closing. On her head.

Now my tastes have changed* and I don't eat many lollies, although I still love milkos! I don't ride a bike anymore although if I had one down here I would - not as a means of transportation of course but for exercise. Bit of a difference.

Post your differences in the comments section! I'm a lot younger than most of the people I know who read this so I'm sure there are a lot better examples out there! Er ok...or you could just click here and read this.

- Jen

* I'm a chocoholic.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shame shame shame

On the old guy watering his ROOF this morning at 6:20am when I ran past. I know people are proud of their gardens and sneak out for some early morning stealth watering, but watering your roof?

Come on!

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 - a year in review

I always like watching those end of year things on tv where they show all the big things that happened during the year, there is always huge things that you have forgotten that make you go 'oh YEAH - THAT happened'. We watched one last night and of course I was prepared for Steve Irwin but had forgotten about Belinda Emmett so that made me sad.

uh hum..anyway I thought I'd do my own year in review.


- Turned into a professional bludger living with the man in between finishing uni and starting work.
- Wrestled with Centrelink over why I had to apply for jobs when I already had one and I just hadn't started yet and WHY WON'T YOU JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY aargh!
- The man got robbed.


- Back to Albury, started work (what is this funny stuff in my bank account - oh right, thats money)
- Decided to grow my nails


- Nails needed for nervous chewing
- Threw a 'kegger' for jase's birthday
- Began to contemplate purchasing property
- Get an $1100 fine for 'not attending jury duty' or some such rubbish
- My birthday!


- Saw Dylan Moran live
- Found out I got a transfer to Melbourne starting in June
- Graduated uni!


- Interest rates rise 0.25%, NAB raises the rates on my personal loan by 1%, bye bye NAB.
- The man and I's two year anniversary
- Dogs eat graduation photos


- Jase leaves for Falls Creek, bet each other $250 we can't grow our nails
- Moved to melbourne
- Start training in call centre


- SWAT team outside our house because of a 'small disturbance' across the road
- Start to detest working in call centre
- Move into apartment


- Ran lake attack fun run
- Ipod erased itself (yes this IS an important event thankyou very much)


- Wedding and a funeral in two weeks
- Grand final bbq at Tony and Rae's
- Started 3rd rotation at work (e-s-c-a-p-e-d the call centre)


- Went to army open day (shot stuff)
- Cam leaves for airforce


- Lots of study and not a lot of blogging!


- November + Christmas food + kittens = bad blogger!