Sunday, January 28, 2007

A feeling of thoughtful sadness.

What is Melancholy?

Now, with nothing to occupy my time and my mind...I am of course looking for things to do.

Things that don't cost too much money. That's why I tried to stay away from Highpoint this weekend. Any dream of going overseas anytime soon gets quashed everytime we visit that place. We come home with 'things we "need" that we don't really need'.

Saturday was no exception when we picked up our nice wooden filing cabinet (3 drawers...hard to find), a food processor, an iron and an ironing board. I finally gave up any hope of finding my iron* (practically brand new and still in box) that disappeared somewhere between my parents house and moving to Melbourne.

We needed a food processor because unlike the electric mixer we already have, it doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to...well processing things (dates, as I discovered the other day).

Saturday afternoon we spent a not unpleasant time ..filing. Oh yes...for us highly organised souls it was heaven. Not quite but it was fun/weird going through my old payslips from Coles. In one particular fortnight I earned $400. Woo!

What I got up to this morning I'll write about in another post. But this afternoon...I was pretty miserable. The usual back and forth of "what do you want to do" "I dunno, what do you wanna do" "I dunno", got irritating surprisingly fast. It was then that I had to point out to the man that while I'm not an overly social being, I do need some kind of outside social interaction. S-O-O-N

So this afternoon instead of sitting down in front of the tv and watching yet another episode of 'that 70's show' (4 seasons on dvd!) we went to Coles, bought some popcorn and lollies, picked out a movie we own that we haven't yet watched (...yes its true we do own dvd's we haven't watched yet) - it was the princess bride if you're interested, pulled out the fold out sofa and watched that. It was nice but as the man so kindly pointed out - not exactly social interaction with outside people. Unless you count the cashier at Coles.

Luckily one of our neighbours came by (not 'Thumper' or 'dodgy renter') and we chatted to him for awhile and we're going out for pizza after our body corporate meeting on Tuesday. I'm also starting work in the city tomorrow and I'm sure friday night drinks will do a lot to satisfy any socialising I need to be doing. Hopefully.

- Jen
* Don't ask how I survived six months without an iron. I didn't. Dry cleaning work clothes and not ironing anything else is a real time saver. Not really cost effective though.


Anonymous said...

Did you look in the boot of your car for the iron? LOL!

Raelene said...

So what did you think of "The Princess Bride"? It's one of my faves, but don't let that colour your review!
We go for ages without outside contact. It's funny how much we enjoy it when someone stops by for a coffee, but we don't often actively seek it out. I suppose we ought to do that more often!

jenu said...

I really really liked it!! The man thought it was 'ok' but it tickled my sense of humour and I thought it was great. Whoever anonymous is what is that supposed to mean! Do you know the whereabouts of my iron??