Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1989 - 2007

That's how long I've been studying for. If you count primary school, high school, four years at uni and this year. Without a gap.

As of tomorrow (hopefully) I will have finished the grad program when I sit my last test(Capital Gains Tax - International Aspects). We worked out the other day that we've done around 60 of these tests this year. Some were easy...some not so easy. One I felt physically ill after - uniform capital allowances was a bit rushed for time. They're not like uni exams at all, I think the longest we've had is a bit more than 2 hours for a written test. Most are on computer and go from 30-40 minutes with 10 - 20 questions. The 40 minutes with 20 questions are not so good if there are calculations involved. I've been lucky in that I've only failed two, but fringe benefits tax? I mean really. What benefit is a fringe? Best friend still laughs about the time I had a fringe and a wasp got stuck in it. Tax or hair -they're good for nothing!

So anyway no more study for awhile, I might do a masters of taxation next year but some time off sounds great. $10 says in a month I'll be posting on here about how bored I am and how I'm worried about climate change (because by then I'll need something to stress about).

The man and I are thinking about taking a little trip somewhere soon either to Canberra or maybe just Lakes Entrance or somewhere like that. Suggestions?

- Jen

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