Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Simp...sons!

Saw The Simpsons Movie yesterday. It was..okay but a little shocking. There was at least three times when the man and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. 13 yr old boys would find it hilarious though.

Spider Pig - definitely worth it.

- Jen

Not as bad as the 'pirate' joke but still..

What do you get when you cross a dsylexic, an insomniac, and an agnostic?

Someone who lies awake at night wondering if there really is a dog.

He he

- Jen

Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Harryble!

NO spoilers here folks.

But I DID finish Harry last night. Very sad. Won't say anymore about it though because I know a lot of bloggers reading it.

And now its finished! No more Harry. No more anticipation of opening the book. The wondering - should I read it slowly and savour it..OR - read it as QUICKLY as possible so that no-one spoils the ending for me.

I took the latter obviously. But I'll have to read it again because there were parts where I felt like Bernard Black doing his tax ...'if you live by a river and you...WHAT!'...'what's your mothers maiden name'...'what's her FIRST name..' 'I just knew her as Ma!'

Didn't have to quite go and fold all my socks but yeah.

- Jen

Friday, July 13, 2007

Not really something you would call a skill...but a feat nonetheless.

Getting into a fight in a supermarket. A verbal one. Probably (hopefully) not an everyday occurence for you. Maybe you've gotten angry at a rude checkout woman..actually I've done that...anyway. Today I got into a fight with another customer.

First off all the guy ticked me off because he nearly ran me over with his trolley in the freezer aisle, but y'know - it happens. But then, when I'm looking at nachos sauce he did run over an old lady next to me. Right up the back of the leg, pretty hard too. So hard, in fact that it brought tears to her eyes.

Before I could take a second to think, I said "hey I think you should watch where you're going!", he turned around and said defensively "I said sorry!" "ah yeah well you just about ran me over there and now you've really hurt someone" - pause to look at old lady in tears.

"I SAID I was sorry". The guy was getting pretty angry and was now joined by his skanky partner (there really is no other word to describe her). 'Yeah HE SAID he was sorry'. So I replied with the never-failing-to-annoy* "okay, whatever". Then he just started shouting at me "its not my fault its the pram" (trolley?).

I was pretty shocked now, "um well all I'm saying is that its a bit of a coincidence you hit two people in five minutes". Then he came out with this gem "you'd better watch out or I'll really run you over", so I threw in another "uh uh okay whatever...psycho" ..and added a 'thats pathetic' headshake for good measure.

He turned around and left with his wonky trolley and partner in tow but kept shouting, as in loud, screaming about "that woman down there yelled at me! that ..'ing woman yelled, 'snot my fault its the TROLLEY".

I just picked up a can of refried beans and studied the nutritional content on that until everyone in Coles stopped staring at me. I saw the old lady in the deli section and she thanked me for standing up for her. When I got to the checkout (luckily I had less than 12 items and could go through express) the cashier asked me if I was the one that guy was yelling about??" I explained what happened and then noticed him approaching the back of the express I got out of there pretty quick.

Seriously though. A 'bung' trolley is fair enough but the supermarket is not that crowded that you hit people. I mean, I'm sure parents can understand kids ramming them in the back of the legs..occasionally but not strangers!! Not twice in five minutes.

Well. An interesting trip to the shops anyway.

- Jen
p.s. He said I was a woman. I'm not a woman! I'm a girl!!
* Thanks to Shell for the never-failing-to-annoy whatever

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The world isn't split into good people and death eaters

This afternoon the man and I went and saw the new Harry Potter flick - Harry and the Order of the Phoenix. It wasn't bad, just missed bits I liked out of the book. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but I just felt bad for people like the man who haven't read the book. As the man pointed out, it'd be a very long movie if it had everything in it. We actually saw it in directors suite which was pretty cool. We shared a wedges and some kind of chicken bits and then had 'dessert' halfway through with chocolate mousse and apple strudel. Pretty nice way to spend an afternoon!

- Jen

Don't wanna be the one

I've been wondering about getting caught downloading music for awhile now. I've never really had much success downloading movies and I suppose I've been lucky because if I really wanted something...I have 'people' who can get what I want for me. But music, I've downloaded. In comparison with everyone else downloading music, I'm sure I'd be a very small fish but..still.

Its gotten to the point where I can't do it anymore! I feel too guilty. So today, I spent $1.69 and bought my first song off iTunes (Fluorescent Adolescent by the Artic Monkeys).

I've heard of lots of students in the US being given the option of paying about $500 USD for each song they've downloaded or settle out of court and pay about $2000-$3000. Ouch.

It was pure coincidence after buying my first song that I stumbled upon this article in The Age .

Despite the fact that MIPI figures show a whopping 18 per cent of Australians are downloading illegally, there seems to be safety in numbers - for now at least. "It's not within anybody's capabilities to be suing 2.8 million people," Ms Heindl says".

Yeah but I don't want to be the first! Someone's going to get done eventually.

- Jen

Monday, July 09, 2007

Review: The Boathouse Maribyrnong

I've been hanging out to go to the boathouse for breakfast since I started running past it, and since Jamie Wodetzki reviewed it on thebreakfastblog earlier this year.

You cannot get a nicer location, unless its a sunny Sunday afternoon and you're across the other side of the river at Angler's enjoying a beer. Inside in winter is cosy and the four of us sat almost directly in front of an open fire. We received our menus immediately and a nice waitress took our drink orders promptly.

Having already scoped out the menu online, I was hoping that there might have been some kind of specials menu that..expanded on the menu contents. There is in fact 10 items to choose from, but three of these I wrote off as 'I'm out for breakfast and I'm not ordering toast, fruit or cereal (even if it is with a hazelnut crunch)'.

I'm not sure why I had such a hard time deciding, I just wasn't sure about the pancakes and although my stomach said 'breakfast pizza - YES', my brain said, breakfast - not pizza time. So in a hurry I ordered the boatbouse breakfast (with crispy bacon, your choice of eggs and wood roasted tomato). I neglected to see there was no mushroom included in that (my fault!). The man ordered the same with fried instead of poached eggs, Mum had the green eggs with ham on crumpets and Dad had an omelette with tomato, potato, onion and ricotta.

The omelette was the biggest meal, the green eggs and ham were of a size you'd expect them to be but in my opinion for $14.50, the boathouse breakfasts were...meagre.

One piece of toast (albeit very nice wholemeal bread), two slices of tomato, two eggs and some extremely fatty and definitely NOT crispy bacon. Being health concious I tend to cut the rind and fat off my bacon but this was impossible with this stuff (streaky bacon I guess). Not impressed. The eggs were very nicely poached though.

I really wished I'd ordered the breakfast pizza. The atmosphere was so cosy though. The coffee was good but again..small. Could be the cups. They could be deceptively small cups.

- Jen

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ebay's holy grail?

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Ever seen one of these? Perhaps you have one sitting on your kitchen bench? Maybe you've seen a neighbour with hundreds of them? There seems to be a lot of these around but they're pulling big bucks on ebay (at least according to my mother).

If you're reading this Jackie5560, stop buying all the nuns. What would anyone be doing with so many nuns?

If you don't stop buying them there will be Nun left for the rest of us.

Sorry Mum, couldn't resist.

- Jen

Saturday, July 07, 2007

A thumping good fight

So last night upstairs were at it again. Well I thought they were having a party or something because there was a lot of voices coming from the balcony although there was one girl I could hear repeatedly saying a word I'm not going to say on here.

After crashes and thumps from above (this is 1am) I got dressed and went up there. I wasn't impressed. Is is SO hard not to run around? Who runs around their house anyway? I mean maybe if you're running late for a train you 'nip' around but it half the time it sounds like the state of origin is going on above our heads.

So I knocked on the door, a sharp knock too. Like my knock meant business. No-one answered. I knocked again, little firmer this time. No answer. I can hear voices but they're angry voices not 'party voices'. I knock but a little hesitantly this time. Finally the door is opened by the guy I voice my usual 'stop running around' complaints too but this time he looks upset (not guilty as normal) and his eyes are all red. I noticed that its only him, and the girl. How can two people make so much freaking noise!

The first thing he says is 'the noise will stop now' and I said 'look again, its just the running.....' and then for some reason I said 'alright well..have a good night'. Have a good night?? Have a good night? No..DON'T have a good night. I am not having a good night! I had to get out of my nice warm bed, get dressed - in the dark and my bra is probably on backwards. Have a good night?

The guy looked a bit confused and then said 'uh..ok..well see you tomorrow'. Which was his version of 'have a good night'. I mean, see you later, sure. See you tomorrow implies that I'm going to see him today. The only reason I'd see him today is if him and his girlfriend start playing british bulldog at some ungodly hour. If they play it at a not ungodly hour I stand on the kitchen bench and punch the roof with my boxing gloves.

I'm not even sure if they hear it, but it makes me feel slightly better! And this is not a nothing post!

- Jen

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The unlucky tale of Scratchy and Snaggletooth

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The reason I didn't go to work today is because I was attacked last night. An unprovoked attack mind you. So unprovoked I didn't see it coming. So it was also an unprovoked cowardly attack.

The man didn't escape unscathed either but his injuries are not as..obvious.

Basically I look like I've either had a run in with an out of control fork or stepped into the path of a very angry tiger. The second is closest.

So there we were, watching a movie. When out of nowhere I hear the man shriek (without the use of expletives) "ahh my back!!", and before I had time to register why the man was in pain, I was shrieking about my face..and my neck. I think what happened is that a noise startled one of the cats who was sleeping on the man who 'cat zorro'd' his back before moving literally onto my face..and neck.

That is why I didn't go to work today. I mean, really I should of gone because the deep red cuts are not just going to be gone by tomorrow. But I was hoping that a day might have been enough time to come up with a better story than 'my cat is a bully'. We're not even sure which cat it was, neither one will rat out the other.

So thats the tale of Scratchy. Now onto Snaggletooth.

The man has had a wobbly tooth (one of his second/third from the front ones) for awhile now. I've been sporadically nagging him but not enough to actually get him to go to a dentist. The tooth is actually false and last night it got so loose he was able to unscrew and screw it back in. Then this morning it actually fell out. You would think (you would, wouldn't you) that if this happened to you, your PRIMARY concern would be getting that tooth back into your mouth as soon as possible. But no, the man's concern was purely fiscal.

But he is - wisely going to get it looked at tomorrow and cost be damned..well mostly damned.

It actually doesn't look too bad. Kind of Ginger Meggs looking. Except as I've just noticed Ginger Meggs isn't missing any teeth, nor (as the man pointed out) does he have a five o'clock shadow.

- Jen

- Jen

That's the way Wii like it.

Nice to see more Wii's being sold than ps3s and xbox's. I've been having a mild craving to play some kind of computer game lately, which is unusual as I've grown to detest them what with working at EB, working at an internet cafe and sometimes losing the attention of a certain young man to the latest release of anything with the word 'wars' or 'battle' in it.

Last night though I couldn't sleep and knowing that I wouldn't be going to work the next day (post on why that is to come) I was lying in bed thinking..I could play the Wii. I could! I could play that tiger woods game! yeah I feel like playing golf! The wii isn't set up but I could plug it in, how hard could it be! Yeah! Golf!

So anyway when I woke up this morning...I was kind of bleh about the whole thing. But, for a few seconds there, I really wanted to play a game. I think it'd be good to find a computer game I like, but I don't think I've seen anything out there. Any suggestions anyone? And no, I'm not playing world of warcraft. I don't have the time or the patience. Help me get back into computer games!

- Jen

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


To Tony and Rae on the birth of their twins! Yay!


How unbelievable is this...

Actually it is kind of cool. 11 of the 6000 7-Elevens in the U.S were turned into 'Kwik-E-Marts to promote the simpsons movie. Read here

I only hope all the funny parts of the movie weren't in the trailer because that (well, spider pig) was hilarious. See spider pig here

- Jen