Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Harryble!

NO spoilers here folks.

But I DID finish Harry last night. Very sad. Won't say anymore about it though because I know a lot of bloggers reading it.

And now its finished! No more Harry. No more anticipation of opening the book. The wondering - should I read it slowly and savour it..OR - read it as QUICKLY as possible so that no-one spoils the ending for me.

I took the latter obviously. But I'll have to read it again because there were parts where I felt like Bernard Black doing his tax ...'if you live by a river and you...WHAT!'...'what's your mothers maiden name'...'what's her FIRST name..' 'I just knew her as Ma!'

Didn't have to quite go and fold all my socks but yeah.

- Jen

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