Friday, July 13, 2007

Not really something you would call a skill...but a feat nonetheless.

Getting into a fight in a supermarket. A verbal one. Probably (hopefully) not an everyday occurence for you. Maybe you've gotten angry at a rude checkout woman..actually I've done that...anyway. Today I got into a fight with another customer.

First off all the guy ticked me off because he nearly ran me over with his trolley in the freezer aisle, but y'know - it happens. But then, when I'm looking at nachos sauce he did run over an old lady next to me. Right up the back of the leg, pretty hard too. So hard, in fact that it brought tears to her eyes.

Before I could take a second to think, I said "hey I think you should watch where you're going!", he turned around and said defensively "I said sorry!" "ah yeah well you just about ran me over there and now you've really hurt someone" - pause to look at old lady in tears.

"I SAID I was sorry". The guy was getting pretty angry and was now joined by his skanky partner (there really is no other word to describe her). 'Yeah HE SAID he was sorry'. So I replied with the never-failing-to-annoy* "okay, whatever". Then he just started shouting at me "its not my fault its the pram" (trolley?).

I was pretty shocked now, "um well all I'm saying is that its a bit of a coincidence you hit two people in five minutes". Then he came out with this gem "you'd better watch out or I'll really run you over", so I threw in another "uh uh okay whatever...psycho" ..and added a 'thats pathetic' headshake for good measure.

He turned around and left with his wonky trolley and partner in tow but kept shouting, as in loud, screaming about "that woman down there yelled at me! that ..'ing woman yelled, 'snot my fault its the TROLLEY".

I just picked up a can of refried beans and studied the nutritional content on that until everyone in Coles stopped staring at me. I saw the old lady in the deli section and she thanked me for standing up for her. When I got to the checkout (luckily I had less than 12 items and could go through express) the cashier asked me if I was the one that guy was yelling about??" I explained what happened and then noticed him approaching the back of the express I got out of there pretty quick.

Seriously though. A 'bung' trolley is fair enough but the supermarket is not that crowded that you hit people. I mean, I'm sure parents can understand kids ramming them in the back of the legs..occasionally but not strangers!! Not twice in five minutes.

Well. An interesting trip to the shops anyway.

- Jen
p.s. He said I was a woman. I'm not a woman! I'm a girl!!
* Thanks to Shell for the never-failing-to-annoy whatever


Gus said...

Dude thats not cool. You should have called for spider pig to come help :)

bente said...

Hehe. You called him a psycho (which he totally was). Too funny! Uh, the psycho calling not the trolley ramming.

Jason said...

MacGuyver u really need to let go of the spider pig.

That's just really average behaviour from that guy, unfortunately common decency escapes some people.

Being dropped on ure head at birth will do that 2 ya.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see there are still decent people out there willing to stand up for others, good for you :-).

Its a shame theres idiots like troley-man and skank-girl in the world though.

icec111 said...

Could you email me with your email address please, I thought I had it but can't seem to locate it. Mine is


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH!! You're a bloody CHAMP! Nothing like you when you get your tail up, Stinky!
Watch out he doesnt 'run you over' in his hunk-o-junk commodore ;)
ps. You reckon it's funny that he called the trolley a pram? High-larious!