Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Not happy Pinky

This afternoon I went to go for a jog/walk just to get outside for some sunshine and went to fire up pinky(the ipod) but pinky had nothing for me. No songs, no nothing. Pinky, is dead. I
've had to completely wipe it and start from scratch. Which you know, might not be so bad if I had all of the songs.

So what to do now? How can I possibly collect them all again? Where do I even start! Sure the man has some mp3s on his computer but most of them are his (aka I don't share the same taste in music).

Its a very sad state of affairs...AND two people hung up on me today at work.

Not happy Pinky!

- Jen

Monday, August 28, 2006

Attacking lakes with new friends

As much as I detest working in a call centre I cannot deny that I have made some great friends with the grads that I work with. So Sunday morning dawned and brought with it....LAKE ATTACK! Lake attack being a 5km run/walk around Albert Park lake. We had a bit of fun, and it was for a good cause. Although today I'm sore for some reason which is weird considering that I normally run 5km without any problems.

I probably need to start doing a bit MORE exercise because my crippling chocolate addiction is getting out of hand especially because two of the grads I work with also suffer the same condition and I find myself constantly surrounded with the stuff. Although I will admit it wasn't until 5 minutes ago that I snacked on some hot chocolate and chocolate coated almonds. I ALMOST made it through the day chocolate-less. Er no I didn't because I also had a hot chocolate at morning tea...

Oh dear, I really need to go for that run tomorrow!

- Jen

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hello, Hello - The world repeats itself somehow

It was fitting that when I turned on 'pinky' - (my ipod) yesterday that first lyrics I heard was "I'm so spaced out today, I could have slept for days". When you have been studying CGT (capital gains tax) for the past week straight you get very fuzzy headed and NOTHING makes sense. Add to the mix getting out of bed at 5am to catch a 5:59am train into the city and I was pretty spaced out. My exam was in Box Hill but even so I had plenty of time to study before the exam as well. I was so tired that I could have sworn I was right back in the middle of last year.

It was while I was sitting on the platform at Flinders St station, while the sky was still dark (although pouring rain of course) that I remembered that I actually like the stress. Of course I think I'm the only grad who actually does stress, but I still love it. Just like last year when I never thought that there actually was a light at the end of the tunnel, I have been completely swamped with study. Except now I get to throw full-time work into the mix just to make things that little bit harder. Of course I'm still thriving on it. Otherwise I might get bored, and we don't want that!

The exam went relatively well I thought although it was a lot harder than I thought it would be considering I gave up studying at about 8:00am because I just couldn't learn anymore. With a bit of luck I might scrape a pass (a pass being 70% at the ATO). The rest of Thursday passed in a blur, a blur I wish I had paid more attention to because I have an exam on it next week (anyone know anything about the imputation system?). After having emptied my mind of anything but capital gains tax I couldn't possibly have absorbed anything else that day...but thats the way it goes. Its a bit like standing waist deep in the ocean getting swamped by wave after wave and just hoping that the next one doesn't knock you over.

So far I'm still standing,

- Jen

Friday, August 18, 2006

Three is the magic number..

You know the ad, the ad with the most catchy annoying song EVER. Thankyou to the people at 3 who make me miss big brother purely for all the 3 ads with that song. Well a big Stewie HA! to the people at 3 because now I don't need your ads because I downloaded the song.

For all those other people out there suffering from the need to hear this song 50 times a night, suffer no more. The song is cleverly titled 'Three is the magic number' and its by the 'Blind Mellons'. Of course I DID download it so the title and band could be completely wrong.

- Jen

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's good to learn new things

For a LONG time now I have been saying that 'ONE day I will play world of warcraft'. This so called day fell into the virtual myriad of things that I will ONE day do. For instance, ONE day I will clean out my car, ONE day I will go overseas, ONE day I will grow my fingernails. But today, today my friends I finally succumbed to undeniably geeky side of me that has been lying dormant for the past three years while I was surrounded by geeks. I will admit that I refused to fork out the money to actually buy the game, I spent $2 and bought a 2 week trial. I had a LOT of fun though. A nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I played with some guys from work and we had VOIP going which was pretty cool.

Whether I will actually buy it or not, I'm not sure yet. I did have an awful lot of fun but it was pretty easy to see its a game you have to invest a lot of time in, time that I probably can't justify spending on a game. If I had an hour to spare out of my day and I had to choose between running outside and getting some fresh air or playing world of warcraft then I'd take the run.

Also I was a hideously ugly orc rogue. I looked like 'the hulk' on weight watchers.

Very fun and clearly VERY addictive.

- Jen

Puckle Up

Originally uploaded by trojen_hoarse.
While I have yet to upload any ACTUAL photos of the apartment, google earth has helped me out somewhat
with some aerial shots. The blue line you can see is Puckle St, the red circle is our apartment and the
blue circle surrounds the deep dark depths of fiery hell that I spend 5 days a week in. As you can see, all very close.

I've been wondering for awhile what it is about Puckle St that everyone gets excited about. I mean its great that there is a sportsgirl,
portmans, cotton on, diana ferrari factory outlet, numerous different types of cuisine on offer, a digusting
amount of cafe's and places one could eat breakfast or enjoy a coffee at..and there is a sara lee
factory outlet but why all the hoo haa?

Google wasn't much help on my quest. Besides being able to tell me that Puckle St is in fact the rumored
birthplace of Dame Edna Everage there wasn't much else on the topic. I did learn that Puckle St was even called
Everage St for a short period of time and I noticed on my way home from my run this morning that there
is a street behind Puckle St called Everage St so I guess the rumours are true.

If anyone has any more ideas about why Puckle St is so famous I'd love to hear them!

- Jen

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey, remember me?

So the whole 're-connecting the broadband' thing didn't really go as smoothly or as quickly as I thought it would. Basically moving to a telecommunciations provider appears to be way for them to rob you blind. Connections fees as far as the eye can see or the bank account can stretch.

Anyway so I'm back online and frantically trying to remember blogs and forums that I read. Some of them don't even EXIST anymore!!

The new apartment is fantastic but photo-less at the moment although I will try to have some up soon.

We are 'having fun' finding all the little teeny weeny things you wouldn't pick up in an inspection, things like the shower not being sealed quite right resulting in some 'rising damp' on one wall of the bathroom, the front door handle being a little loose, sink in the bathroom not draining very well, the lack of promised dryer in laundry, the lack of gas connection....the list goes on. Luckily for us we have had some (more) problems and haven't ACTUALLY settled yet because the title office has yet to put a stamp on a piece of paper meaning we haven't had final inspection meaning all these things will be fixed very shortly. It also means we aren't paying rent and we aren't paying a mortgage which is quite nice, but a little bit scary because I would really like to be paying one or the other. Nothing in life is free but I suppose the creative cooking we are having to do without a stove top is almost punishment enough. Porridge in the microwave is revolting!

So anyway, I'm back and when I have something interesting to post (oh how I wish I could write about work because there are some hilarious people that come through to me on the phones) I will update again!

- Jen