Sunday, August 13, 2006

Puckle Up

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While I have yet to upload any ACTUAL photos of the apartment, google earth has helped me out somewhat
with some aerial shots. The blue line you can see is Puckle St, the red circle is our apartment and the
blue circle surrounds the deep dark depths of fiery hell that I spend 5 days a week in. As you can see, all very close.

I've been wondering for awhile what it is about Puckle St that everyone gets excited about. I mean its great that there is a sportsgirl,
portmans, cotton on, diana ferrari factory outlet, numerous different types of cuisine on offer, a digusting
amount of cafe's and places one could eat breakfast or enjoy a coffee at..and there is a sara lee
factory outlet but why all the hoo haa?

Google wasn't much help on my quest. Besides being able to tell me that Puckle St is in fact the rumored
birthplace of Dame Edna Everage there wasn't much else on the topic. I did learn that Puckle St was even called
Everage St for a short period of time and I noticed on my way home from my run this morning that there
is a street behind Puckle St called Everage St so I guess the rumours are true.

If anyone has any more ideas about why Puckle St is so famous I'd love to hear them!

- Jen

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