Monday, August 28, 2006

Attacking lakes with new friends

As much as I detest working in a call centre I cannot deny that I have made some great friends with the grads that I work with. So Sunday morning dawned and brought with it....LAKE ATTACK! Lake attack being a 5km run/walk around Albert Park lake. We had a bit of fun, and it was for a good cause. Although today I'm sore for some reason which is weird considering that I normally run 5km without any problems.

I probably need to start doing a bit MORE exercise because my crippling chocolate addiction is getting out of hand especially because two of the grads I work with also suffer the same condition and I find myself constantly surrounded with the stuff. Although I will admit it wasn't until 5 minutes ago that I snacked on some hot chocolate and chocolate coated almonds. I ALMOST made it through the day chocolate-less. Er no I didn't because I also had a hot chocolate at morning tea...

Oh dear, I really need to go for that run tomorrow!

- Jen

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