Friday, August 18, 2006

Three is the magic number..

You know the ad, the ad with the most catchy annoying song EVER. Thankyou to the people at 3 who make me miss big brother purely for all the 3 ads with that song. Well a big Stewie HA! to the people at 3 because now I don't need your ads because I downloaded the song.

For all those other people out there suffering from the need to hear this song 50 times a night, suffer no more. The song is cleverly titled 'Three is the magic number' and its by the 'Blind Mellons'. Of course I DID download it so the title and band could be completely wrong.

- Jen


Rae said...

Yep you're right (Blind melon instead of mellons, but hey, close enough!) And it's amazing how many times I've heard a catchy song on an ad or a telly show and simply had to have it. THe last ep of Medium last week had a song that I fell instantly in love with. It was a Dixie Chicks song and I downloaded it yesterday.
*sigh* Instant gratification! :) No waiting to go shopping at Sanity, no looking through racks and racks of CDs; simply locate online, download and you have it! Brilliant.

jenu said...

Yes...slighly illegal but oh so good!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this song because I was curious to know what you were talking about. Good song, have never heard it on tv though. :)