Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's soon to be invitation only...

I know, I know - its been awhile. We still do not have the internet - and I have no idea when we will get it again. Or a phone line for that matter. Telstra are causing all kind of problems.

But as a new security measure I've decided that jentopia will soon be invitation only. I've inadvertently sent out a few invites already because - in true Jentopia style I changed the blog to invitation only - then forgot to blog about it before hand.

I'm more than happy to add anyone to the list at any time. My email address is The invitation only thing will start in a few weeks.

Oh! And a big thanks to Tony for taking on the task of song of the month - for last month (12.09 AM).

Also - if I change it to invitation only - what do people who try to access my blog see? I'd like to be able to put a thing up about requesting access - just don't know if Blogger supports that.