Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Excuse me are you saying meow?

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Yesterday I had a bit of a stressful day at work. Silly me should have known that getting a bit snowed under at work is not stressful. Having an ex housemate tell you there is a letter from the sheriff with your name on it along with the words $1100 fine is stressful.

Apparently I missed jury duty.
Last year I got the call up and attended but was excused because I had uni. I knew they only excused me for six months but what I wasn't aware of was the fact that they have changed the system. You don't actually get summonsed for jury duty anymore you are just expected to 'guess' when you might be required to go. I'm obviously crap at guessing (I'm really more like one of those people that says 'just tell me!').
In short I didn't get a summons but I did get an $1100 fine for not going.

This just didn't sit well with me, at all, all night. I didn't get a wink of sleep. I woke up to my eyes hanging out of my head and I looked at LEAST 23!
When I got to work I wrote up a letter (I'm alright at writing the odd letter too..not to bignote myself or anything) and sent it to one of the other grads who has a law degree. A few minor changes by my "solictor" (whom I pay in doughnuts and coffee) and it read beautifully.

I went to post it at lunch and seeing how close I was to the courthouse I summoned (no pun intended) up some courage (okay I was literally shaking) and walked in to see this so called 'sheriff'.

Sheriffs rock. The lady was so nice and with a bit of luck (as long as I have a piece of mail at home that is dated around February when I was supposedly summonsed) I will be okay. She also told me that I would have lost my drivers license as well.

At least I know I will sleep well tonight.

- Jen

Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm staying away from teppanyaki!

The death psychic (seen over at The Brew That is True) predicts death involving teppanyaki!

To see your own death prediction click here

While we're on the subject of death, to find out how long you have to live click here

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Either way, its okay you wake up with yourself

Well it's almost the end of another working week for me. Tomorrow is payday and although I don't have a lot of money, I now have enough money for me not to really care about payday.
Gone are the days when you'd count down the days or think can $20 last me till Friday week?
Luckily that only happened a couple of times to me while I was at uni, and it wasn't all bad. After all pasta goes a long way and is quite filling.

I have been to the gym three times this week which means dragging my arse home from work to go and do exercise. I certainly don't have any trouble sleeping that is for sure.

I should mention WHY it is almost the end of the week. Friday is the prestigious Albury Gold Cup and so us lucky Alburarians get a half day off work. Thats right, a half day. This is because a whole day would go to our heads and people would run around silly having fun all willy nilly.
I myself am defying this silly rule and have taken advantage of my 'flex leave' that is accruing and have taken the whole day off so I'm skipping town.

With a bit of luck I should finish work at 3 tomorrow (its graduate study day) and am hurtling down the freeway to Melbourne with Gus (to see the man)! I will be paying a well-deserved visit to Max Brenners on Saturday and doing other relaxing things such as spending money, eating, sleeping, eating chocolate and watching movies.

I dont even any of you guys look much at the titles of my posts but I usually try to work in a song lyric if it's relevant to something I post.

Today I just couldn't get there. The title 'either way it's okay, you wake up with yourself', comes from 'My Life' by Billy Joel and it's one of the songs that I've liked for a long time but only recently thought 'gee thats pretty clever'. It would be been nice to work in my sleeping with somebody strange but I figured that was cheating.

"They will tell you you can't sleep alone in a strange place
then they tell you can't sleep with somebody else
ah but sooner or later you sleep in your own space
either way, its okay you wake up with yourself"

I'm out. Now that the man has brought a new super dooper computer (after the robbery) ,I have to pack up his lovely logitech speakers to give back to him tomorrow...sniff.

- Jen

Monday, March 20, 2006

St Pats Day + Jen the scrooge

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St Pats day was not fun like last year (see pic). This year I walked into Paddy's (local irish bar) took two steps and had beer spilt all over me. By the time we met up with the people we were there to meet you could have wrung out my shirt and filled a pint. Of course that might have been the way to go because in the end I queued for a VERY long time only to pay $25 for TWO pints of Carlton (they overcharged me). Needless to say we weren't there for much longer. Just enough time though for a girl to try and pick a fight with 'the man'.

Having been plagued by thoughts of 'why should I accept them overcharging me' all NIGHT I fronted up to the bar the next day and explained in the nicest way possible that they had made a teeny weeny mistake, that I wasn't drinking so I KNOW they made a mistake and if they'd just be kind enough to give me the $10 they owed me well we'd forget it ever happened.

Of course they didn't believe me.

$10 isn't much I know, but for some reason it played on my mind for the rest of the day. Everything was mentally compared in terms of an expensive pint of beer. Or at least until 'the man' pinched* some salt and pepper shakers when they weren't looking.

The luck of the not English!

- Jen

* Don't worry I took them back later

Sunday, March 19, 2006

House that???

Having been working full time for 38 days I am now constantly plagued by thoughts of house buying. I'm not entirely sure what brought this on, but I just spent an hour browsing on realestate.com.au. I have a few questions that need answering:

a) How does anyone ever afford to buy a house?
b) Once someone has a house (with an accompanying loan), how do they ever eat?
c) Or afford to go snowboarding
d) Or buy people Christmas presents
e) Or have kids
f) Or eat?

I don't understand how they do it!!! Where does the money come from!

- Jen

Thursday, March 16, 2006

About as common as a cat sized ant

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Today was our weekly 'study day' at work. All four of us grads had re-sits to do for various assessments we've failed. I thankfully passed what has been the bane of my existence these past two weeks (fringe benefits tax). I HAD to pass, not only because I couldn't have handled failing again but because I knew fringe benefits tax (FBT) inside out.

After our assessments we had time to breathe in but not out before we were in a 6 hour video conference on 'common deductions'. I think I was a little misled by the word 'common'. I went into the conference expecting simple and easy and came out with feeling like 'bits of my brain were dropping away like a wet cake'. It truly was disturbing...but really really interesting.

In one of our breaks the talk turned to the apparent 'ant plague' that had taken hold at Jo's house. When Kelly remarked that ant rid works wonders on ants I told her the story about the town in Germany where someone applied 'ant rid' to some ants and because of a chemical imbalance in the ant rid, the ants grew to the size of cats'. I could have gone on for days and she was in complete disbelief trying to even 'picture what a ant that size would look like' when I had to give in and tell her the truth*.

I got back to my desk around 5 (having started at 7am) and tried to look at these so called 'common deductions', but not being able to read any words on the page didn't help.

So home I went and to bed I shall now go.

- Jen

* There were no cat sized ants..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm playing anyway!

Well I liked the idea of the 'Seven songs I am listening to right now' on Rae's blog so even though I wasn't tagged, I'm doing it anyway.

According to my beloved itunes the last 7 songs I've listened to are:

1. Handle me with care - Travelling Wilburys
'Everybody's got someone to lean on, put your body next to mine and dream on'
2. Overkill- Colin Hay & Lazlo Bane
'Especially at night, I worry over situations I know I'll be alright, perhaps it's just imagination'
3. Sting & The Police - Everything she does is magic
'Though I've tried before to tell her, of the feelings I have for her in my heart, every time that I come near her, I just lose my nerve as I've done from the start'
4. Crowded House - Four seasons in one day
It doesn’t pay to make predictions, sleeping on an unmade bed, finding out wherever there is comfort there is pain, only one step away, like four seasons in one day'.
5. Ryan Adams - To be young
'Oh one day when you’re looking back, you were young and man you were sad'
6. Jack Johnson - Talk of the town
And the trouble I find is that the trouble finds me, it's a part of my mind it begins with a dream and a feeling I get when I look and I see that this world is a puzzle, I'll find all of the pieces and put it all together, and then I'll rearrange it I'll follow it forever.. always be as strange as it seems'
7. Dios - You got me all wrong
'You got me all wrong, you wandered away, without which I am nothing, much more than I can say'.

There we go. I don't think I've done a music post for awhile. I must be getting old because best friends little brother had to show me some new music the other day. I must say the Arctic Monkeys are terrific (I really like the song 'mardy bum'). The Kaiser Chiefs go down okay as well (check out 'I predict a riot' and 'everyday I love you less and less'). I'm also enjoying Jack Johnson's new cd (Curious George Soundtrack), its very kiddy but the songs are still nice.
Below are some of the lyrics to 'Mardy Bum' by the Arctic Monkeys.

'Now then Mardy Bum
I see your frown and it's like looking down the barrel of a gun
And it goes off
And out come all these words
Oh there's a very pleasant side to you, a side I much prefer
It's one that laughs and jokes around
Remember cuddles in the kitchen, yeah, to get things off the ground
And it was up, up and away
Oh, but it's right hard to remember that, on a day like today
When you're all argumentative
And you've got the face on'

I tag these people:

Bente, Jase, the student, anthony malloy and Alex

- Jen

Sunday, March 12, 2006

To re-adjust you gotta trust that all the fuss its just a minor thing...

I'm sure I've mentioned on here numerous times how hard the long distance thing is. But after living together its so much harder. Even knowing that it would only be a week until I see the man again I was still sad to go.
I did have a nice weekend though. We didn't do anything in particular. I knocked off work around 2:30 on Friday afternoon which was nice because I got to Melbourne around 5:30. The traffic was horrendous but eventually I got the the man's place and caught a tram into the city to meet him and some people from his work at the Bedford. I'm not sure if it really has the best beer garden in the world as it claims but it wasn't half bad. Somehow I resisted the urge to drink any beer and we headed home not too long after I'd got there. I was happy that I got to meet the rest of the people he works with. Its nice to put a face to the people I hear so much about.

We had an awesome dinner (chili con carne on baked spuds) and then we both fell asleep on the couch. I was absolutely stuffed!! It was a good feeling though, knowing that I'd worked hard all week.

Saturday we went up to Highpoint and I went to a certain store to purchase best friends birthday present, I also bought season one of little britain! Its something I've been wanting to get for a long time so now that I have more disposable income I thought I may as well put the marginal propensity to consume theory to work for me! (kudos to anyone who knows what this is!) I guess I did learn something in microeconomics because its something I always think about.
For those who don't know, basically the marginal propensity to consume theory says that when you have an increase in your disposable income, you spend more. Its actually really interesting (well I think it is) to watch. Next time you get a little more moolah than you are used to, watch your shopping habits in the supermarket!

The man cooked me a really nice pork roast on Saturday night which we ate while we watched little britain. The patriot was on tv which I've never seen but definitely want to after seeing about an hour of it before I was too tired to keep watching.

Today the man and I had lunch with Alex at Anglers which is on the Maribyrnong river. It was really hot (the temperature) but the food (and the company) was fantastic. Its always great to catch up with Alex.

I had the most boring drive in the world back to Albury but when I did get back I somehow mustered up the motivation to get to the gym. I only ran 3ks but did it in 21 minutes (incl a 5 minute warm up walk) so I was pretty happy with that.

Well, tomorrow is Monday...and I'm starting at 7am again. I have a re-sit for an assessment I failed (damn you fringe benefits tax) on Thursday and I need to study hard...then I need to do real work!!

- Jen

Thursday, March 09, 2006


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It's finally happened. NEARLY a year after I was given my most prized material possesion (pinky my ipod mini) it's full!

I'm sure I could go through and weed out some songs, but you never know when you might crave a bit of (...finding something obscure on there...) "Prince Ali" from Aladdin
I won't be mentioning this to 'the man' as he is already lording it over me that he has an extra 2GB on his ipod.

- Jen

Black Books

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I don't know if I've posted about Black Books but like a lot of BBC comedies, it is awesome. For those people that haven't seen it make sure you get your hands on it soon because you are missing out.
Other british comedies I enjoy include The Office, Little Britain, Shaun of The Dead and I am slowly learning to like The Young Ones.

Its been a long time since I watched Black Books probably because it was continually playing when I lived at Woodstock Crt.
I remember walking home with Turtlelips and Tom one night when we'd been drinking and I think all we said to each other was 'can I have a ham sandwich...with pickles?" (insert ham and pickle face here). But you'd have to watch the first episode of the show to get that one!

I'm going to have stick some quotes in here I think.

Fran: You could use somebody normal around here.
Bernard: Normal?! Normal, is he? Well, what am I then?
Fran: Well, you're a freak, Bernard, you know that.
Bernard: Yes, I know! ... BUT I HAVE RIGHTS!

Bernard: [To Manny] You know what you are? You're a beard with an idiot hanging off it.

And the one that reminds me most of living with Turtlelips...

Bernard: Mustn't stare, mustn't stare.
Fran: You haven't stared at me.
Bernard: You're my oldest friend. Anyway, you look like you just fell out of a tree.

he he.

- Jen
p.s. I pinched the quotes from 'wikiquotes'.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Worm paste, the kitty and me

I have been reading a lot of Dooce tonight which is probably what has put me in an overly thoughtful mood. I think the blog is brilliant. Her writing can be both humourous and moving in the one post. I love the thought that her daughter will be able to look back in 10 years and read all about her growing up. When you are grown up you don't know about the hard times your parents went through just raising you. When I was three I destroyed a VCR by 'posting' arrowroot biscuits through the tape slot. My mother always had to be on the lookout because I would be into the cat biscuits quicker than you could say 'whiskas'.

Speaking of cats, I had to worm mine tonight. I felt like the worst person in the world! Poor trusting Tib got swaddled up in a towel and had paste squirted down her throat. Honestly feeding her twice in 30 minutes last night got me thinking something just isn't right with this kitty. If it makes her stop eating a can of cat food a day I guess its ok. I avoided being scratched too. Although I did have to get Dad to hold her while I did it.

Work is going very well, obviously I'm not going to talk too much about it but I'm doing some actual work now which is pretty exciting and interesting. Very steep learning curve though! Its also hard balancing grad program work with my day to day work. A little part of me misses uni, the fun times like o-week and going out on Wednesday nights. The other half of me enjoys weekends, spending time with the man and the decrease in 'pressure'. The grad program is about 110% harder than I imagined it to be...but I'm here. As long as I work hard I'm okay.

I just thought I'd mention until our presentation preparation for work on Friday I have fingernails. They sounded cool when I played guitar but they kept breaking all the time! and catching on everything!...so the fingernails are minimal at the moment. Mostly I have trimmed them off as opposed to ripping them so my actual fingers look pretty good. Will see what happens.

That is all,

- Jen

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Thats how I feel right about now. Other feelings I've had today also include feeling like something has died inside of me, risen from the dead and is trying to escape, feeling like I'm 80 with alzheimers and a wicked hangover and also feeling like I've been sucking on a car exhaust.

Yesterday we threw a keg party for turtle-lips' birthday. He didn't get there until 9ish but we started at 3:30 anyway. It was clear I have not had much experience with 'pacing myself' because it was after my third stein that I started to think 'I'm probably in way too deep here'. I was pretty annoyed at the turnout initially especially after I went to the trouble of inviting so many people who all assured me they (and friends) were coming. The night picked up though and I realised when I looked at the time that people aren't generally out getting ridiculously drunk at 4:30 on a Saturday. Silly me.

I had a really good night but definitely felt (and am still feeling) the effects of it today unfortuantely.

As much as I'd love to stay and chat, I am starting my first placement at work tomorrow and am going to need my rest. Also...I need to do some washing, turning up naked might not go so well.

- Jen
p.s. Congratulations to Rae and Tony on tying the knot!