Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Excuse me are you saying meow?

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Yesterday I had a bit of a stressful day at work. Silly me should have known that getting a bit snowed under at work is not stressful. Having an ex housemate tell you there is a letter from the sheriff with your name on it along with the words $1100 fine is stressful.

Apparently I missed jury duty.
Last year I got the call up and attended but was excused because I had uni. I knew they only excused me for six months but what I wasn't aware of was the fact that they have changed the system. You don't actually get summonsed for jury duty anymore you are just expected to 'guess' when you might be required to go. I'm obviously crap at guessing (I'm really more like one of those people that says 'just tell me!').
In short I didn't get a summons but I did get an $1100 fine for not going.

This just didn't sit well with me, at all, all night. I didn't get a wink of sleep. I woke up to my eyes hanging out of my head and I looked at LEAST 23!
When I got to work I wrote up a letter (I'm alright at writing the odd letter too..not to bignote myself or anything) and sent it to one of the other grads who has a law degree. A few minor changes by my "solictor" (whom I pay in doughnuts and coffee) and it read beautifully.

I went to post it at lunch and seeing how close I was to the courthouse I summoned (no pun intended) up some courage (okay I was literally shaking) and walked in to see this so called 'sheriff'.

Sheriffs rock. The lady was so nice and with a bit of luck (as long as I have a piece of mail at home that is dated around February when I was supposedly summonsed) I will be okay. She also told me that I would have lost my drivers license as well.

At least I know I will sleep well tonight.

- Jen