Sunday, April 02, 2006

Growing up, yeah

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Well Friday was my birthday and I have reached the ripe old age of twenty-two (it sounds older if I write it out in letters).

I had a pretty good day we went out to the pub for lunch at work (for 2 1/2 hours) and then I went and got a haircut, met up with the man and headed home.
I got a nice surprise from the man with a 'gift card' worth one snowboard which I will get when you can buy them again (i.e. in winter). Season Two of Little Britain from my sister (eh eh ehhhh) and the third season of scrubs from turtle-lips.

Had a really nice weekend all in all, went out to Zen X for teppanyaki last night followed by fishbowls from Taco Bills. Unfortuantely the food disagreed with both the man and I's stomachs and we alternated between bed and the toilet all night. I'd presumed I would be sick from the alcohol not the food!!! But there you go.

Well I am VERY tired, and have washing to do! Stupid me brought work home with me which I knew I shouldn't do. I'm not going to do any and will now just feel guilty for not opening it!! I would have been better leaving it at work and not thinking about it!! Gah!

- Jen


Tony said...

Happy Birthday Jen.

Bente said...

Happy Birthday!

The Student said...

happy birthday jen!

jase said...

Happy birthday stinky!
You didnt mention the little book of calm! Have you got the little book of calm? i need it! ;)