Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Me & The Man & Dylan Moran

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Saturday night the man and I ventured out into the cold streets of Melbourne to go and see Dylan Moran at the Comedy Festival. It was different to what I expected. His humour is a lot cleverer than I'd realised and I didn't think I would see so much of Bernard Black in him. But sure enough he came out with a glass of wine and smoked something like four cigarettes in an hour.
It made for a really good night thats for sure. Home by 9:00 and straight back into season one of the Gilmore Girls which we got cheap on front of the heater. Fantastic

- Jen


The Student said...

This will be a massive let down, but Simon would tell you who i am, so could Alex.

tonch said...

Just as well it was Season 1, back when Rory made the Virgin Mary look like Samantha Jones