Tuesday, October 31, 2006

He's flown the coop!

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Pictured - is our housemate (or our now temporary housemate). I've known Cam a couple of weeks longer than I've known the man. I FIRST met Cam when he was in Albury visiting Gus and Laura, but it was only a brief hello as he was just a stranger having coffee with them.

Skip forward a couple of weeks when the same guy answers the door of a house in Melbourne. Imagine meeting someone so briefly and then having to figure out firstly HOW you could possibly know them when they CLEARLY live in Melbourne and how you can TELL that they know you know that you have no idea who they are.

It took him a good twenty minutes before he saved me. So in short Cam and the man have lived together for a few years now, me having been mostly visiting for the past two. All of us moving in together in the apartment has been...interesting to say the least.

The usual housemate issues I guess, and if you multiply that by the fact that Cam's been living with probably the TWO neatest people in the world, then he's probably been doing pretty well. Of course factor into the equation that the two neatest people in the world OWN the apartment he's moved into....then he's doing REALLY well.

But he's off now to be an officer in the airforce and will come out an air traffic controller (so he wouldn't want to fall asleep on the job).

Hopefully we'll see him weekends as he is still 'living' here and hopefully before the man and I have realised the full extent of our cleanliness. Everyone needs a 'Jase' to bring them back to earth.

- Jen

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ah the serenity

The View
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'The man' and I splashed out and bought ourselves a digital camera. Please do not remind me that we splashed out about 5 posts ago and bought a TV. We 'needed' the camera. Now people in far away places can see our apartment. Thats my reason and I'm sticking to it.

The 'view' you can see is from our balcony, taken during the day. In the afternoon when no cars are in the carpark you can see, its a bit like living next door to a desert. But I'm sure thats great for property prices...right? right? riiightttt!

The tall building in the background is the other apartments we were looking at, well I don't even know if you would call it looking at. The first thought that entered my mind when we walked in was 'no' closely followed by, 'way in hell'. Besides the fact they looked directly into the tax office (the short squat building you see pictured), they were tiny.

And of course the tax office that is pictured, is my work. So not a far walk at all. Sometimes though, it would be nice to be able to feel like you had escaped the call centre. Rather than getting home and turning around and seeing it leering at you.

So now we have this camera I will be getting my act organised and posting lots of pics up on flickr for those that are interested.

- Jen
p.s. Just in case you are reading this Marita - THIS is the view, not the ah one of the big tall pretty skyscrapers. Although you CAN see the top of eureka tower from our bathroom. Having said that you can probably see it in Albury too.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

While everyone's lost, the battle is won

This word hectic doesn't even come close to describing this week. Last night I was so exhausted the man had to give me a piggy back to bed. Besides starting a new rotation I have a massive assignment and (until this afternoon) also a test hanging over my head. The test I passed (uniform capital allowances anyone?). Of course I studied like mad for it, all last weekend and every night this week. This at the expense of any social life and spending any time with the man. Despite living with him I feel like I have barely seen him this week.

Luckily at the end of October it should start to die down (the assignment is due on the 30th), after that its just a couple more tests and then no more training sessions...in fact no more grad days on Thursdays at all. As of mid-January in fact I will finish the grad program and start a 'real' job. It will be hard to get rid of the 'well if I don't like it, its only for 3 months'.

Next Wednesday is when I am deployed back into the call centre as peak period approaches. Please take note that the word 'deployment' was actually used when we were told. So, 'roger that' I guess.

This weekend I'm taking off...which I'm a little panicky about with the assignment due date looming. But I need it! Now why couldn't it be 30 degrees + on a saturday? Oh THAT's right, it's Melbourne.

- Jen

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The recruit

The recruit
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Yesterday I went out to the Simpson Barracks with a couple of friends from work, one of whom is in the army reserves for 'mates rates'. I have to admit I was more than a little apprehensive at the beginning (having never marched anywhere before) but as the day went on I actually had a lot of fun.

Before lunch we'd sampled some food from a rations pack (4 yr + old chocolate anyone?), had our weapons training and I'd decided there was no way I was joining the army. The video about Kapooka they showed right before lunch made my mind up for me. They want me to march HOW FAR with a pack HOW HEAVY on my back?

After lunch we went down to the indoor shooting range, where we put our training from the morning into practice. We had to shoot in the unsupported, prone position (lying down but supporting the gun) and shoot at targets. I had a bit of trouble with the sight to begin with so I didn't think I was doing very well, but when the results came back I actually passed. The reserves there were shooting to meet a certain level (which I met). So I was pretty excited!

It was really nice just to get outside for the day!! I got rid of that pale 'I work in an office' look for a day. So -definitely not joining but beware, if anyone gives me a hard time - I'm a good shot.

- Jen

A do-run-run-run a do run-run

This morning I pulled on my runners and was about to head outside for my weekly "sunday morning" run. The 'sunday morning' run is a bit different, I'm not in a rush and usually go a little harder and a little longer. According to a running website I was reading today this makes me a 'weekend warrior'. This mornings run came to an abrupt halt just as I was about to walk out the door. Although the sky was only slightly cloudy and still blue it was bucketing down rain.

Slightly annoyed at yet another Melbourne weather phenomenon I started studying (or rather I procrastinated about doing study). At about five when my brain was no longer functioning I went for the run. 8kms and I managed a nasty hill on the last bit!!

The best thing was after I got home all red in the face and sweaty, the man had a lamb roast on! What a reward!

- Jen