Thursday, October 12, 2006

While everyone's lost, the battle is won

This word hectic doesn't even come close to describing this week. Last night I was so exhausted the man had to give me a piggy back to bed. Besides starting a new rotation I have a massive assignment and (until this afternoon) also a test hanging over my head. The test I passed (uniform capital allowances anyone?). Of course I studied like mad for it, all last weekend and every night this week. This at the expense of any social life and spending any time with the man. Despite living with him I feel like I have barely seen him this week.

Luckily at the end of October it should start to die down (the assignment is due on the 30th), after that its just a couple more tests and then no more training fact no more grad days on Thursdays at all. As of mid-January in fact I will finish the grad program and start a 'real' job. It will be hard to get rid of the 'well if I don't like it, its only for 3 months'.

Next Wednesday is when I am deployed back into the call centre as peak period approaches. Please take note that the word 'deployment' was actually used when we were told. So, 'roger that' I guess.

This weekend I'm taking off...which I'm a little panicky about with the assignment due date looming. But I need it! Now why couldn't it be 30 degrees + on a saturday? Oh THAT's right, it's Melbourne.

- Jen

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