Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's that time...

Of the month!....which means I'm prone to tears unfortuantely. The good thing is (even if it did take me a few years to work out) is that there's a pattern, which is a good because it means I can warn others (and myself) of the impending drama that will unfold in the next few days. I told myself on sunday, well you know you are going to be irrational and upset soon, but you know WHY. Is this making any sense? I suppose it seems a bit funny to everyone else out there but it used to be complicated trying to tell myself..."there is no reason for me to be crying everything is wonderful and anything that isn't, really isn't as bad as it seems".

So I'm a bit fragile at the moment, and I'm really not feeling well with a sore throat and feeling just really worn out. I'll be right tho

In more exciting news from the world of Jen...

I just checked my email and I've been accepted into the next stage of the Tax Office graduate program (psychometric tests etc) but the bad news is they have changed the job locations and they are only in Brisbane and Canberra.. at least this is what I thought until I re-read the email and this was for graduate IT officer positions, not ALL positions! So I have a test on the 13th of september which is really exciting! So it pays to read properly as I was considering withdrawing my application!

I got an email yesterday from a logistics place in Melbourne about a job I applied for and they said to contact them in January to arrange and interview.

Well turtle-lips is here to go to steak night...mmm steak. I am much cheerier now and ready for some steakity steak!

Will probably post back later today or tomorrow,

stay tuned,


Monday, August 29, 2005

Say goodbye to hollywood

I am SO tired right now. It's 11:50pm and I'm supposed to be closing up shop in ten minutes, which won't happen because there is 10 people in here...on a freaking sunday night..
..make that 11.

Not that I have anything better to do besides sleeping! the man went home again today on the train, but I had an excellent weekend, working nights just makes it so much better because we get to spend all day together! I woke up before him this morning and was just watching him sleep, (flat on his back with his mouth open) and was just lying there thinking about how amazing it is that a year and a half ago I didn't have him in my life, and how much happier I am now.
Actually from what turtle-lips was saying tonight, how much happier we both are.

It's actually quite ironic I think. As the person at school who didn't wear makeup (still don't), didn't get dressed up (I do scrub alright when I do I guess), is quite happy in jeans and a t-shirt, and never tried to impress guys unless it was with with my own unique sense of humour and wit, I think I've done pretty damn well.
Really what is the point in trying to attract guys with looks and not being honest with who you really are? Sure I'd like to be the pretty girl who can wear clothes like you see in Cosmo...but then I'm uncomfortable, and a bit ill at ease....and not really me.

That's just my two cents anyway, I have someone who loves me for being me and I reckon thats pretty damn good.

Having said that there is some girls who LIKE getting dressed up everyday and stacking on the makeup and good luck to them, as long as you are doing it for yourself then thats fine!

It sounds like turtle-lips has had a pretty good weekend too, hopefully he will get off his arse at some stage and update his blog with his tales of debauchery and sin from his trip.

As I said before I'm very tired but I promised the guys I'd stay open until 12:30 because they are playing Battlefield 2...(listening in on conversation going past "there's a guy near the tank rambo..chuck a 'nade chuck a 'nade).

I DID have a bit of fun with some kids who thought they were pretty cool walking past The LAN Mine and yelling out "nerds" (don't worry we get this A LOT and it's definitely not original). They'd gone past a couple of times when we had a container of water prepared to throw on them when they next went past (they didn't), but their next trick was to go to the phone booth down the street and collect call us (THAT was original). So yours truly bolted out the front door in pursuit and started chasing them. They took off like fibro houses in a cyclone and only looked back to see me waving goodbye to them. I found it quite amusing actually, as did newbie. I still cannot for the life of me understand why ME of all people running at them would make them take off! I suppose I am a bit awkward (the man seems to be overcome with giggles when he sees me run) but still, it's not like I look like I could take them on or something. For one I'm a girl and not a very big one at that!

I drank about 3 litres of water today which is pretty good!! I also had two coffees though, hopefully I won't get stuck on them again. There is nothing like having a good coffee....you just have a sip and go "I LOVE coffee". As long as it's not a cup of jenlax that is...

Well again, not anything very exciting to talk about...I will try to find some drama to post later on in the week!


Saturday, August 27, 2005

For the longest time

Well I KNOW I said I wouldn't be seeing the man for awhile in my last post..but I ended up spending the entire week (well since Tuesday night) in Melbourne, doing my Industrial Relations assignment (more on this later) and seeing little of the man except when he comes home from work. I found out I didn't have to work saturday day shift at work and am working night shift so the man and I had lunch together, went shopping, played mini golf, had ice-cream and now I'm at work and he's at the movies with Angus...seeing I'm not sure what.
It's awesome working night shift, there's very little to do, and it means I get to hang out with the man during the day.
So I had an essay to write this week for Industrial Relations as I mentioned earlier. It LOOKED pretty easy, I had to do was compare and contrast collective bargaining in Japan and Sweden...all in only 1500 words! So I was pretty relaxed about it...except it turned out to be REALLY HARD! I went over the word limit by about 200 words, messed up on the whole layout and structure thing. The outline for the essay was really heavy on layout and stuff...but it's done now I suppose.
Not anything really interesting to write about tonight...hmmm

Promise to write tomorrow night!

Monday, August 22, 2005

And I guess that's why they call it the blues

Well today I was supposed to have jury duty. Now there is a story behind this...as all my avid readers know I have moved back in with my parents. For the past few weeks I have been asking my old housemates "do I have mail" and I was told no. Hey I thought it was strange there was no letter from Telstra berating me about the lack of bill payage occuring, but hey I'm not one to look a gift telecommunications giant in the mouth. So on Wednesday last week one of my ex-housemates decided to deliver the mail I did in fact have to The LAN Mine for me to peruse. And wouldn't you know it, I have a jury summons (letter sent on the TWENTY-FIRST of JULY) for Monday the 22nd. Which was okay, I mean it would have been worse if I'd got the jury summons AFTER the court date..it's something like a $2200 fine for not attending court too.
I got to court at 8:30am because I'd lost my jury summons presumably somewhere in the snow and I thought I might have to sort that out..at 9:20 (after 50 minutes of eye raising bogan browsing) we went into the jury assembly room. Once we were told the case would probably go for five days I began to question the whole thing. 9am - 4pm for 5 days, 2 assignments and a planned trip to Melbourne did not factor incredibly well into that equation. Luckily the Sherriff asked if anyone had any reason that they should be excused and I got an exemption for being a student...phew.
So all is well, I'm tired after turtle-lips, bestfriend and I went to the gym this afternoon, but my abs are still there, just waiting to be moulded into a better looking stomach. I'm pretty happy with how it is now actually (I'm sure 90% of the outcome of going to the gym is psychological) but any improvement is good.

The title of this post I'm not sure about, I'm not sad, I'm not happy so I suppose I'm a bit melancholy but the little bit in me that gives me butterflies when I think about the man is starting to wriggle about because I'm going to Melbourne to see him tomorrow after uni finishes...also I just downloaded the Elton John song of the same title.

Well thats about it, I won't probably post again until sunday...


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pinky and The Brain

Well where to begin? I will begin where all good stories start. At the beginning.
This week started out very slowly, the days packed with uni, reading for uni, writing for uni, and generally being a study freak. Until Thursday night. Thursday night I picked up the man from the train station, and took him to Beechworth to stay at a secluded romatic location for the night. It turned out to be the first time I have ever managed to surprise him in...1 year and almost 5 months. So that was good. Friday we drove over to Wangaratta to see the man's niece who was 3 days old at the time. Her name is Abi Rose and she is very cute. She was having a check up but she should be okay. After that we headed back to Albury and went to dinner at Baz 'n' Rels house which was really good. Except I'm a bit worried about one of our friends, Trent. He used to be this outgoing, excited guy..and now, he looks really sad and not very chirpy.
Anyway...Friday night we hit the hay early because Saturday was "Snow Day". We got up at 6:00am, shoveled in some breakfast (I carbo loaded up on Nutri Grain), and hit the road. We stopped at Mt Beauty for some ski hire and then drove up to Falls Creek. Now see the thing is people say I stress a lot. In preparation for this day at the snow I rang up the hire place a few days prior to our adventure and let them know the time we were coming and the amount of people, checked they had the bindings first timers (and myself) could use easily etc etc. A lot of people especially turtle-lips, I think thought this was unneccessary. Just like how I said 8 people, 8 snowboards and everyone's gear would not fit in two cars (did anyone listen?) ..luckily we COULD get magnetic roof racks (because I knew they existed). It bothers me that a lot of people seem to think days like Saturday just happen. I don't mean to be pedantic. But a little bit of organisation goes a long way. By booking the snow gear it meant we were given priority service, it meant we were guaranteed snowboards, and we ended up getting 10% off, plus it's just courtesy to the place to let them know that 8 people are going to come storming in at 7:30am. So it annoys me when people brush off little things like basic organisation. It just makes life so much easier if you spend 5 minutes doing something like that. I bit my tongue when I wanted to organise a meeting place after our snowboard lessons, and what happened? turtle-lips and I ended up waiting 1/2 an hour for the rest of our group to not turn up. I mean we met up again later but a simple "yep we will meet you back here at 12 after our lessons" would have sufficed. Of course again, I'm being silly and pedantic, but hey thats just me I guess.
So ANYWAY we got to Falls at about 9:00, had our lessons...eventually met up and then had a brilliant day. All those nay sayers telling me the weather would be bad (yes thats you Mr Bureau of Meterology) were wrong and the weather was fine. I didn't crack it too bad apart from the having to wait thing as I usually do when I get frustrated but the man did! I got told to F&$^$ off, when I was waiting for him after a stack he had, but took it in my stride and he apologised later.
We finished up at about 4:30, went down to the country club to say hey to best friend who was working. While we're on the topic of best friend I have to say, she has been fantastic lately. She seems to be getting along with the man and she was nothing short of brilliant in the snow as our "instructor" for the afternoon.
Today the man and I had an awesome sleep in (and we were VERY sore after boarding). I opened my eyes finally to find the man staring down at me. Fully expecting the "good morning beautiful", I got instead "you look like you have downs syndrome". nice. My face was so sunburnt that my eyes were all swollen and puffy. So mum and the man had a good old laugh at my expense. Luckily its gone down a lot now, but I'm still very pink, lending to the nickname "Pinky and The Brain" - the brain being the man.
Well he's back on the train, and I'm a bit sad. I have a lot of assignments coming up, so I won't see him for awhile...
I suppose I should go get some study done for tonight.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Walking on Sunshine!

I know I haven't written in 8 days, which is no good. I'm really going to have to clean up my act.
I'm at work at the moment, only for another 95 minutes, but I think I will stay till I have finished the study I have to get done for today. That's right ladies and germs I have been doing study. In fact I have a little more to do today and then I'm all up to date. Guess that motivation proclamation really worked!!

Well turtle-lips has decided to become a dirty copy cat, following his illustrious friend ..me..in the writing of a blog. You can view his vile excrement of literary matter here. The newest employee of The Lan Mine has also made a blog.. because its cool! you can view his blog here. And now..no more plugging other people's blogs..

I am most excited as I write this because today is Monday, followed by Tuesday, and as per usual Wednesday..BUT on THURSDAY (night) the man is arriving on the train and we will be able to spend all day Friday hanging out. Playing mini golf, going to the movies, braiding my beard, unbraiding my beard, eating tiramisu with a long spoon and generally being lords and ladies of leisure. It will be fantastic!

I'm also happy because my stomach is killing me. No I haven't been stabbed, nor I am I pregnant. I did so many sit ups yesterday (oh yes, exercise AND study in the one day) that my ab muscles are sore! yay!

Don't really have much else to write about, and I SHOULD get back to the study. If I think of something I will write another post later on.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead, soon we must make the choice between what is right, and what is easy"

The title of this post is a quote from Albus Dumbledore, much famed headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That's right, for all of you that don't know, I'm a Harry Potter fan. But you have to admit, the quote is a good one. Making the choice between what is right and what is easy. The reason I am thinking about this is because I have just finished my study for today (that's right, I've been a good girl) and have had to read a few chapters of my ethics textbook. What seemed really boring and painful is actual really interesting and thought provoking. I won't really go into it, for the sake of keeping the few readers I actually have, but I'm enjoying it more than I thought.
Last night..the man and associated friends went to the local mexican cuisine establishment (aka Taco Bill's). I have to say honestly, the food isn't THAT great. It's not anything I couldn't make with a little help from Old El Paso. But the company was worth it, (as were the $35.00 fishbowl margaritas). Seriously I had a top night. After dinner a few of us headed up to The Busted Arse Elbow (aka The Bended Elbow). It was Normie's* birthday on Friday night and I offered to buy him a drink. To which he replies "Sure!, you know I'd offer to buy you one but I know it wouldn't get me anywhere"...Pretty funny stuff.

The man and I walked up to Paddy's after the 'elbow to meet up with best friend. Frankly I was a bit apprehensive because best friend and the man have never been great together. Usually I end up feeling bad because I have upset one of them by favouring the other (I KNOW it's ridiculous). So I was pleasantly surprised to find best friend in a most amicable mood (even telling me she thought the man was cool).
Best friend's sister may be getting engaged soon and we were talking about how best friend needs to find herself a groom, and I said "yeah, me too". Here was the nicest part of the night when she turns around and looks at the man and says to me "I think you already have". awwwwww.

So that was nice. Later that night the man and I are trying to decide where to stay for the night. He told me he was not under any circumstances staying at my parents house (read awkward). Naturally, that was where we stayed.

Now it may not seem like a big deal, this "staying over" thing. But the thing is, it has never been discussed with the parents. Now that I am living under their roof (and with a boyfriend to boot) it is probably time to have this discussion. Now for me, having the man sleep in a separate room seems a trifle silly. After all when I lived out of home he didn't sleep in a different room, and when I stay with him, we sleep in the same room. However, I can respect that being under their roof, I am naturally obliged to abide by their rules....however prehistoric they may be ;-)
What ended up happening was, at 2:00am I wasn't about to ring them and ask them what the rules concerning this situation was. So I prayed they were the "cool parent" type that understands that I'm 21.
Maybe I will bring this up with one of them. Actually I probably should. As the man pointed out, "there's nothing like waking up to the sound of a shotgun being cocked"..and none of us want it to get to that stage....well the dad maybe :)

And that's about all I have to say about that,


*I've decided for the most part to stop using nicknames because it's too confusing..names already in operation will stay e.g. the man and turtle-lips

Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Motivation Proclamation

So no writing for a week!! Where did it go?
I'm really struggling at the moment. I'm getting behind in my uni work which is no good. I'm not sure if it is because I'm doing so many distance subjects or whether it is because I'm still not over last semester, having done 5 subjects instead of 4. Either way I'm heading in to week 3 of the semester and not very motivated at all.

I have decided this is very stupid of me. I mean really it makes me feel guilty, I won't do as well as I could if I was studying hard and well basically it's just silly.

So from here on in, as witnessed by ALL you jentopia readers out there, I make to you a promise.
I sincerely promise that I will do my very best to stay up to date with all my work. As stewie from Family Guy says "From this day forward, Stewart Gilligan Griffin, will be a good boy".

Signed . Bernard L Black...oops. Sorry