Saturday, August 27, 2005

For the longest time

Well I KNOW I said I wouldn't be seeing the man for awhile in my last post..but I ended up spending the entire week (well since Tuesday night) in Melbourne, doing my Industrial Relations assignment (more on this later) and seeing little of the man except when he comes home from work. I found out I didn't have to work saturday day shift at work and am working night shift so the man and I had lunch together, went shopping, played mini golf, had ice-cream and now I'm at work and he's at the movies with Angus...seeing I'm not sure what.
It's awesome working night shift, there's very little to do, and it means I get to hang out with the man during the day.
So I had an essay to write this week for Industrial Relations as I mentioned earlier. It LOOKED pretty easy, I had to do was compare and contrast collective bargaining in Japan and Sweden...all in only 1500 words! So I was pretty relaxed about it...except it turned out to be REALLY HARD! I went over the word limit by about 200 words, messed up on the whole layout and structure thing. The outline for the essay was really heavy on layout and stuff...but it's done now I suppose.
Not anything really interesting to write about tonight...hmmm

Promise to write tomorrow night!

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jase said...

You missed a great steak, whilst you were booty callin up to melbourne... ;)