Monday, August 29, 2005

Say goodbye to hollywood

I am SO tired right now. It's 11:50pm and I'm supposed to be closing up shop in ten minutes, which won't happen because there is 10 people in here...on a freaking sunday night..
..make that 11.

Not that I have anything better to do besides sleeping! the man went home again today on the train, but I had an excellent weekend, working nights just makes it so much better because we get to spend all day together! I woke up before him this morning and was just watching him sleep, (flat on his back with his mouth open) and was just lying there thinking about how amazing it is that a year and a half ago I didn't have him in my life, and how much happier I am now.
Actually from what turtle-lips was saying tonight, how much happier we both are.

It's actually quite ironic I think. As the person at school who didn't wear makeup (still don't), didn't get dressed up (I do scrub alright when I do I guess), is quite happy in jeans and a t-shirt, and never tried to impress guys unless it was with with my own unique sense of humour and wit, I think I've done pretty damn well.
Really what is the point in trying to attract guys with looks and not being honest with who you really are? Sure I'd like to be the pretty girl who can wear clothes like you see in Cosmo...but then I'm uncomfortable, and a bit ill at ease....and not really me.

That's just my two cents anyway, I have someone who loves me for being me and I reckon thats pretty damn good.

Having said that there is some girls who LIKE getting dressed up everyday and stacking on the makeup and good luck to them, as long as you are doing it for yourself then thats fine!

It sounds like turtle-lips has had a pretty good weekend too, hopefully he will get off his arse at some stage and update his blog with his tales of debauchery and sin from his trip.

As I said before I'm very tired but I promised the guys I'd stay open until 12:30 because they are playing Battlefield 2...(listening in on conversation going past "there's a guy near the tank rambo..chuck a 'nade chuck a 'nade).

I DID have a bit of fun with some kids who thought they were pretty cool walking past The LAN Mine and yelling out "nerds" (don't worry we get this A LOT and it's definitely not original). They'd gone past a couple of times when we had a container of water prepared to throw on them when they next went past (they didn't), but their next trick was to go to the phone booth down the street and collect call us (THAT was original). So yours truly bolted out the front door in pursuit and started chasing them. They took off like fibro houses in a cyclone and only looked back to see me waving goodbye to them. I found it quite amusing actually, as did newbie. I still cannot for the life of me understand why ME of all people running at them would make them take off! I suppose I am a bit awkward (the man seems to be overcome with giggles when he sees me run) but still, it's not like I look like I could take them on or something. For one I'm a girl and not a very big one at that!

I drank about 3 litres of water today which is pretty good!! I also had two coffees though, hopefully I won't get stuck on them again. There is nothing like having a good just have a sip and go "I LOVE coffee". As long as it's not a cup of jenlax that is...

Well again, not anything very exciting to talk about...I will try to find some drama to post later on in the week!


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Anonymous said...

girls as hot as you dont need makeup, im afraid!