Monday, August 22, 2005

And I guess that's why they call it the blues

Well today I was supposed to have jury duty. Now there is a story behind all my avid readers know I have moved back in with my parents. For the past few weeks I have been asking my old housemates "do I have mail" and I was told no. Hey I thought it was strange there was no letter from Telstra berating me about the lack of bill payage occuring, but hey I'm not one to look a gift telecommunications giant in the mouth. So on Wednesday last week one of my ex-housemates decided to deliver the mail I did in fact have to The LAN Mine for me to peruse. And wouldn't you know it, I have a jury summons (letter sent on the TWENTY-FIRST of JULY) for Monday the 22nd. Which was okay, I mean it would have been worse if I'd got the jury summons AFTER the court's something like a $2200 fine for not attending court too.
I got to court at 8:30am because I'd lost my jury summons presumably somewhere in the snow and I thought I might have to sort that 9:20 (after 50 minutes of eye raising bogan browsing) we went into the jury assembly room. Once we were told the case would probably go for five days I began to question the whole thing. 9am - 4pm for 5 days, 2 assignments and a planned trip to Melbourne did not factor incredibly well into that equation. Luckily the Sherriff asked if anyone had any reason that they should be excused and I got an exemption for being a student...phew.
So all is well, I'm tired after turtle-lips, bestfriend and I went to the gym this afternoon, but my abs are still there, just waiting to be moulded into a better looking stomach. I'm pretty happy with how it is now actually (I'm sure 90% of the outcome of going to the gym is psychological) but any improvement is good.

The title of this post I'm not sure about, I'm not sad, I'm not happy so I suppose I'm a bit melancholy but the little bit in me that gives me butterflies when I think about the man is starting to wriggle about because I'm going to Melbourne to see him tomorrow after uni finishes...also I just downloaded the Elton John song of the same title.

Well thats about it, I won't probably post again until sunday...



jase said...

Well thanks to you, theres probably another murderer on the streets ;)

Meegs said...

LOL jen u r fully sik MATE!!!!!!!
luv ya vlogspot it is cool as well u need to check out mine wen it is done and HA HA HA i called you old lol sorry for that but you have to rite sumfin in your blogspot 4 me cas i got one in mine bout u!!
<(+_+)> rok on me!!<(+_+)>
Luv Meagan
P.S:: hope u and me r gunna b sista in laws soon!!! LOL