Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm in your ..

Funny Cats
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I love those, I'm in your ...funny cat pictures. There has to be spelling mistakes ...apparently cats aren't good at spelling.

But this one actually makes me burst out laughing.

He he he.


Thats how my job interview went today. At least thats the noise I've decided describes it. Stick your tongue out and screw up your nose as you say it for maximum effect.

- Jen

Monday, May 28, 2007

Best cd ever!

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As part of the man and I's last contribution to JB Hi Fi I mentioned we acquired an absurd number of dvd's...but I forgot about this!!

The best cd ever!! I've always liked cold chisel, I guess after having to listen to Celine Dion everyday on the way to school they were a nice change.

But, this is Cold Chisel covered by all kinds of great artists/bands like Pete Murray, Thirsty Merc, Paul Kelly etc. In fact, the 'Forever Now' cover, which has always been my favourite Chisel song is really really good. Really really good. Listened to it three times on the train this a row.

That good!

- Jen

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hello kettle? This is Monica, you're black.

So we intensely dislike Big Brother. And JB had the rest of Friends on sale. So..we bought it. Now we have all ten seasons. We're up to season three!

I also picked up season 1 of Grey's anatomy for myself...I'd heard it was a pretty good show. BUT. Being a big fan of scrubs I noticed one patient in Grey's was also the old lady in Scrubs who J.D had to let die in that episode where 'one in three patients who comes into the hospital dies'.

She didn't die in Grey's though. Still...did they just think no-one would notice?

- Jen

And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night

Oh it is ON now. Since Thumper (now moved out) and now High Heels Harry upstairs have moved in everyone's given us advice about banging on the roof with a broom.

Yeah, see that only works if you're renting and don't care about broom handle marks in your roof.

Until......we went and bought boxing gloves and mitts! Um, not for this purpose! - for me at the gym.

But I have to say, this afternoon when they were clanking around upstairs doing the high heel stamping boogie. being able to climb up on the kitchen bench and thump hard on the ceiling with the boxing gloves was quite satisfying.

Didn't actually stop them but it made me feel better. Plus I have weak little girl punches so they probably there must be an angry little mouse living in the floor.

- Angry mouse, signing out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A bad day

Yesterday was so awful I couldn't even blog about it. The night before had not ended well with noisy neighbours daring to walk around upstairs (more on that later), so I'd slept badly. Then when I was rushing around getting ready for work, one of the cats puked all over the floor. Work was extremely hectic, I started at 7am, didn't eat lunch until 2pm because I was so busy. I left thinking 'I bet this is how Ren feels everyday! Left at 6:30pm and the guard said 'hope you've got an umbrella - it's pouring out there'. No, I do NOT HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!

Then all the trains were delayed for some reason and I was left standing on the platform in the cold for TWELVE LONG LONG AWFUL minutes. Twelve doesn't sound long but it was c-o-l-d.

When I get home upstairs is having a raging good time 'walking' around and I finally cracked and went up there to talk to them. Its hard to articulate just how annoying it is continually hearing the sound of high heels on a tiled floor is above your head. But I got there eventually.

After dinner I was very tired and just wanted to go to bed. But high heels upstairs had either not passed on the message to the rest of the apartment or had written me off as some kind of high heel hating lunatic (more probable).
The noise and thudding of people running around upstairs continued until 1:30am when I turned into the incredible hulk (well the incredible lean mass) and changed out of my bunny pj's (thanks easter bunny) and into trackies, cleaned my teeth - I'm a hygenic and caring angry lean mass, and stormed upstairs. Even from the lift I could hear the racket they were making and could hear them shouting about how drunk they were.

Yay-for-you -I-would-like-to-be-drinking-and-having-fun-too-except-I-have-to-get-up-for work-in-FOUR-HOURS.

I knocked on the door...five times and it was finally dragged open by a confused girl who looked as if she was thinking 'wow man deja vu'. I tried again to mention that them running makes it sound like they're going to topple through the ceiling and she did apologise but again looked at me like I was crazy. Of course by now I had bed hair and was pale with blood shot I looked anyone else who is sleep deprived.

I finally got back into bed only to discover...they hadn't listened at all. In fact, I think they might have put the high heels back on.

So this morning, after feeling like my eyes were going to fall out of my head from three nights of HELL I rang the real estate I suspected they were leasing from. And they're going to send them a letter. I didn't ask how exactly they were going to word 'walk softly and stop wearing heavily soled shoes on your kitchen floor' in a letter but good luck to them. Actually the agent was really cool and said to call back in a week if we're having the same problem. After I hung up I realised in shock that I've turned into my Nan. It won't be long now before I'm ringing up to complain about that ad where the guys nipples grow long and start spinning frisbee's.

I hate that ad, where are my slippers?

- Jen

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Grunter the hero!

Today I was at the gym, working away, sculpting my guns when a guy walked right in front of me and made a big show about taking off his jumper and dropping it at my feet (I was stretching). I immediately thought, what a..loser. Loser wasn't what I actually thought but in the interest of keeping this blog family friendly - loser it is. He then proceeded to pick up some weights...and grunt. 'Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh' with each rep. I (and a few other people in the gym) turned around to smirk at him (they were also probably thinking - what a 'loser'). After he'd finished his massive set on his massive weights and he was feeling a 'deep burn' he dropped the weights. Just dropped them!! smash! Onto the ground. It was like a small earthquake! Repeat for the rest of his exercises! Oh and then when he wanted to use the bench, instead of lifting it up and pulling it into a lowered position, he just kicked out the lever. Again, with a huge crash!

What a HERO!!!

I've heard about gyms in the U.S that have banned 'grunting' and until today I thought that was funny. But its really annoying!!! And in this guy's case - clearly unnecessary!!

On another note..I got six in the footy tipping this week!! Although I'm sure that means everyone else got eight.

- Jen

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I got this feelin' that I've been here before

So the habit of using song titles/lyrics in my posts has finally caught up to me. Jase reckons I've used the previous posts title before. I couldn't find it but I have an inkling he might be right.

Bound to happen sooner or later. I think about blogging a lot and lately more often than not don't end up blogging. So when I do I think...I'm sure I've already written this.

Anyway we got a new car on the weekend its black and shiny...okay well black and dusty but for those first hundred metres when we drove away from the dealership it was black and shiny.

No we're not regretting getting a black car. Black cars run equally as well as white cars when they have their radiator caps on. In the city a brand new black car is shiny and sleek. In the country a black car is a dust magnet. But we live in the city so hopefully our experience with dirt roads is few and far between. I'd only worry about that if Connex took over Vic Roads.


Sorry, we've been watching way too much of 'that 70's show' on dvd. Just finished season 5 and now every insult is a BURN!

Anyway the car is an 06 ford focus with some kind of sports pack thing so its got nice alloy wheels and cruise control (which was handy when we drove back from Albury).

Speaking of driving back from Albury, we got overtaken by some mad looking lady in a beat up old red ford falcon and I commented that 'I bet she spends a fortune on speeding tickets' and then sure enough 30 minutes later we flashed past her pulled over by mr highway patrolman getting a nice ticket. He he he BURN!!!

- Jen

Sunday, May 13, 2007

When the whole world fits inside of your arms...

Tomorrow the man and I will have been together three years. We've almost been living together properly for a year - and now we're engaged. I can remember meeting him at Crown Casino which is just so tacky and be fair I wasn't living in Melbourne then. Then the day after he came and met up with us, at highpoint no less (so the tackiness continued). Later that afternoon back in the city for some reason he pulled me out of the car (we were passengers don't worry!) and we danced in the middle of an intersection. I must have thought he was alright because I slipped my phone number into his back pocket when we left to drive back to Albury but he ended up writing his number on it and giving it back to me. I still have it!

A couple of weeks later after some emails and I think a couple of awkward phone calls he came down to visit... Trent (his mate). We went out with a big group of our friends (to the Termo - R.I.P ) I think it was a bit awkward but I can distinctly remember going home (to woodstock crt!) and doing a little jig around my room thinking - I really like this guy! The next day we met up again and then he 'accidentally' missed his train home so he had to stay another night. He was staying at Trent's - who was at the time going out with my friend Liz, they had disappeared leaving us to watch Pirates of the Carribbean - and have our first kiss (awww).

And here we are.

I love you the man +1 for everytime you say it.

I really wanted to use 'Happy Birthday Helen's' - 'These three years now just gone' as the title of this post but its got the point where I can't remember what songs I've used for what and sure enough when I googled I'd already used that. Disappointing! In fact I've probably told the story of us meeting etc before too. But its my blog and I'm allowed-ter!

Lots of updates to jentopia on the way!

- Jen

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tiger in my tank

It's been awhile. I've been posting I guess, but nothing substantial. I guess nothing much has been happening that is very blog-worthy. I often think about posting of a morning while I have my face in some random guy's armpit thanks to connex and what they call 'public transport'. But if you live in Melbourne, that's not unexpected. The other day my city loop train decided not to go to the city loop but helpfully dropped me off at southern cross station. Good thanks, because I only wanted to go to parliament station and thats oh what, the OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY.

But I walked. It's so easy to walk when you're furious.

Hey! There WAS a post in that.

Slowly getting a hang of where things are in the city, but I still get mixed up. I managed to walk in a circle around the block the other night. That was only after two beers as well. I just cannot grasp that Collins St and Flinders St run....parallel...see I'm not even sure..yeah they do. It's just THOSE two streets. Oh and the fact that I think Collins St and Lonsdale St are next to each other. I had to run to the physio the other day..on my knee! because I forgot about little bourke, bourke and little collins.

Also found the coolest job in the world which I will be applying for and dedicating much of my time in the next couple of weeks to. That's right after I finish thank you note number six squillion and two. Not that I'm not thankful but the man's 'your handwriting is better than mine' compliment is starting to sound suspiciously like....wait a minute! Nah he did most of the invites so he is more than excused.

Well forums and more blogs to be read...and those thankyou notes are glaring at me again...

- Jen

Like a harpoon - in my knee.

This will take some explaining but I think you will agree
there is no use pretending that there's no pain in my knee
and I love to, but do you think I can see
a future for me, its the end for me running

it is over and the physio didn't help me
like a harpoon, like a harpoon, like a harpoon in my knee

I can handle the twinges
its the intense pain I can't stand
and I dont mind just jogging
just dont try and sprint on land.

and I love to, but do you think I can see
a future for me, its the end for me running

it is over and the physio didn't help me
like a harpoon, like a harpoon, like a harpoon in my knee

when I run, goddamn it
want to bad
now I can't,
but why can't I run right back
run right back (x5 heh heh)

why does it hurt?
simple running shouldn't this bad
why all the pain?
it is happening again

and I love to, but do you think I can see
a future for me, its the end for me running
it is over and the physio didn't help me
like a harpoon, like a harpoon, like a harpoon in my knee

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Some sheepish scammers

I'm sure most of you have heard (herd..) about the Japanese poodle scam.

Shell forwarded me this news story and it is pretty funny. Probably not if you've bought a poo-heap*.

The scam was uncovered when Japanese moviestar Maiko Kawamaki went on a talk-show and wondered why her new pet would not bark or eat dog food.
She was crestfallen when told it was a sheep.

One couple said they became suspicious when they took their "dog" to have its claws trimmed and were told it had hooves.


The worst part is the couple above only became 'suspicious' when they were told it had hooves. As if maybe Poodles do have hooves and they just weren't aware of it.

- Jen

*My idea.