Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tiger in my tank

It's been awhile. I've been posting I guess, but nothing substantial. I guess nothing much has been happening that is very blog-worthy. I often think about posting of a morning while I have my face in some random guy's armpit thanks to connex and what they call 'public transport'. But if you live in Melbourne, that's not unexpected. The other day my city loop train decided not to go to the city loop but helpfully dropped me off at southern cross station. Good thanks, because I only wanted to go to parliament station and thats oh what, the OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY.

But I walked. It's so easy to walk when you're furious.

Hey! There WAS a post in that.

Slowly getting a hang of where things are in the city, but I still get mixed up. I managed to walk in a circle around the block the other night. That was only after two beers as well. I just cannot grasp that Collins St and Flinders St run....parallel...see I'm not even sure..yeah they do. It's just THOSE two streets. Oh and the fact that I think Collins St and Lonsdale St are next to each other. I had to run to the physio the other day..on my knee! because I forgot about little bourke, bourke and little collins.

Also found the coolest job in the world which I will be applying for and dedicating much of my time in the next couple of weeks to. That's right after I finish thank you note number six squillion and two. Not that I'm not thankful but the man's 'your handwriting is better than mine' compliment is starting to sound suspiciously like....wait a minute! Nah he did most of the invites so he is more than excused.

Well forums and more blogs to be read...and those thankyou notes are glaring at me again...

- Jen


jase said...

Nothing to blog about my ass! Car? photo's from engagement? Wedding plans? uhhh... cats?

Ren said...

Heh, the city used to be confusing, but I've been bumbling my way about the place for YEARS. (Still manage to get lost occasionally but I can generally find my way out of most jams.) Just use Elizabeth Street as your centre artery. It's right in the middle and at one end is Flinders station. :)

Raelene said...

The good part of remembering the streets going parallel from Spencer is the 'names': Spencer, King, William, Queen, Elizabeth. Then I have to stop and actually think (Swanston, Russell, Exhibition, Spring). Going in the opposite directions isn't as easy though; Flinders, Collins, Bourke, then it's either LaTrobe Lonsdale or the other way round... Bah!