Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I got this feelin' that I've been here before

So the habit of using song titles/lyrics in my posts has finally caught up to me. Jase reckons I've used the previous posts title before. I couldn't find it but I have an inkling he might be right.

Bound to happen sooner or later. I think about blogging a lot and lately more often than not don't end up blogging. So when I do I think...I'm sure I've already written this.

Anyway we got a new car on the weekend its black and shiny...okay well black and dusty but for those first hundred metres when we drove away from the dealership it was black and shiny.

No we're not regretting getting a black car. Black cars run equally as well as white cars when they have their radiator caps on. In the city a brand new black car is shiny and sleek. In the country a black car is a dust magnet. But we live in the city so hopefully our experience with dirt roads is few and far between. I'd only worry about that if Connex took over Vic Roads.


Sorry, we've been watching way too much of 'that 70's show' on dvd. Just finished season 5 and now every insult is a BURN!

Anyway the car is an 06 ford focus with some kind of sports pack thing so its got nice alloy wheels and cruise control (which was handy when we drove back from Albury).

Speaking of driving back from Albury, we got overtaken by some mad looking lady in a beat up old red ford falcon and I commented that 'I bet she spends a fortune on speeding tickets' and then sure enough 30 minutes later we flashed past her pulled over by mr highway patrolman getting a nice ticket. He he he BURN!!!

- Jen

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