Sunday, May 20, 2007

Grunter the hero!

Today I was at the gym, working away, sculpting my guns when a guy walked right in front of me and made a big show about taking off his jumper and dropping it at my feet (I was stretching). I immediately thought, what a..loser. Loser wasn't what I actually thought but in the interest of keeping this blog family friendly - loser it is. He then proceeded to pick up some weights...and grunt. 'Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh' with each rep. I (and a few other people in the gym) turned around to smirk at him (they were also probably thinking - what a 'loser'). After he'd finished his massive set on his massive weights and he was feeling a 'deep burn' he dropped the weights. Just dropped them!! smash! Onto the ground. It was like a small earthquake! Repeat for the rest of his exercises! Oh and then when he wanted to use the bench, instead of lifting it up and pulling it into a lowered position, he just kicked out the lever. Again, with a huge crash!

What a HERO!!!

I've heard about gyms in the U.S that have banned 'grunting' and until today I thought that was funny. But its really annoying!!! And in this guy's case - clearly unnecessary!!

On another note..I got six in the footy tipping this week!! Although I'm sure that means everyone else got eight.

- Jen

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