Thursday, September 29, 2005


Been listening to "hide and seek" by imogen heap. It's from the last episode of season 2 of the oc. It's a very good song. Besides Adam Brody and Mischa Barton the thing I love about the oc is the music. I was watching the special features on my dvd of S1 and the musical director was saying how her job is to look at the scenes and try and find a song (preferably new music) that fits it. I reckon they do a brilliant job, "hide and seek" is from the scene where the cars are coming around the coast after Caleb's funeral, and at the end where Marissa has shot Trey. I've discovered a lot of songs from bands I'd never heard of from the oc, it's great no more mainstream music for me, until they become mainstream like The Killers.

Well I'm pretty stressed out at the moment, I have an assignment which is absolutely killing me. It seems like everywhere contradicts itself. I have a job interview next friday which I suppose I should go and organise. Just thought I'd check in.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You really do learn something new everyday

For instance, this morning I learnt that despite however good idea it may have seemed at the time, you can't use elastic bands as a capo on a guitar (I was trying to learn 'Babylon' by David Gray).
Just yesterday I learnt that telling a doctor you have blood in your poo is never a good idea. Now there is an extensive list of things I can't eat and have to poo in a cup for three days (luckily cereal is not on this list).

So not much has been going on, unless you count the pooping in the cup (which starts in 2 days time). I'm hoping the blood was from the Kangaroo I had for dinner on Thursday night (I'm not kidding) but the doctor wants to check its not coming from somewhere else.

best friend was very helpful when she told me I should "stop taking it up the arse". As turtle-lips and anyone who participated in the riveting conversation on that very topic that took place at The LAN Mine not so long ago knows, I don't play that way. In fact I firmly believe that this is perhaps one of the few exceptions to the "You don't know until you have tried it rule". I'd eat snails, worms, a bucket of parmesan cheese and run over hot coals naked before I would do that*

I think today I may be having lunch (although WHAT I am going to eat will be a mystery) with bestfriend and other jen, then I am working for a couple of hours, then it's steak night or perhaps beer and chips night for me....
Hopefully I can sneak some study in there somewhere ...eek actually scrap steak night I want to get some more preparation for my job interview tomorrow in.

Well thats about it,


*naked running over hot coals may not be entirely accurate

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Grumpy old Jen

So I am in a filthy mood. Every so often I get like this, and there isn't really any way that I snap out of it easily either. The best thing is for me to be left totally alone.

My mood is getting worse and worse....because I'm at work.
Actually it's a combination of things,

- the man and I have been together (as in not having to talk on the phone) for about 2 weeks now, pretty much living together. It's been great, but now he's gone for a boys weekend in Berrigan, then tomorrow he is catching the train back to Melbourne...and I won't see him for awhile..

- I have assignments to do and I'm completely fed up!

- I am still a bit sick (brown pee anyone?)

- 7 kids who have no idea how to play computer games came in for 2 hours, and drove me absolutely insane. Why parents have a birthday party in a freaking computer cafe when none of the kids know how to play is beyond me. Sure its fine if its just one or two kids who need help but when there are kids younger than 10 who all need to be shown how to do absolutely freaking everything, I tend to get a bit short and snappish (despite my best attempts to remain calm).

- I have no food. the man was supposed to be getting me some cereal from the supermarket for me but he's skipped off for his boys weekend....I ate my lunch at 11:30 (a leftover homemade mini pizza) and my stomach is crying out for some cereal.

- Only 1 week of holidays left to do heaps of work that I know other people at uni will be ahead of me in and I'm so far behind.

All this adds up to a pretty filthy cranky Jen.

Well that's all my whinging done...better get back to ..something.



Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm a hard act to swallow

So, I've been pretty sick. Only for a short time and I'm well on the way to recovery now but I woke up Friday with a sore throat, by the time I got to the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Friday arvo (to pick the man up!) I was feeling very sick indeed. I thought I would climb the 8 floors of stairs to get to where the man works (for exercise purposes) got to the 2nd and was very wobbly and dizzy. I thought well hey now Jen, you're sick, better take the lift. So I jumped into the first lift I laid eyes on...and it was one going I went down 2 floors...and then up 8 floors. At least I fitted in (looking sick).

After I met the man I protested that I was fine (damn fine some would say) and we headed over to the exhibition centre to look at motorbikes...and there were LOTS of motorbikes. I tried to maintain an interest really I did. But I am after all a girl. I mentioned I liked the.."blue ones" and then after an hour or so we jumped on a tram back to the man's house. Me looking sweaty and as if I'd swallowed a couple of golf balls (by this stage I was in quite a bit of pain, it REALLY hurt to swallow).

When we got back to the man's he decided we should prolong our departure back to Albury until I felt better (around this time I was thinking I'd feel better in a hearse but anyway) so I settled down in front of the heater in a bean bag and was fed water and gourmet chocolates and then I was sat in a bath until I felt fractionally better.

Some Nando's got me feeling a bit perkier and the man settled in for a long drive back to Albury (I drove maybe the last hour and slept the rest of the way). The man's mates were having a night out (including turtle-lips) and he was keen for me to come out with them (even if I did look like death), I however resisted any attempt to move and dropped him off and went home, took some cold and flu tablets, shivered in winter pj's, under a doona in bed in a 30 degree house and decided that no, I am definitely not a hypochondriac and that I was, most probably, dying.

Spared by death, I was however not spared a slurred phone call at FIVE AM from the man who was dropped off by his friends and whose breath smelled remarkably unlike beer...of course not he'd been doing lots of shots ("I don't fink I shoulduv done so many shhotss") and drinking smirnoff was at this time I looked back on my "big cup night" and was thankful that however close to death I may have imagined myself to be, it wasn't alcohol related.

I'd passed off my shift at work to James who was more than happy to do it, which was great (thanks James) and slept most of the morning along side smirnoff breath (aka the man). We got up around 12:30 and headed into town and met up with a few of "the boys" for some "breakfast" (I had a few bites of nachos). I was starting to feel quite lightheaded again and the man and I ended up driving over to Wodonga to find him some snowboard boots. Here's the thing..this BUG that I had. It messes with your head. I slowed down and nearly came to a complete stop at a green light (and got a very strange look from the man)
We found his boots, and headed back to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (we actually saw it this time) in Gold Class and it was great. I really enjoyed it, it seemed truer to the book which was good..unless you are a Roald Dahl fan you won't pick it though.

We stopped off (for some insane reason) at a party (at my old place) on the way back. I was plied with beer which the mere sight of made me feel sick. I don't care what they say that is one horse I am NOT getting back on in a hurry.
The man had a beer though and was nearly finished it when my shivering, swaying and generally state of..un..well..ness had people at the party advising the man to "er I think you should take Jen home dude"..and not in a good way (if there even IS a good way).

Once I got home the shivering continued until I fell asleep..and woke up at 6:30am to take the man to turtle-lips' house as they were off snowboarding for the day. I went home...dosed up one some more night time tablets and slept ALL DAY. I worked for a grand total of an hour and a half, before being whisked off for a pub meal, then exchanged clean sheets for chicken schnitzel puke stained ones with best friend and headed back to Melbourne (I drove felt pretty perky).

So today, I'm feeling much better. Throat is still a bit sore, but I can dig it. At least (for now) I'm not dying..which is always good.

Taking today very easy, then might finally try some study tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Seedier than a bird aviary.

So Monday night was the event turtle-lips and I have been hanging out for "big cup night" up at Falls Creek. After scouring Albury for a "big cup" (we found a nice 2L model, no spout, no measurements, and with a handle).
We headed up Monday afternoon and while we waited for best friend to finish work we had a beer at the Bogong Hotel, then headed into Mt Beauty.
After turning down a warm beer at best friends house and drinking lots of water to eliminate a headbuster of a headache that was building, we grabbed some dinner then headed up the mountain.
We took a [sarcasm] leisurely stroll [/sarcasm] through the snow to reach "The Man" (no not the man unfortuantely) where we proceeded to the bar only to have them tell us that they wouldn't fill up our big cups because they were "plastic". Much grumbling from me ensued with turtle-lips dumping half his cup into mine leaving me with the impression that he has never poured a beer in his life!
I was especially annoyed that they would fill up other people's thermoses (plural?) and not our cups. Apparently they also discriminate between different types of plastic.
After discovering the [sarcasm] wonders of a "jager bomb" [/sarcasm] I ended up being very very VERY intoxicated. A little help from turtle-lips was needed for forward motion in the legs (aka walking) and we headed home..

I awoke the next morning to a somewhat embarrassing question from best friend. "Does your mouth taste like spew". I mean my mouth always feels nasty after a night out so I didn't question it. Until I saw what look somewhat like a chicken schnitzel roll...and smelt a little bit like jagermeister.
Oh dear.

Anyway I'm in melbourne and we are off to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory...gotta run


How to throw up on your friends (get away with it) and influence peple

This is the official Jen "how to " guide part one: "How to throw up on your friends (get away with it) and influence people.

1. Do not answer yes to any question the same or similar to: "Does it taste like spew in your mouth?"
2. Do not admit to fact that you had a dream about throwing up (previous no-puking while drinking records will be deemed invalid)
3. Do not attempt to blame said "puke" on only other friend sleeping next to you...when they know they haven't done it.
4. NEVER EVER drink jagermeister (sp?) and red bull...separately OR together!

Unfortuantely for me, I failed all 4 of the above steps....and so have resigned myself to being known as "Jen - the girl who threw up on her best friend". Yes you read that correctly, I threw up on best friend as if this relationship needed anymore "help"

All should be well, have washed doona cover, sheets and will get the doona dry cleaned.
There is one thing I am glad of...that I have already turned 21 and will not have to endure best friend making a speech involving the time I threw up on her and for that I can be truly grateful.


Saturday, September 10, 2005

50 Things about me!

1. My name is Jennifer Kathleen Unsworth
2. All my names have 8 letters (which I like because it is nice and neat)
3. I was born in Wagga Wagga, NSW
4. I now live in Albury, NSW
5. I'm planning to move to Melbourne, VIC in December/January
6. To live with my boyfriend, the man
7. We are currently in a long distance relationship
8. Which sucks
9. I am also in my last semester of a four year university degree (BBus/BIT (International
Business Management))
10. I don't play any sport
11. I'd like to play a sport (suggestions anyone)
12. I like mexican food..a lot!
13. Scrap that...I just like food a lot!
14. Except parmesan cheese...that makes me very very nauseous.
15. I don't have any real hobbies as such, although I am trying to learn the guitar
16. I am going to Thailand in a couple of months for two weeks
17. I still have to go and get the shots for the trip
18. I should probably do that soon
19. I like drinking with friends, even though I don't do it very often anymore
20. Last year (2004) was the first new years I have enjoyed
21. I currently live with my parents
22. No, I am not a loser I just moved back home to save some $$ (you judgey judge judger)
23. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs (which I like because it is nice and neat)
24. The dogs names are Tammy (black lab) and Pip (Golden lab), the cats are Tibbert (tabby)
and Maggie (I don't know WHAT she is...crazy and chubby)
25. I'd like to own a cat OR a dog at some stage (but I'd be too sad if I had to get them put
down or if they got skittled
26. I'd like to have kids someday too..but the chances of me having to have them put down are
slightly smaller
27. I absolutely love music..almost any kind except for death metal and dancey dance music
28. I work at and internet cafe/LAN gaming shop in town, the work is pretty easy and most of
the time I enjoy it
29. I used to be a purveyor of video games at Electronics Boutique
30. I used to be a purveyor of grocery items (I HATED IT)
31. I'm running out of ideas fast
32. My favourite song is...I'm not sure anymore. It used to be everlong by the Foo Fighters
33. My favourite album is still "The Colour and The Shape" - by the Foo Fighters
34. I don't smoke or particpate in any drug taking etc
35. My parents are still together (well it's not so common these days)
36. I hate it when people don't listen
37. I extremely dislike bossy people
38. I am (or according to the myer briggs type indicator test) an introvert, of type ISTJ
39. I think my mum is ISTJ as well, and my dad is ESTJ!
40. I am a lot happier than what I used to be
41. I attribute part of this happiness to the man and part to having a lot more friends. It's hard
not to be happy when people care about you.
42. I'm going to try to get to 50
43. I like vegemite on fresh bread rolls
44. Like most kind of seafood
45. I am never eating okonomiyaki (japanese style pizza) again!
46. My head hurts
47. I really like my blog
48. It means I whinge to less real people
49. Which I'm sure they appreciate
50. Thankyou for reading!

Friday, September 09, 2005

But then he's like a greyhound...toned

So just chatting to some guys at the lan mine, one guy was discussing his fiancee and how "as soon as we got engaged...she cut her hair!" Apparently though it's when people keep up their appearance in a relationship that its worrying because it means they're not comfortable. Well if you think I'm going to stop doing my situps (well I have to start doing them again now I'm on holidays, because I've started to go back to Miss Squishy Stomach again) well you can just forget that! Hey just because I'm comfortable, doesn't mean I don't want to look good!

I realised that I pretty much completely screwed up my ethics essay, I mean the essay was okay but I don't think I really got the point of what I was supposed to be doing. I wrote about the government being like big brother to protect the community but I didn't really argue enough which is what was the whole point. I think I will be very lucky to pass actually...which isn't very good. I will have to check out what the next essay is and make sure I do a really good job on that.

Not much else to report, scouring the net for some good stuff to read, having a few days off and I'm bored already!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bigger than my body

So I have found a new song to learn on the guitar.
Bigger than my body by John Mayer. I've always liked this song because it reminds me of me! 'cause i'm bigger than my body gives me credit for'. I'm not talking about if I'm skinny, I mean there is more to me than it would appear at face value.
I like to think I'm more than a little bit thoughtful. In fact pretty much all I do is think (when I'm not playing guitar, eating, sleeping, eating, doing assignments). A lot of people say I think too much. I tend to over-analyse things when I think too much.
It's not like I can help it though.

There is another John Mayer song actually that makes me think that maybe he's trying to send subliminal messages that he has weight issues. In "clarity" 'I worry, I weigh three times my body, I worry I throw my fear around, but this morning there's a calm I can't explain...'. I love those lyrics, you know instead of throwing his "weight" around he is throwing his fear around? This is how much I think, I go RIGHT into lyrics "I wonder what he means by that". I'm sure John doesn't have a weight issue. That is just an example of my thinking. Of course then there are songs like "Gone Going" by the Black Eyed Peas;

Johnny want to be a big star, get on stage and play the guitar,
make a little money

buy a fancy car a big old house and an alligator..

Just to match with them alligator shoes..

Everytime the man hears this song he goes "I still don't get why he wants to buy an alligator"
and I say like it's the most obvious thing in the world, "to match with his alligator shoes"...der! What else would he do with an alligator?? That still has a message, even if it was Jack Johnson's message first (materialism etc etc).

Well I am doing a champion job at procrastinating again. If only I put as much effort into study as what I do into my posts on here I'd be okay.

p.s. if you are after some reading check out anonymous lawyer, really good blog. And then there is always pumpkin diary! Pumpkin Diary was the first blog I started reading. Its definitely worth starting at the beginning and getting up to date!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

You look sort of cheerful...but ill

The title of this post is what a customer just said to me. As long as I look cheerful hey.
I am getting over the flu, and am looking a bit "peaky" I suppose. Holidays start on Friday and will take a couple of days off study to relax a bit...which I am very much looking forward to.

Not much to report. At the moment (well not this exact moment obviously) I am finishing off an essay which I should have done by tomorrow (just in time to start the next one which is due in 4 days), then break.

I am not going to Melbourne this week (shock horror), I am totally broke because I bought a VOIP phone today (so the man and I can chat for free) but am generally running short on funds. Then I was going to go up on Monday the 12th but remembered that I have my interview on the Tuesday, so I will probably go up after that.

There is something (as usual) bothering me though. I am getting pestered from all sides to "do stuff"..ok that sounds dodgy. Basically I feel like the worlds worst friend at the moment. Best Friend and turtle-lips keep asking me to do this and that, (not so much turtle-lips) but I'm feeling the pressure. I've made a lot of promises for the holidays thats for sure. I mean I'm not made of money and even more so, I'm not made of time. I'm sure if I managed my time a bit better yeah I could fit in drinking trips up the snow, but I don't have the $$ for it. It's not like I wouldn't love to! It would be awesome. But I just can't justify it. The cost of being up there in money and time and physically I can't be going and getting wrecked all the time. I've been at uni for 4 years now and I know what I can and can't get away with (I've got the 2 fails on my transcript to prove it). It sucks too because no matter how much I explain I just CAN'T do these things....they keep coming at me. I'm not a very good juggler.

I mean its awesome that I'm getting these invites! There was a period in time when I would have been rapt best friend was so interested in hanging out with me...and I'm glad she keeps asking me. Except I feel bad because I keep letting her down. Seriously though, in 6 months uni will be finished...and I can be anyone's plaything.....less than six months actually.

...I sure hope I pass everything..eek gotta go back to my essay!


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Where is He?

So I decided in my hyper caffeine induced state I should do the "what I believe post".

I've decided I like the new Pete Murray single it's called "Better Days" you can listen to it here. There is a line in it though, well the chorus really "I've seen better days, put my face in my hands, get down on my knees and I pray to God, hope He sees me through to the end". I think thats nice.

And that got me thinking about religion. Sooo I will state here and now what I believe (not what I THINK I should believe or what being a Catholic means I SHOULD believe). I believe in God. There we go. BUT I don't think that you should have to be sitting in church every Sunday at 8:30am to be a good person. I mean I rarely, if ever go to Church, I drink on the odd occasion, I've been known to swear (I try not to), and then there is the whole SBM thing (you can decipher this for yourselves).

Here is the thing though. I like to think that God is living in the 21st century as well. He can make adjustments. I like to think I'm a nice person, I try my best to tolerate people I don't like, and I watch what I say about other people. I try to be nice to my family, don't steal (hey God knows the old road sign doesn't count..even if I do feel bad about it sometimes), haven't killed anyone.. yet. Think thats the most important commandments covered. Basically I try my best, and as Dad says "thats all anyone can ask".

I mean I can ramble on about this all day but what is the point in me going to church if I don't get anything out of it (sounds selfish I know), I just feel I appreciate God in my own way.

Phew.. This is getting complicated.

I've divided up what I think is a few different types of religious people (I'm not going to use terms like atheist here).

1. There is me: I don't go to Church much but I believe in God and I try to factor what I believe into important decisions I make but I don't let prehistoric outdated church laws (or new popes either for that matter) control my life.

I AM a confirmed Catholic however (and I wouldn't change this even if I'm not doing the things I'm supposed to..)

2. There is the people who think they are good Christians or whatever. They go to Church with their families, but really they are just the same as the rest of the population but because they go to Church, they think they're better than everyone else. (Ouch sounds harsh).

3. There is the people who say they don't believe in anything (and they think thats cool). Hey I don't care what you believe in but don't go around being a God Smiter just because you think it makes you cool (like you know something everyone else doesn't).

4. There are the quiet people who don't think about being religious at all but then one day they surprise you and bam! They do the same things you do, they could be one of your drinking buddies.....and thats nice too.

5. There are the people who go to church every Sunday wherever they are, whatever the weather...and thats nice too.

6. Then there are the scientists. Can you even begin to imagine how hard it would be for someone with a science background (like say I don't know...the man maybe). to believe in God?
7. I''m running out of people here. Maybe my commenters could put some more people in, if they don't fit one of my groups make some more up.

There you go, thats the religion post for you. Now you know what I believe, lets hear about you guys!...or anyone out there. Except that weirdo who posted that comment on my 2nd last post.


I love coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee down into my belly..

Seriously I do. Its possible I could be addicted..again. I managed to wean myself off it last year because I kept getting headaches if I didn't have my caffeine fix everyday. I don't KNOW if I'm "addicted" again yet because I haven't stopped drinking it to find out.

Seriously the creamy texture, the aroma of freshly ground beans......its awesome. Not too good for my skin unfortuantely because I have to keep drinking about 2-3L of water a day to keep my skin from breaking out..hey it's WORTH it ok. And I CAN stop anytime I waNt

JeN (coffee excitement kicking in)

Actually..I could have a problem. As I'm writing this I have (had) a cup next to me ...but now it's empty! Where did it GO?