Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm a hard act to swallow

So, I've been pretty sick. Only for a short time and I'm well on the way to recovery now but I woke up Friday with a sore throat, by the time I got to the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Friday arvo (to pick the man up!) I was feeling very sick indeed. I thought I would climb the 8 floors of stairs to get to where the man works (for exercise purposes) got to the 2nd and was very wobbly and dizzy. I thought well hey now Jen, you're sick, better take the lift. So I jumped into the first lift I laid eyes on...and it was one going I went down 2 floors...and then up 8 floors. At least I fitted in (looking sick).

After I met the man I protested that I was fine (damn fine some would say) and we headed over to the exhibition centre to look at motorbikes...and there were LOTS of motorbikes. I tried to maintain an interest really I did. But I am after all a girl. I mentioned I liked the.."blue ones" and then after an hour or so we jumped on a tram back to the man's house. Me looking sweaty and as if I'd swallowed a couple of golf balls (by this stage I was in quite a bit of pain, it REALLY hurt to swallow).

When we got back to the man's he decided we should prolong our departure back to Albury until I felt better (around this time I was thinking I'd feel better in a hearse but anyway) so I settled down in front of the heater in a bean bag and was fed water and gourmet chocolates and then I was sat in a bath until I felt fractionally better.

Some Nando's got me feeling a bit perkier and the man settled in for a long drive back to Albury (I drove maybe the last hour and slept the rest of the way). The man's mates were having a night out (including turtle-lips) and he was keen for me to come out with them (even if I did look like death), I however resisted any attempt to move and dropped him off and went home, took some cold and flu tablets, shivered in winter pj's, under a doona in bed in a 30 degree house and decided that no, I am definitely not a hypochondriac and that I was, most probably, dying.

Spared by death, I was however not spared a slurred phone call at FIVE AM from the man who was dropped off by his friends and whose breath smelled remarkably unlike beer...of course not he'd been doing lots of shots ("I don't fink I shoulduv done so many shhotss") and drinking smirnoff was at this time I looked back on my "big cup night" and was thankful that however close to death I may have imagined myself to be, it wasn't alcohol related.

I'd passed off my shift at work to James who was more than happy to do it, which was great (thanks James) and slept most of the morning along side smirnoff breath (aka the man). We got up around 12:30 and headed into town and met up with a few of "the boys" for some "breakfast" (I had a few bites of nachos). I was starting to feel quite lightheaded again and the man and I ended up driving over to Wodonga to find him some snowboard boots. Here's the thing..this BUG that I had. It messes with your head. I slowed down and nearly came to a complete stop at a green light (and got a very strange look from the man)
We found his boots, and headed back to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (we actually saw it this time) in Gold Class and it was great. I really enjoyed it, it seemed truer to the book which was good..unless you are a Roald Dahl fan you won't pick it though.

We stopped off (for some insane reason) at a party (at my old place) on the way back. I was plied with beer which the mere sight of made me feel sick. I don't care what they say that is one horse I am NOT getting back on in a hurry.
The man had a beer though and was nearly finished it when my shivering, swaying and generally state of..un..well..ness had people at the party advising the man to "er I think you should take Jen home dude"..and not in a good way (if there even IS a good way).

Once I got home the shivering continued until I fell asleep..and woke up at 6:30am to take the man to turtle-lips' house as they were off snowboarding for the day. I went home...dosed up one some more night time tablets and slept ALL DAY. I worked for a grand total of an hour and a half, before being whisked off for a pub meal, then exchanged clean sheets for chicken schnitzel puke stained ones with best friend and headed back to Melbourne (I drove felt pretty perky).

So today, I'm feeling much better. Throat is still a bit sore, but I can dig it. At least (for now) I'm not dying..which is always good.

Taking today very easy, then might finally try some study tomorrow.


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jase said...

Yeah, try not to die too much. And you missed a HELL of a day snowboarding ;)
Look after yourself Jen. Get well soon.