Sunday, September 04, 2005

You look sort of cheerful...but ill

The title of this post is what a customer just said to me. As long as I look cheerful hey.
I am getting over the flu, and am looking a bit "peaky" I suppose. Holidays start on Friday and will take a couple of days off study to relax a bit...which I am very much looking forward to.

Not much to report. At the moment (well not this exact moment obviously) I am finishing off an essay which I should have done by tomorrow (just in time to start the next one which is due in 4 days), then break.

I am not going to Melbourne this week (shock horror), I am totally broke because I bought a VOIP phone today (so the man and I can chat for free) but am generally running short on funds. Then I was going to go up on Monday the 12th but remembered that I have my interview on the Tuesday, so I will probably go up after that.

There is something (as usual) bothering me though. I am getting pestered from all sides to "do stuff"..ok that sounds dodgy. Basically I feel like the worlds worst friend at the moment. Best Friend and turtle-lips keep asking me to do this and that, (not so much turtle-lips) but I'm feeling the pressure. I've made a lot of promises for the holidays thats for sure. I mean I'm not made of money and even more so, I'm not made of time. I'm sure if I managed my time a bit better yeah I could fit in drinking trips up the snow, but I don't have the $$ for it. It's not like I wouldn't love to! It would be awesome. But I just can't justify it. The cost of being up there in money and time and physically I can't be going and getting wrecked all the time. I've been at uni for 4 years now and I know what I can and can't get away with (I've got the 2 fails on my transcript to prove it). It sucks too because no matter how much I explain I just CAN'T do these things....they keep coming at me. I'm not a very good juggler.

I mean its awesome that I'm getting these invites! There was a period in time when I would have been rapt best friend was so interested in hanging out with me...and I'm glad she keeps asking me. Except I feel bad because I keep letting her down. Seriously though, in 6 months uni will be finished...and I can be anyone's plaything.....less than six months actually.

...I sure hope I pass everything..eek gotta go back to my essay!


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Anyones plaything eh?