Saturday, September 03, 2005

I love coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee down into my belly..

Seriously I do. Its possible I could be addicted..again. I managed to wean myself off it last year because I kept getting headaches if I didn't have my caffeine fix everyday. I don't KNOW if I'm "addicted" again yet because I haven't stopped drinking it to find out.

Seriously the creamy texture, the aroma of freshly ground beans......its awesome. Not too good for my skin unfortuantely because I have to keep drinking about 2-3L of water a day to keep my skin from breaking out..hey it's WORTH it ok. And I CAN stop anytime I waNt

JeN (coffee excitement kicking in)

Actually..I could have a problem. As I'm writing this I have (had) a cup next to me ...but now it's empty! Where did it GO?

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