Saturday, September 24, 2005

Grumpy old Jen

So I am in a filthy mood. Every so often I get like this, and there isn't really any way that I snap out of it easily either. The best thing is for me to be left totally alone.

My mood is getting worse and worse....because I'm at work.
Actually it's a combination of things,

- the man and I have been together (as in not having to talk on the phone) for about 2 weeks now, pretty much living together. It's been great, but now he's gone for a boys weekend in Berrigan, then tomorrow he is catching the train back to Melbourne...and I won't see him for awhile..

- I have assignments to do and I'm completely fed up!

- I am still a bit sick (brown pee anyone?)

- 7 kids who have no idea how to play computer games came in for 2 hours, and drove me absolutely insane. Why parents have a birthday party in a freaking computer cafe when none of the kids know how to play is beyond me. Sure its fine if its just one or two kids who need help but when there are kids younger than 10 who all need to be shown how to do absolutely freaking everything, I tend to get a bit short and snappish (despite my best attempts to remain calm).

- I have no food. the man was supposed to be getting me some cereal from the supermarket for me but he's skipped off for his boys weekend....I ate my lunch at 11:30 (a leftover homemade mini pizza) and my stomach is crying out for some cereal.

- Only 1 week of holidays left to do heaps of work that I know other people at uni will be ahead of me in and I'm so far behind.

All this adds up to a pretty filthy cranky Jen.

Well that's all my whinging done...better get back to ..something.




Anonymous said...

ewww... brown pee. Oversahre!

Anonymous said...

thats overshare, by the way!