Saturday, September 03, 2005

Where is He?

So I decided in my hyper caffeine induced state I should do the "what I believe post".

I've decided I like the new Pete Murray single it's called "Better Days" you can listen to it here. There is a line in it though, well the chorus really "I've seen better days, put my face in my hands, get down on my knees and I pray to God, hope He sees me through to the end". I think thats nice.

And that got me thinking about religion. Sooo I will state here and now what I believe (not what I THINK I should believe or what being a Catholic means I SHOULD believe). I believe in God. There we go. BUT I don't think that you should have to be sitting in church every Sunday at 8:30am to be a good person. I mean I rarely, if ever go to Church, I drink on the odd occasion, I've been known to swear (I try not to), and then there is the whole SBM thing (you can decipher this for yourselves).

Here is the thing though. I like to think that God is living in the 21st century as well. He can make adjustments. I like to think I'm a nice person, I try my best to tolerate people I don't like, and I watch what I say about other people. I try to be nice to my family, don't steal (hey God knows the old road sign doesn't count..even if I do feel bad about it sometimes), haven't killed anyone.. yet. Think thats the most important commandments covered. Basically I try my best, and as Dad says "thats all anyone can ask".

I mean I can ramble on about this all day but what is the point in me going to church if I don't get anything out of it (sounds selfish I know), I just feel I appreciate God in my own way.

Phew.. This is getting complicated.

I've divided up what I think is a few different types of religious people (I'm not going to use terms like atheist here).

1. There is me: I don't go to Church much but I believe in God and I try to factor what I believe into important decisions I make but I don't let prehistoric outdated church laws (or new popes either for that matter) control my life.

I AM a confirmed Catholic however (and I wouldn't change this even if I'm not doing the things I'm supposed to..)

2. There is the people who think they are good Christians or whatever. They go to Church with their families, but really they are just the same as the rest of the population but because they go to Church, they think they're better than everyone else. (Ouch sounds harsh).

3. There is the people who say they don't believe in anything (and they think thats cool). Hey I don't care what you believe in but don't go around being a God Smiter just because you think it makes you cool (like you know something everyone else doesn't).

4. There are the quiet people who don't think about being religious at all but then one day they surprise you and bam! They do the same things you do, they could be one of your drinking buddies.....and thats nice too.

5. There are the people who go to church every Sunday wherever they are, whatever the weather...and thats nice too.

6. Then there are the scientists. Can you even begin to imagine how hard it would be for someone with a science background (like say I don't know...the man maybe). to believe in God?
7. I''m running out of people here. Maybe my commenters could put some more people in, if they don't fit one of my groups make some more up.

There you go, thats the religion post for you. Now you know what I believe, lets hear about you guys!...or anyone out there. Except that weirdo who posted that comment on my 2nd last post.


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Anonymous said...

Religion is the opiate of the masses! You know how I feel about this Jen, and if wearing religiously-offensive t-shirts somehow shakes a religious persons faith enough to complain, then they're not being very tolerant are they? Shouldnt they have some sort of smug sense of satisfaction in knowing they have it right and just let it all go? No, religious people need to push their fat heads into everything ie. abortion, video games content, because they are so intolerant.
Argh, im ranting! ;)