Saturday, September 10, 2005

50 Things about me!

1. My name is Jennifer Kathleen Unsworth
2. All my names have 8 letters (which I like because it is nice and neat)
3. I was born in Wagga Wagga, NSW
4. I now live in Albury, NSW
5. I'm planning to move to Melbourne, VIC in December/January
6. To live with my boyfriend, the man
7. We are currently in a long distance relationship
8. Which sucks
9. I am also in my last semester of a four year university degree (BBus/BIT (International
Business Management))
10. I don't play any sport
11. I'd like to play a sport (suggestions anyone)
12. I like mexican food..a lot!
13. Scrap that...I just like food a lot!
14. Except parmesan cheese...that makes me very very nauseous.
15. I don't have any real hobbies as such, although I am trying to learn the guitar
16. I am going to Thailand in a couple of months for two weeks
17. I still have to go and get the shots for the trip
18. I should probably do that soon
19. I like drinking with friends, even though I don't do it very often anymore
20. Last year (2004) was the first new years I have enjoyed
21. I currently live with my parents
22. No, I am not a loser I just moved back home to save some $$ (you judgey judge judger)
23. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs (which I like because it is nice and neat)
24. The dogs names are Tammy (black lab) and Pip (Golden lab), the cats are Tibbert (tabby)
and Maggie (I don't know WHAT she is...crazy and chubby)
25. I'd like to own a cat OR a dog at some stage (but I'd be too sad if I had to get them put
down or if they got skittled
26. I'd like to have kids someday too..but the chances of me having to have them put down are
slightly smaller
27. I absolutely love music..almost any kind except for death metal and dancey dance music
28. I work at and internet cafe/LAN gaming shop in town, the work is pretty easy and most of
the time I enjoy it
29. I used to be a purveyor of video games at Electronics Boutique
30. I used to be a purveyor of grocery items (I HATED IT)
31. I'm running out of ideas fast
32. My favourite song is...I'm not sure anymore. It used to be everlong by the Foo Fighters
33. My favourite album is still "The Colour and The Shape" - by the Foo Fighters
34. I don't smoke or particpate in any drug taking etc
35. My parents are still together (well it's not so common these days)
36. I hate it when people don't listen
37. I extremely dislike bossy people
38. I am (or according to the myer briggs type indicator test) an introvert, of type ISTJ
39. I think my mum is ISTJ as well, and my dad is ESTJ!
40. I am a lot happier than what I used to be
41. I attribute part of this happiness to the man and part to having a lot more friends. It's hard
not to be happy when people care about you.
42. I'm going to try to get to 50
43. I like vegemite on fresh bread rolls
44. Like most kind of seafood
45. I am never eating okonomiyaki (japanese style pizza) again!
46. My head hurts
47. I really like my blog
48. It means I whinge to less real people
49. Which I'm sure they appreciate
50. Thankyou for reading!


Anonymous said...

51. Youre a great chick, and a great mate! Whooplah!
52. Are we still going to the big cup thing?
53. If so, what shoes do we need to wear?

Anonymous said...

54. I can't believe you bagged out my hometown
55. even if it is true
56. by the way Mick and Yas got engaged tonight
57. I love you
58. and always will

jenu said...

Love you too