Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You really do learn something new everyday

For instance, this morning I learnt that despite however good idea it may have seemed at the time, you can't use elastic bands as a capo on a guitar (I was trying to learn 'Babylon' by David Gray).
Just yesterday I learnt that telling a doctor you have blood in your poo is never a good idea. Now there is an extensive list of things I can't eat and have to poo in a cup for three days (luckily cereal is not on this list).

So not much has been going on, unless you count the pooping in the cup (which starts in 2 days time). I'm hoping the blood was from the Kangaroo I had for dinner on Thursday night (I'm not kidding) but the doctor wants to check its not coming from somewhere else.

best friend was very helpful when she told me I should "stop taking it up the arse". As turtle-lips and anyone who participated in the riveting conversation on that very topic that took place at The LAN Mine not so long ago knows, I don't play that way. In fact I firmly believe that this is perhaps one of the few exceptions to the "You don't know until you have tried it rule". I'd eat snails, worms, a bucket of parmesan cheese and run over hot coals naked before I would do that*

I think today I may be having lunch (although WHAT I am going to eat will be a mystery) with bestfriend and other jen, then I am working for a couple of hours, then it's steak night or perhaps beer and chips night for me....
Hopefully I can sneak some study in there somewhere ...eek actually scrap steak night I want to get some more preparation for my job interview tomorrow in.

Well thats about it,


*naked running over hot coals may not be entirely accurate


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jenu said...

penis pills? thats it I'm putting word verification on!

jase said...

Those penis pills SOOO do not work. I slipped one in your drink, and you dont have a penis yet!
And how DARE you diss steak night! Youre messing with tremndous powers here, Jen!