Friday, February 23, 2007

Connex? Is

Just received an sms alert from Connex. I'm very scared and very freaked out.

I've been scouring the internet and finally found posts on the whirlpool forums about it.

But wow.


ALLAHU AKBR FROM CONNEX! our inspectorS Love Killing people - if you see one coming, run. Want to bomb a train? they will gladly help! See you in hell!


Scary huh?

Might walk to work on Monday.

- Jen

Am I more than you bargained for yet?

So the lack of posting this week comes down to nothing except I've been (or we've been) way too busy. Somehow, in my head, planning an engagement party was a piece of cake. Oh god! Cake! Do we need cake?

Right, cake. Add that to the list.

While I've been thinking and adding things to 'the list', the man has been doing. He started his PhD on Monday and in between reading big heavy books he somehow managed to go and get samples of paper to start doing invites. It's pretty paper too, very surprising. Not that I assumed a man would go and buy paper with..I don't know, trucks on it or something but to select the kinds I pictured in my head was....well... surprising!

So now that we've established I'm sexist. He's also done example invitations and well we've pretty much got the invites covered. Thanks, the man.

Of course, putting names on those invites is another matter altogether. If John Howard thought he had political problems we can swap jobs for the weekend. Playing the game of 'I want to invite 'these people' but oh GOD if we invite them, we'll have to invite 'THEM'. Interestingly the words 'Mum and Dad' fit nicely into the 'these people' and 'Michelle'* fits into the 'THEM'.

He he. Kidding.

Obviously its a tricky thing though, not wanting to offend anyone, and not wanting to have to live off the mushrooms in our hair** for the next twenty years.

Anyway this morning I woke up feeling less than average and after dragging myself to my 'super circuit' class I decided that work today, was not for me. So I came home and went back to bed. I also scraped all my knuckles boxing. Ouch.

Now I'm taking advantage of a day off to relax (work on invites) and to go to the QV market to get some fresh fish.

- Jen
* My sister
** Black books reference.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Funny - and Happy - Valentine

I got asked a question today.

After much, are you serious' and I don't believe you's and a few oh my god's, and a few very worried looks on the man's face.

I said yes.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blog(ger) Spot

I know, check out the title - I'm clever.

Today 4:50pm, Parliament Station, a very hurried looking Daniel Bowen steps off the Werribee train, then breaks into a light jog to catch whatever the next train was he was after.

I had just enough time to go 'hey! that's Daniel Bowen - the infamous blog author and public transport activist'...I felt like I'd seen a celebrity.

I need to use the internet less :-)

- Jen

Monday, February 05, 2007

There is no use pretending thats there's hope for you and me

Oh I'm not talking about the man. I'm still in my vista rage. It got worse. Much worse. Do you know what those grey coated gnats over at Microsoft have done? Vista BROKE my ipod shuffle. Thats right, its CORRUPTED.

It's still under warranty luckily, and the guy down at the apple shop restored it successfully on his computer but when I take it home to vista I get errors galore.

So now the gym sucks and so does the train. Today I actually noticed the kind of people on my train and not being in the normal hazy mood I'm usually in when I have music I thought I was going to get robbed (of course they couldn't steal my ipod - because its broken). I felt like telling the kid with the nintendo ds in front of me to go and sit where there were more people because I was sure they were going to steal it. Of course they wouldn't do that when I was there because of my massive guns* which I've been sculpting at the gym.

I'm definitely in a rage now. I'm trying to convince the man that Microsoft has done this on purpose. I mean don't you think its just a little bit strange that an apple product gets corrupted? I'd buy a Zune and test that of course but Vista doesn't support it (or have they fixed that now?)

- Bitter Jen.

p.s. I was kidding about getting a zune.

* Grandma - I don't really have guns, its a nickname for my 'huge' arm muscles. I may also refer to them as cannons.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

vista: the visual percept of a region;

Originally uploaded by trojen_hoarse.
The visual percept? My percept? It's pretty. But its another perfect example of Microsoft's stupidity. Like Vista not supporting Microsoft's answer to the ipod (Zune), MSN doesn't work. It - doesn't - work.

I'm pretty tired, I'll give Vista that, I'm worn out, it's been a long day. I plugged in my ipod only to have iTunes tell me 'hey lets erase your shuffle Jen because didn't you just get it all nice and updated?'...after much stamping of feet I did that. Fine - fresh computer, new ipod. FINE!

Log into MSN. Oh, sorry Jen. MSN doesn't work. There is nothing on the internet to make it work. It's a firewall problem apparently (yes I checked MSN is an exception on the firewall). I updated MSN, stamped my feet some more. Googled the problem black and blue and STILL it refuses to co-operate.

This of course frustrates Vista Lover (the man) no end because he loves Vista. I'm sitting here making disparaging remarks about something he's growing quite attached to. You can't really knock how easy its been to network everything. I'll give it that - if it gives me back my MSN! TWO WAY STREET VISTA!

So yes, it looks pretty. But so far, its been a real Connex of a system use.

- Jen