Friday, February 23, 2007

Am I more than you bargained for yet?

So the lack of posting this week comes down to nothing except I've been (or we've been) way too busy. Somehow, in my head, planning an engagement party was a piece of cake. Oh god! Cake! Do we need cake?

Right, cake. Add that to the list.

While I've been thinking and adding things to 'the list', the man has been doing. He started his PhD on Monday and in between reading big heavy books he somehow managed to go and get samples of paper to start doing invites. It's pretty paper too, very surprising. Not that I assumed a man would go and buy paper with..I don't know, trucks on it or something but to select the kinds I pictured in my head was....well... surprising!

So now that we've established I'm sexist. He's also done example invitations and well we've pretty much got the invites covered. Thanks, the man.

Of course, putting names on those invites is another matter altogether. If John Howard thought he had political problems we can swap jobs for the weekend. Playing the game of 'I want to invite 'these people' but oh GOD if we invite them, we'll have to invite 'THEM'. Interestingly the words 'Mum and Dad' fit nicely into the 'these people' and 'Michelle'* fits into the 'THEM'.

He he. Kidding.

Obviously its a tricky thing though, not wanting to offend anyone, and not wanting to have to live off the mushrooms in our hair** for the next twenty years.

Anyway this morning I woke up feeling less than average and after dragging myself to my 'super circuit' class I decided that work today, was not for me. So I came home and went back to bed. I also scraped all my knuckles boxing. Ouch.

Now I'm taking advantage of a day off to relax (work on invites) and to go to the QV market to get some fresh fish.

- Jen
* My sister
** Black books reference.

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