Monday, February 05, 2007

There is no use pretending thats there's hope for you and me

Oh I'm not talking about the man. I'm still in my vista rage. It got worse. Much worse. Do you know what those grey coated gnats over at Microsoft have done? Vista BROKE my ipod shuffle. Thats right, its CORRUPTED.

It's still under warranty luckily, and the guy down at the apple shop restored it successfully on his computer but when I take it home to vista I get errors galore.

So now the gym sucks and so does the train. Today I actually noticed the kind of people on my train and not being in the normal hazy mood I'm usually in when I have music I thought I was going to get robbed (of course they couldn't steal my ipod - because its broken). I felt like telling the kid with the nintendo ds in front of me to go and sit where there were more people because I was sure they were going to steal it. Of course they wouldn't do that when I was there because of my massive guns* which I've been sculpting at the gym.

I'm definitely in a rage now. I'm trying to convince the man that Microsoft has done this on purpose. I mean don't you think its just a little bit strange that an apple product gets corrupted? I'd buy a Zune and test that of course but Vista doesn't support it (or have they fixed that now?)

- Bitter Jen.

p.s. I was kidding about getting a zune.

* Grandma - I don't really have guns, its a nickname for my 'huge' arm muscles. I may also refer to them as cannons.


Tony said...

So this may fall in to the shut door and bolted horses catergory sort of comment but Apple released info yesterday that said not to install your pod on Vista until they get an update out in a couple of weeks. Can you survive that long without music?

James said...

Curse Microsoft! Apparently, when you accept the EAU or whatever it is, Microsoft has the right to delete files such as illegal mp3s and even files that without them cause harm to your computer.