Friday, January 30, 2009

Cameron the chameleon

I don't know if I've blogged about this before, but the man and I have this 'thing' about Karma Chameleon. You know, the song by Culture club: Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon 

The man tries to tell me its Karma THE chameleon. As in a chameleon, named Karma. I used to dispute this, but lost a bet and so now I have to agree that it is Karma THE chameleon.

So tonight, while I was taking out the rubbish the man decided he would hide and jump out at me as I walked back into our yard. When he jumped out at me he stood on a prickle and I said "well you know what chameleon that is don't you" and the man (without missing a beat)
goes "Cameron, Jen. Its Cameron the Chameleon".

I had to blog about it because its this kind of stuff he comes out with that I love about him.

- Jen

This is what the world is for, making electricity

I thought I should blog about it, I know. It's hot.

But my blog has been going for awhile now, and I plan to keep it going. If we end up having kids, I'll be doing a Pumpkin Diary style thing for sure.

Lately while my new years reso (I'm calling it a reso now) is still holding out, I've been contemplating all the things I should be blogging about.
I didn't blog about Obama being elected, or his inauguration and that was a pretty big deal. I like reading my archives, I'm such a goose.

I was a goose three years ago, and three months ago and I'm pretty sure I'm a goose right now.

So I should blog about this heatwave, this 'once in a century' heatwave. Lucky its only 'once in a century' because I shouldn't see another one. And if I do, I won't be riding home from work in 43.4 degree heat like I did yesterday and the day before.

This afternoon I procrastinated (reso! damn!) so long about riding home the temperature dropped 5 degrees and the ride home was tolerable. Only 1 icy pole needed today and no wondering if I should hop off my bike and throw up. 

Still better than catching a train. I shouldn't forget to put that in. Right now, readers of the future - the trains SUCK. I don't know enough about why they suck, or who I should blame - Kosky v. Connex but if you want to know, talk to this man. 

It was pretty funny at work the other day when Angelo, on his first day back from holidays went to stroll out the door at 3:40. I asked him where he was going and he said 'gotta go, my train goes at 3:43'. 'What line is it on?' "Werribee'
''re not going anywhere'. He literally had no idea about the trains and apparently hadn't seen a newspaper in three weeks. A little bit funny. 

So the title of this post comes from 'electric feel' by MGMT. I still try and use song lyrics in my blog posts which is why some of them probably make no sense to most people. 

Anyway, the man and I drove to Bunnings (aka hardware store hell) to buy a hose winder (its scientific name) and some extension cables - which were of no use later.

Driving home we noticed cars behaving strangely at traffic lights and found it hard to see them (the lights). It turned out there were no lights! I figured that if there were no traffic lights in the 'ponds there was probably no electricity on at home either. We went home and checked before getting our groceries and for once I was right. Damn. Also my phone was running flat. Damn.

We had a romantic dinner sitting in our backyard eating tuna out of a can and salad. It was actually delicious. The man puts all kinds of weird and wonderful things in his salads, like kiwi fruit, oranges and nectarines, in addition to lettuce, carrot, tomatoes etc. 

Poor Schroddy was not coping well in the heat, she kept walking around with her mouth open and her tongue out. Despite it not being a good sign, it still looked funny. After they both had some tuna juice they perked up though.

There you go, its Friday 30 January 2009 and it's hot. 

- Jen

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner with Lehmo

The other night we took the man's younger sisters out for Japanese. They'd never had it before so we went to a local teppanyaki place, with them giving us looks as if to say 'we are just humouring you, we know they don't really throw food at people'. 

So it was fun when they threw the food. I just wish I got better at it! I did have photos too, but my micro SD adapter melted or something, when I picked it up just now it disintegrated in my hands. 

Anyway about halfway through our meal I actually look at the guys on the table with us, and sitting right next to me is Lehmo. I sent the man a text, and he very covertly confirmed it was Lehmo.

So I ate dinner with Lehmo and he laughed at me a lot when I had egg hit me in the face. 

The girls had no idea who he was. But I thought it was kind of cool. He wasn't that funny though and I quite like him on 'before the game', so I don't know. Maybe he saves all his funny up.

Anyway..its a mid week post. Also - its hot.

- Jen

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where the creeks run dry or ten feet high, and its either drought or plenty

Apologies for the lack of blogging. I've been flat out with wedding plans, and dramas - and camping!

Of course the dramas aren't really dramas but after a big week at work* and a few late nights, little upsets became big upsets. It's all good but.

Anyway, camping. I tried to do up a map but where we went is so far off the beaten track its not ON a map..a map on the internet anyway. Alright, its not on google.

I had an awesome time, I set out with my friend Alex and her boy Will to their friend's place in Traralgon on Friday night. Saturday morning we
 woke up to pouring rain and
 thunderstorms and I wasn't looking
 forward to camping. Luckily it cleared up and we headed off to Licola where we stopped for some map reading:

Once the map was sorted out it was on the road again, we ended up stopping somewhere on the Barkly river. It was tough to find somewhere to camp because every man and his dog and his 4wd was out. 

We set up a pretty good camp and then kicked back and relaxed (with beer!)

Speaking of beer, the boys bought VB mid strength stubbies which were a bit of alright. Also, very responsible.

It was cold enough at night for a small fire - and marshmallows. Awesome. The next day we got up had an awesome instant coffee (how good is coffee when you are camping) and a bacon and egg sandwich for breaky and then headed out looking for a better camping spot. I think we left at about 11 and drove for seven hours and covered 27 kilometers. Yes 27. 

The pictures don't show how steep some of the tracks were but here is one anyway:

Every single campsite we went to was occupied, and it got to 6pm before we went completely off road, down a hill, across two creeks and camped in an s-bend of the Jamison river. After some not so bush friendly bush bashing by Tim, we had a decent camping spot. Another fire, and marshmallows and then bed. Getting home the next day was a nightmare, although we stopped off at the Jamison pub for a nice meal. 

All in all, a great weekend although I wished the man could have come
 because he would have had a blast!
Going to try for a weekend in March to go again. 

Oh and on the way back, we drove past Thomson Dam:
I apologise people of Melbourne, I used quite a bit more than 4 minutes worth of water getting the weekend off me. 
- Jen
* when don't I have a 'big week at work'?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Review: Nobu

Any of you who are foodie types will know about Nobu.

If you love Japanese food...and you have a lot of money you don't mind spending, you will love Nobu. 

The man and I love Japanese food. 

We ended up at Nobu by accident. I was in thongs! Last Wednesday night we headed into the city to meet up with some of the man's family for dinner, I assumed at a pub. I assumed wrong.

First of all we attempted to catch a train. But of course, it was cancelled. Then we waited for a tram, then we switched to a taxi because we were running late. Then someone got the directions wrong and we had to walk an extra block.

Note to self: Elephant and Wheelbarrow is on corner of Exhibition and Bourke, not Russell and Bourke. I probably should have known that seeing I work around the corner. I'm not sure how much longer my 'but I'm not from here' story is going to fly either.

After we got to the E&WB they'd left and were at Crown. Apart from the fact it was at the opposite end of the city, I groaned because I detest the casino. I could make my joke about how the last time I met this guy and I haven't gotten rid of him yet but he is sick of hearing that joke. Ah I told it anyway...

But seriously, its dark in there in the middle of the day! It's not right!

So off to the casino we go. By tram now. I wasn't intending on going anywhere flash, hence the thongs but the man assured me they let anyone in. Which apparently they did because we just strolled in. After we found everyone we had a quick drink and decided to have dinner.

There we are, wandering around and I'm thinking well, we're probably going to be paying $30 for a steak, there goes our budget this week when the troops pull up at Nobu. I was hoping the thongs would save me, or that they'd have some kind of $10 swanky Japanese food night but no.

So the man and I steeled ourselves and just decided to have a great night. And we did. I wish I could take photos, but I can't. But lucky for you guys, Haalo over at Eat (Almost) Anything at Least Once can. They even had the exact same meal as us. Convenient no? 

The visitors wanted Sake, and the one they ordered was 'aged to classical music'. I didn't think much of it, so gave mine away. I still had to work the next day and it was looking to be a late one. That stuff is strong though. 

Look at the photos though. Incredible! 

We got to bed after 1am, and I was up at 6:00 (a sleep in). What's that in my head there? Rocks.

We noted all the same things Haalo did, the waiting for a menu, the fact that I had no idea what we were eating because you just can't hear what the waiter is saying.

Was it worth it? Its tough, but the tightarse in me says no. But it was still a great night. 

- Jen

With my (alright the man's) own two hands

You would think, being a grown up now that I'd master certain things. Actually somethings I probably should have mastered a long time ago, like mental arithmetic and wrapping presents. 

Also, apparently I should have mastered cutting paper. I think they covered this in kinder.

There I was on Sunday morning, armed with fancy papers and a fancy stanley knife doobalackey staring at the paper I was supposed to be slicing for our wedding invites. The man offered to hold the ruler, which I reluctantly agreed to. I still sliced the paper crooked. I tried again and it was wonkier still. 

I had a brief impulse to throw a tantrum but then I swallowed hard and passed the man the knife. Who then went on to cut out the paper we needed, thread complicated ribbon on buckles and we had a 'prototype'.

We're a

Anyway it took an hour. At that rate its going to take 3.75 days to make all the invites we need. I think we need to automate the process.

And yes, I used a calculator to work out how many days it would take.

- Jen

I've seen your photo, your photo don't look a thing like you

This week just gone was incredibly hectic and I just didn't even have time to blog. But I really wanted to, so I consider my new years resolution not broken.

Above you will see what we spent a torturous 30 minutes doing on Saturday morning. No, not lazing about at a railway station, we were having our 'engagement' photo shoot. Yes. A photo shoot. 

Have you met me? Have you met the man? Torturous. 
Actually, the man turned out to be an excellent photographic subject. I was not so...excellent.
Put your head this way, your chin that way, stand on your head. And don't forget to smile. By about the 20 minute mark I'd had it. The photographer said I looked worried. I was worried. I'm not co-ordinated! If my legs were in the right place, my chin wasn't. 

Right about then I was cursing the fact I hadn't thought to ask Richard last year before we booked our wedding photographer. 

But I was reassured at the end because the guy said it won't be so focused like that on the 'big day'. 

I suppose, at least if I didn't blog we got some photos so I fulfilled some part of my new years resolution. If tax doesn't work out I think I'll take up photography, it seems like an extremely lucrative business. Unfortuantely I think its a skill, and I'll blog later about my 'skills'.

I will be putting more photos on Facebook because I'm trying to send them all over the world to get our money's worth. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Although our hands aren't tied, we move as though they are - SOTM January 2009

Thanks to Shell for this month's SOTM, and for introducing me to a new, brilliant band/artist/singer etc. Apparently I missed the boat on Josh Pyke.

I've heard of Josh Pyke but as usual thought it would be a case of 'everyone else likes him so I won't'. This is pretty much how the man operates. 'Jen likes arrested development, everyone else in the world likes arrested I won't watch it...EVER'.

We're both missing out. Actually the man is missing out on Josh Pyke AND arrested development.

But I'm here now Josh. Great lyrics too, which is what I'm all about.

"We need to feel the sum of all our parts are more than what's laid out in lines upon our palms. Although our hands aren't tied, we move as though they are."

Brings me back to a little bit of what I was thinking about while I was watching Yes Man. I know, its a stupid Jim Carrey movie, but it did make me think I actually say no to doing things a lot, even when I have no reason to say no. Things I should do, like hanging out more with certain friends who always invite me to do things and I never go.

Shell got me the album 'Memories and dust' for Christmas, it's brilliant.

If you are the only other person in Australia besides me (and the man) who hasn't heard this song, click here to hear and see it.

- Jen

Sevens Pounds/Yes Man

The man and I went to the movies last night and saw Yes Man. I was a bit apprehensive about seeing it because while I like Jim Carrey, he hasn't exactly had a good run with movies in the last...oh five years.

But it was really really good! I walked out of it feeling happy and cheered up. Highly recommend it for a simple, fun movie. Five Jentopia stars!

Then this afternoon the man knocked off work early and we went and saw Seven Pounds. I don't like movies that are sad, and I don't like movies where you don't know what is going on until right at the end. I'm not patient enough. So while the end was good (sad though), I didn't really enjoy the movie. Two Jentopia stars.

I'll tell you what else I didn't enjoy. The toilets at Hoyts! I went when we first got there and most of the cubicles were out of paper, or disgustingly dirty. So when I was headed back to the cinema I said to one of the employees that the toilets are dirty and have no paper.

About three quarters of the way through the movie and a litre of water later I needed to go again, and they hadn't changed at all! So I again told an employee, a girl this time. I said I'd told a guy about them over two hours ago and nothing has been done. She smiled and said 'oh that's your problem! You told a guy, ha ha'.

What a mole.

- Jen

My sister - aka Miss Trump

My sister and a friend were recently driving along when a Safeway truck started tailgaiting them. The driver was obviously agitated and was apparently doing some fistshaking at them etc. When they stopped at the next set of traffic lights he got out of his truck and came up to their car and started abusing them.

My sister, not one to stand for this sort of thing wrote a strongly worded letter to Safeway. She was contacted this week and after describing where she was and what the driver looked like, the guy from Safeway told her the driver would no longer be driving for the company and to let him know if she ever had any problems with other Safeway trucks.

How good is that!

- Jen

Not such a fresh feeling

There I was perusing the Herald Sun today when I read this: cancer linked to mouthwash with a picture of the very mouthwash I use, twice a day.

The man raised his eyebrows at me when I asked him if he thought it was true. Or is it just another myth about cancer. Like refilling water bottles, and smoking.

Also, why isn't it mouthwash linked to cancer? Rather than cancer linked to mouthwash?

Apparently its even worse in smokers who use mouthwash. Those guys just never get a break!

Should I get rid of my mouthwash?

- Jen

Friday, January 09, 2009

Baby got black?

I couldn't resist putting the man's and I's photos into The results were...a little odd.

I'm not sure if our child has a tan...or what's going on.

A bit of fun anyway.

- Jen

Seven things...

Got this from Daniel's blog. Like Daniel, there are lots of things in my life I haven't blogged about, and will never blog about. But anyway, here are seven things you may, or may not know about me.

Feel free to consider yourself tagged. Let me know if you do it via comments and I'll take a gander.

1. I can't stand the smell of parmesan cheese. Seriously. If I'm able to, I will leave the table, room etc. 

2. I hate science fiction/fantasy movies and books. If it wasn't for the persistence of the man  I would have never watched 'Back to the future' because I always figured it was both genres. I was also badgered into reading the first Harry Potter book. There were no problems getting me to read the rest though.

3. I'm terrible at mental arithmetic. I will do just about anything to get out of adding something up, and I hate trying working out how much I'm supposed to be saving at percentage off sales. That's why the man was invented! I'm not actually that bad at maths, I'm just not quick at it.

4. I drink my coffee: often and as a skinny flat white with one sugar. 

5. I rarely, if ever, wear makeup. It always amazes me at the gym when I walk in and see a girl doing her makeup who is still there doing it while I've gotten changed, had a shower and am leaving. Who has time! Maybe I need to wear makeup! I don't know!

6. I really want to run a marathon one day

7. I am really bad at talking to people on the phone with most people.  Jase and I cannot hold a conversation over the phone at all. I can talk to the man and that's about it. 

- Jen

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A midweek special

I don't normally blog during the week but in the interests of keeping another NYR I decided why the hell not. 

Its 10:22pm and I'm going to be very tired tomorrow, but I couldn't sleep anyway. 

I'm not sure why, I think it might be the doona AND blanket on our bed (and the heat), plus the cats who now sleep on me because the man sleeps on top of the doona. This doesn't suit Schroddy at all, its probably not surprisingly she chooses to sleep on me, her underling rather than sleep on her sweaty god.

Speaking of god, God. I booked our wedding counselling today. Or the 'pre-wedding preparation course' as the snooty woman from Malvern (Mole-vern) corrected me. The brochure the Church sent me said it was $115 which I thought was steep, but apparently that 'brochure is out of date'.

I guess the global financial crisis is hurting God too because now they're whacking folk like us $285 for the course. Its one hour a week for four weeks.

I could say something about you having to pay ($285) to get into hell, but apparently the course is good. Or so I've heard. 

What else? We've gotten a bit out of control doing wedding planning, in fact we're stuck. It seems like its too early to book our honeymoon without paying outrageous amounts. We're pretty sure we're going to do some kind of Queensland island + the gold coast. Really we're just big kids and want to go to the amusement parks and the beach.

We also ordered our bombonierre (or however you choose to spell it), see here. Yes it was hellishly expensive but I think you only get married once. I'm sure the lady we pay $285 will fill us
in on that sort of thing.

I realised I sort of kind of know someone who is a florist. We're catching up with them in a couple of weeks, I'm stuck on flowers so that should be good.

Oh and, we have a pre-engagement shoot with the photographer in a couple of weeks too.

How well have I done this week!

- Jen

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 - Video Year in Review

If you would like to save yourself some reading, I have also done up a 'Dooce-like' video of some of our photos from 2008. 

It was only after I'd uploaded it I noticed I'd missed fixing one of the photos, so its around the wrong way. Didn't swear much about that!

If you're on ADSL 1, go and make yourself a cup of coffee, or two. If you don't have ADSL - don't bother. 

Oh and, one more new years resolution - take more photos!

Soundtrack to video is 'Sentimental Guy' by Ben Folds.

2008 Video Year In Review from jenu_84 on Vimeo.

- Jen

Friday, January 02, 2009

The picture says it all

We had a fantastic new years at a mate's place in Inverloch.

There was walks on the beach, beach cricket, beer, campfires and general relaxation.

The boys did their usual thing where they disappear and have their boy D&Ms.

I got to bed about 4am and then woke up to the boys having a loud discussion outside our tent about the last star, and how its not the last star and whoever said that is an idiot. 

So I sent the man a text message at 5:31am asking 'you and your entourage to shut up please'.

They got to bed at 6:15 and I was up at 7:30. We played some beach cricket and then drove back to Melbourne in the arvo. Just a nice relaxing NYE. 

Until today I didn't have any resolutions. But I have decided on some and they are:

- Blog more
- Procrastinate less - just get stuff done!
- Work harder (or smarter) - try to be more efficient. This ties into the procrastination thing I think
- Smile more, and stress less

That's it really. I really need to work on the procrastination thing!

- Jen

2008 - a year in review

My third 'year in review'. Until today I didn't have any new years resolutions but I've come up with some. I'll blog about that later.

This is going to be short - thanks mostly to Telstra.


- Visit Berrigan and the man's brother wakes up with a brown snake in his bed
- The man buys me the Lego 'Octan Petrol Station' I've wanted since I was 10 (its now in a box
- Visit the creepiest bar in Melbourne - the croft institute 
- SOTM - 'you only live once' by The Strokes


- Start 'crunch & grunt' bootcamp
- Matilda costs us a small fortune at the vet (uses up her AND Schroddy's vet budget for the
   next year), she also caused me 36 hours of fretting. Cats.
- Second crunch & grunt at freezing South Melbourne beach
- SOTM is 'If I had eyes' by Jack Johnson


- My sister's 21st birthday
- Nicole & Rick's wedding
- Someone wants to buy our apartment
- We um and ahh about selling our apartment
- We sell 
- We can't find anywhere to rent!
- My birthday!
- SOTM - 'Anyone else buy you' by The Moldy Peaches


- We buy our beautiful house!
- Finally meet the Hammanses - read Craig's blog here
- We start riding to work
- I blog about being internetless for 'a few weeks' while we move


- Don't blog AT ALL!
- Tony stands in for SOTM with 'Handsfree (if you hold my hand) by Sonny J


- I briefly make the blog invitation only
- No other posts


- SOTM - 'Hospital Beds' by the Cold War Kids


- We go overseas 
- I blog a lot


- Still overseas!


- SOTM - 'Home for a rest' by Spirit of the West
- Home sweet home


- SOTM 'Never miss a beat' by the Kaiser Chiefts
- I get the messiest I've ever been in my entire life and I hope to God I never drink that much
   ever ever again. I still can't drink much.
- Start career coaching


- Finally get my promotion
- SOTM - 'We get around' by Urthboy
- Have an awesome bbq at Teish and Scotty's with the gang
- Have a very nice Christmas

Wow. Not a lot of blogging this year. Will have to change that this year I think. 

Thanks for reading!

- Jen