Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 - a year in review

My third 'year in review'. Until today I didn't have any new years resolutions but I've come up with some. I'll blog about that later.

This is going to be short - thanks mostly to Telstra.


- Visit Berrigan and the man's brother wakes up with a brown snake in his bed
- The man buys me the Lego 'Octan Petrol Station' I've wanted since I was 10 (its now in a box
- Visit the creepiest bar in Melbourne - the croft institute 
- SOTM - 'you only live once' by The Strokes


- Start 'crunch & grunt' bootcamp
- Matilda costs us a small fortune at the vet (uses up her AND Schroddy's vet budget for the
   next year), she also caused me 36 hours of fretting. Cats.
- Second crunch & grunt at freezing South Melbourne beach
- SOTM is 'If I had eyes' by Jack Johnson


- My sister's 21st birthday
- Nicole & Rick's wedding
- Someone wants to buy our apartment
- We um and ahh about selling our apartment
- We sell 
- We can't find anywhere to rent!
- My birthday!
- SOTM - 'Anyone else buy you' by The Moldy Peaches


- We buy our beautiful house!
- Finally meet the Hammanses - read Craig's blog here
- We start riding to work
- I blog about being internetless for 'a few weeks' while we move


- Don't blog AT ALL!
- Tony stands in for SOTM with 'Handsfree (if you hold my hand) by Sonny J


- I briefly make the blog invitation only
- No other posts


- SOTM - 'Hospital Beds' by the Cold War Kids


- We go overseas 
- I blog a lot


- Still overseas!


- SOTM - 'Home for a rest' by Spirit of the West
- Home sweet home


- SOTM 'Never miss a beat' by the Kaiser Chiefts
- I get the messiest I've ever been in my entire life and I hope to God I never drink that much
   ever ever again. I still can't drink much.
- Start career coaching


- Finally get my promotion
- SOTM - 'We get around' by Urthboy
- Have an awesome bbq at Teish and Scotty's with the gang
- Have a very nice Christmas

Wow. Not a lot of blogging this year. Will have to change that this year I think. 

Thanks for reading!

- Jen

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Andrew said...

Hope you do blog more Jen. I really enjoyed your o/s holiday posts.