Friday, January 30, 2009

This is what the world is for, making electricity

I thought I should blog about it, I know. It's hot.

But my blog has been going for awhile now, and I plan to keep it going. If we end up having kids, I'll be doing a Pumpkin Diary style thing for sure.

Lately while my new years reso (I'm calling it a reso now) is still holding out, I've been contemplating all the things I should be blogging about.
I didn't blog about Obama being elected, or his inauguration and that was a pretty big deal. I like reading my archives, I'm such a goose.

I was a goose three years ago, and three months ago and I'm pretty sure I'm a goose right now.

So I should blog about this heatwave, this 'once in a century' heatwave. Lucky its only 'once in a century' because I shouldn't see another one. And if I do, I won't be riding home from work in 43.4 degree heat like I did yesterday and the day before.

This afternoon I procrastinated (reso! damn!) so long about riding home the temperature dropped 5 degrees and the ride home was tolerable. Only 1 icy pole needed today and no wondering if I should hop off my bike and throw up. 

Still better than catching a train. I shouldn't forget to put that in. Right now, readers of the future - the trains SUCK. I don't know enough about why they suck, or who I should blame - Kosky v. Connex but if you want to know, talk to this man. 

It was pretty funny at work the other day when Angelo, on his first day back from holidays went to stroll out the door at 3:40. I asked him where he was going and he said 'gotta go, my train goes at 3:43'. 'What line is it on?' "Werribee'
''re not going anywhere'. He literally had no idea about the trains and apparently hadn't seen a newspaper in three weeks. A little bit funny. 

So the title of this post comes from 'electric feel' by MGMT. I still try and use song lyrics in my blog posts which is why some of them probably make no sense to most people. 

Anyway, the man and I drove to Bunnings (aka hardware store hell) to buy a hose winder (its scientific name) and some extension cables - which were of no use later.

Driving home we noticed cars behaving strangely at traffic lights and found it hard to see them (the lights). It turned out there were no lights! I figured that if there were no traffic lights in the 'ponds there was probably no electricity on at home either. We went home and checked before getting our groceries and for once I was right. Damn. Also my phone was running flat. Damn.

We had a romantic dinner sitting in our backyard eating tuna out of a can and salad. It was actually delicious. The man puts all kinds of weird and wonderful things in his salads, like kiwi fruit, oranges and nectarines, in addition to lettuce, carrot, tomatoes etc. 

Poor Schroddy was not coping well in the heat, she kept walking around with her mouth open and her tongue out. Despite it not being a good sign, it still looked funny. After they both had some tuna juice they perked up though.

There you go, its Friday 30 January 2009 and it's hot. 

- Jen

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Andrew said...

I am envious of Angelo. I have been thinking of attempting to disconnect from all news for a week but I don't think I can. Even just checking yahoo email brings up headlines.