Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 - Video Year in Review

If you would like to save yourself some reading, I have also done up a 'Dooce-like' video of some of our photos from 2008. 

It was only after I'd uploaded it I noticed I'd missed fixing one of the photos, so its around the wrong way. Didn't swear much about that!

If you're on ADSL 1, go and make yourself a cup of coffee, or two. If you don't have ADSL - don't bother. 

Oh and, one more new years resolution - take more photos!

Soundtrack to video is 'Sentimental Guy' by Ben Folds.

2008 Video Year In Review from jenu_84 on Vimeo.

- Jen

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Anonymous said...

Very good video, yes you should take more photos - Love Mum