Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where the creeks run dry or ten feet high, and its either drought or plenty

Apologies for the lack of blogging. I've been flat out with wedding plans, and dramas - and camping!

Of course the dramas aren't really dramas but after a big week at work* and a few late nights, little upsets became big upsets. It's all good but.

Anyway, camping. I tried to do up a map but where we went is so far off the beaten track its not ON a map..a map on the internet anyway. Alright, its not on google.

I had an awesome time, I set out with my friend Alex and her boy Will to their friend's place in Traralgon on Friday night. Saturday morning we
 woke up to pouring rain and
 thunderstorms and I wasn't looking
 forward to camping. Luckily it cleared up and we headed off to Licola where we stopped for some map reading:

Once the map was sorted out it was on the road again, we ended up stopping somewhere on the Barkly river. It was tough to find somewhere to camp because every man and his dog and his 4wd was out. 

We set up a pretty good camp and then kicked back and relaxed (with beer!)

Speaking of beer, the boys bought VB mid strength stubbies which were a bit of alright. Also, very responsible.

It was cold enough at night for a small fire - and marshmallows. Awesome. The next day we got up had an awesome instant coffee (how good is coffee when you are camping) and a bacon and egg sandwich for breaky and then headed out looking for a better camping spot. I think we left at about 11 and drove for seven hours and covered 27 kilometers. Yes 27. 

The pictures don't show how steep some of the tracks were but here is one anyway:

Every single campsite we went to was occupied, and it got to 6pm before we went completely off road, down a hill, across two creeks and camped in an s-bend of the Jamison river. After some not so bush friendly bush bashing by Tim, we had a decent camping spot. Another fire, and marshmallows and then bed. Getting home the next day was a nightmare, although we stopped off at the Jamison pub for a nice meal. 

All in all, a great weekend although I wished the man could have come
 because he would have had a blast!
Going to try for a weekend in March to go again. 

Oh and on the way back, we drove past Thomson Dam:
I apologise people of Melbourne, I used quite a bit more than 4 minutes worth of water getting the weekend off me. 
- Jen
* when don't I have a 'big week at work'?

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Anonymous said...

Nan & Pop used to camp at Jamison with Aunty Maureen. You should let her know when you catch up.