Monday, January 19, 2009

Review: Nobu

Any of you who are foodie types will know about Nobu.

If you love Japanese food...and you have a lot of money you don't mind spending, you will love Nobu. 

The man and I love Japanese food. 

We ended up at Nobu by accident. I was in thongs! Last Wednesday night we headed into the city to meet up with some of the man's family for dinner, I assumed at a pub. I assumed wrong.

First of all we attempted to catch a train. But of course, it was cancelled. Then we waited for a tram, then we switched to a taxi because we were running late. Then someone got the directions wrong and we had to walk an extra block.

Note to self: Elephant and Wheelbarrow is on corner of Exhibition and Bourke, not Russell and Bourke. I probably should have known that seeing I work around the corner. I'm not sure how much longer my 'but I'm not from here' story is going to fly either.

After we got to the E&WB they'd left and were at Crown. Apart from the fact it was at the opposite end of the city, I groaned because I detest the casino. I could make my joke about how the last time I met this guy and I haven't gotten rid of him yet but he is sick of hearing that joke. Ah I told it anyway...

But seriously, its dark in there in the middle of the day! It's not right!

So off to the casino we go. By tram now. I wasn't intending on going anywhere flash, hence the thongs but the man assured me they let anyone in. Which apparently they did because we just strolled in. After we found everyone we had a quick drink and decided to have dinner.

There we are, wandering around and I'm thinking well, we're probably going to be paying $30 for a steak, there goes our budget this week when the troops pull up at Nobu. I was hoping the thongs would save me, or that they'd have some kind of $10 swanky Japanese food night but no.

So the man and I steeled ourselves and just decided to have a great night. And we did. I wish I could take photos, but I can't. But lucky for you guys, Haalo over at Eat (Almost) Anything at Least Once can. They even had the exact same meal as us. Convenient no? 

The visitors wanted Sake, and the one they ordered was 'aged to classical music'. I didn't think much of it, so gave mine away. I still had to work the next day and it was looking to be a late one. That stuff is strong though. 

Look at the photos though. Incredible! 

We got to bed after 1am, and I was up at 6:00 (a sleep in). What's that in my head there? Rocks.

We noted all the same things Haalo did, the waiting for a menu, the fact that I had no idea what we were eating because you just can't hear what the waiter is saying.

Was it worth it? Its tough, but the tightarse in me says no. But it was still a great night. 

- Jen


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Ren said...

You guys should go to Wagamama's in Flinders Lane (#83, I think). YUMMY stuff, lots of Japanese inspired food and very good value for money. Much fun too.