Sunday, January 11, 2009

Although our hands aren't tied, we move as though they are - SOTM January 2009

Thanks to Shell for this month's SOTM, and for introducing me to a new, brilliant band/artist/singer etc. Apparently I missed the boat on Josh Pyke.

I've heard of Josh Pyke but as usual thought it would be a case of 'everyone else likes him so I won't'. This is pretty much how the man operates. 'Jen likes arrested development, everyone else in the world likes arrested I won't watch it...EVER'.

We're both missing out. Actually the man is missing out on Josh Pyke AND arrested development.

But I'm here now Josh. Great lyrics too, which is what I'm all about.

"We need to feel the sum of all our parts are more than what's laid out in lines upon our palms. Although our hands aren't tied, we move as though they are."

Brings me back to a little bit of what I was thinking about while I was watching Yes Man. I know, its a stupid Jim Carrey movie, but it did make me think I actually say no to doing things a lot, even when I have no reason to say no. Things I should do, like hanging out more with certain friends who always invite me to do things and I never go.

Shell got me the album 'Memories and dust' for Christmas, it's brilliant.

If you are the only other person in Australia besides me (and the man) who hasn't heard this song, click here to hear and see it.

- Jen


Carly said...

I have only started to get into Josh Pyke too.
A few years back he was doing an instore at JB HiFi and I stood next to him at the counter!
The video clip for Memories and Dust is good - you should youtube it?
Josh is a good lyricist but I prefer Bob Evans... google him too, if you haven't listened to him yet.

Anonymous said...

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